Grace Potter – 06/11/2016 – Manchester, TN

Grace Potter
Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
Manchester, TN
June 11, 2016


1. Hot to the Touch
2. Turntable (Grace Potter & the Nocturnals song)
3. Look What We’ve Become
4. Empty Heart
5. Your Girl
6. Delirious
7. When Doves Cry (Prince cover)
8. Stars (Grace Potter & the Nocturnals song)
9. Nothing but the Water (I & II) (Grace Potter & the Nocturnals song)
10. Instigators
11. The Lion the Beast the Beat (Grace Potter & the Nocturnals song)
12. Paris (Ooh La La) (Grace Potter & the Nocturnals song)

Source: FM Broadcast
Sound Quality: 10/10

Download 320 kbps MP3’s

Beanland – 12/31/1989 – Memphis, TN

South End
Memphis TN

set 1:
01. Iko Iko >
02. Shakedown St. >
03. Junco Partner (Professor Longhair)
04. Dragonfly >
05. When I Paint My Masterpiece
06. Doreatha
07. Chinacat Sunflower >
08. I Know You Rider

set 2:
09. Midnight Hour
10. Deal
11. Beat it on Down the Line
12. I like it like that
13. Auld Lang Syne Jam >
14. Sellin’ the Rain
15. (stage banter)
16. (“we gotta oil up the drummer”)
17. Scarlet Begonias > Sick Jam > Scarlet Begonias >
18. 1×1
19. (stage silence)
20. Percussive/Ambient type Jam >
21. Promised Land
22. She Walks Right In
23. Carol (Stones)
24. Good Lovin’
25. All Along the Watchtower
26. Man Smart, Woman Smarter >
27. Space Jam >
28. Not Fade Away > Jam (cut…end of tape)

Beanland were:

John “JoJo” Herman : Keys, vocals
George McConnell : Guitar, vocals
Bill McCory : Guitar, vocals
Ron Lewis : Bass, vocals
Harry Peel : Drums

Lance Lawrence : Sound & King of the road….

Source: SBD>MC>CD EAC > SHN (by: Kirk Gibson)
Transfer by: rem2rigs

Led Zeppelin – 08/31/1969 – Dallas, TX

Led Zeppelin
August 31, 1969
Texas International Pop Festival
Motor Speed Way
Dallas, TX

1. Introduction
2. The Train Kept A Rollin’
3. I Can’t Quit You
4. Dazed And Confused
5. You Shook Me
6. How Many More Times
7. Communication Breakdown


Empress Valley has taken the missing segments for the soundboard and added the audience source to fill in the gaps. Sound is excellent for the Sb and good/very good for the audience source.

Bootleg: “The Only Way To Fly” [Empress Valley]

Source: Soundboard Recording with Audience patches to make a complete show.

Infamous Stringdusters – 10/31/2015 – Burlington, VT

Infamous Stringdusters
Higher Ground – Ballroom
South Burlington, Vermont
October 31, 2015

1st Set – Acoustic 78:34

1.Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright
2.It’ll Be All Right
3.High Country Funk
4.By My Side
5.Tragic Life
8.Let It Go
9.17 Cents
10.Lovin’ You
11.My Destination
12.Where The Rivers Run Cold
13.Jack Straw
14.Steam Powered Areoplane >

2nd Set – Electric 85:03

1.Sittin’ On Top Of the World
2.American Girl
3.Big River
4.banter – band intros
6.Get It While You Can >
7.Fork In The Road
8.All The Same
10.banter – thanks to all
11.Peace Of Mind
12.encore break

13.Not Fade Away

4 Mic Matrix AT 4000 + Oktava MC-012 > Tascam 680 [24/48]

Bob Dylan – Guitars and Keyboard
Thomas Edison – Banjo and Electric Banjo
Zeus – Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass
Ben Franklin – Fiddle and Mandolin
Guy Who Got Struck By Lightning – Dobro and Lap Steel Guitar, Harmonica
Mick Falk – Drums on Electric Set

Rage Against The Machine – 07/30/2011 – Los Angeles, CA



01. -intro-
02. Testify
03. Bombtrack
04. People Of The Sun
05. Know Your Enemy
06. Bulls On Parade
07. Township Rebellion
08. Bullet In The Head
09. Down Rodeo
10. Guerilla Radio
11. Calm Like A Bomb
12. Sleep Now In The Fire
13. Wake Up
14. Freedom
15. Killing In The Name

DSM6 -> PACLC -> R-09HR -> Soundforge -> FLAC

Sturgill Simpson – 10/07/2016 – Philadelphia, PA


Sturgill Simpson
Fillmore East
Philadelphia Pa
2016 -10 – 07

Long White Line
When The Levee Breaks
I Never Go Around Mirrors
Life Of Sin
Livin The Dream
I’d Have To Be Crazy
Railroad Of Sin
It Ain’t All Flowers
The Promise
Some Days
Turtles All The Way Down
Sittin’ Here Without You
A Little Light
You Don’t Miss Your Water

“A Sailor’s Guide to Earth” Set

Welcome To Earth
Breaker’s Roar
Keep It Between The Lines
Sea Stories
In Bloom
Brace For Impact ( Live A Little )
All Around You
Oh Sarah
Call To Arms

AT 943 mics > Sony D-8

Sturgill dropped a keyboard player changed the bass player and added some killer horns since the last time I saw him. Very tight band right now so get out and support the music but please if you want to talk all night please use the lobby they have couches set up because there are actually people who actually came to hear the music. Be considerate of other people and SHUT THE FUCK UP it’s not all about you. A few minutes into Long White Line there is a 5-6 second tape issue after that it’s good to go

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings – 09/19/2015 – Telluride, CO


Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
Town Park
Telluride CO
September 19th, 2015

“Telluride Blues & Brews Festival”

01- Intro > Broadway Combination*
02- Mellomatic Mood > Sunshine (You’re Blowin My Cool)*
03- New Shoes
04- Road Of Broken Hearted Men
05- If You Call
06- Calamity
07- These Tears
08- People Don`t Get What They Deserve
09- Slow Down, Love
10- I Heard It Through The Grapevine
11- Every Beat Of My Heart
12- Now I See
13- Stranger to My Happiness
14- Get Up And Get Out
15- Retreat!
16- 100 Days, 100 Nights
17- He Said I Can

*without Sharon Jones

Many thanks to Barrett Miller for sharing the recording.

Sharon Jones, you will be missed by us all.

Source: Michael Joly modified Oktava MK-012 omni mics (3 ft split) > ACM HD-P2 recorder (FOB)

Blueground Undergrass – 10/08/2016 – Atlanta, GA


Blueground Undergrass
Smith’s Olde Bar
Atlanta, GA

01 Cherokee Shuffle
02 Forget The Past
03 Curve In The Road
04 Copper Creek Trestle
05 Wheel Hoss>
06 Crawdad Song >
07 Farewell To Lemmings
08 Archeology
09 Highwayman
10 Dublin Blues
11 Gentle On My Mind
12 Black Muddy River

This show is dedicated to the memory of Mary Lou Van Allen

Rev. Jeff Mosier – Banjo, Vocals
Johnny Mosier – Guitar, vocals
Mark Van Allen – Pedal Steel, Vocals
Ed Hunter – Fiddle
Joseph Patrick Moore – Bass
Vic E. Staff- Drums

source: mg210>oade m248>sd 744 24/48
dfc fob mics @ 9 ft.
t&s by c. cage

Anders Osborne – 09/17/2016 – Telluride, CO

dpp_4666Photo by Dino Perrucci

Anders Osborne
Telluride Blues and Brews
Town Park
Telluride, CO

01 – Intro>Different Drum
02 – Born to Die Together
03 – Fools Gold
04 – Flowerbox
05 – Wind>
06 – Annabel
07 – Old Country
08 – Had My Reasons^

^with Luther Dickenson

Entire show with Cody Dickenson on Drums and Eric McFadden on guitar

Schoeps mk41’s(dina)>kc5>cmc6>Oade Warm Mod HDP2 @ 24/48
Just FOB-LOC ~10 ft up ~10 ft
Taped, transferred and uploaded by Richard Skaggs.

Paul McCartney – 10/15/2016 – Indio, CA


Paul McCartney
Desert Trip – Weekend 2
Main Stage
Indio, CA


00. Pre-set DJ (not included)
01. A Hard Day’s Night
02. Jet
03. Got to Get You Into My Life
04. Letting Go
05. Day Tripper
06. Let Me Roll It
07. Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix cover)
08. I’ve Got A Feeling
09. My Valentine
10. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five
11. Maybe I’m Amazed
12. We Can Work It Out
13. In Spite of All the Danger
14. I’ve Just Seen A Face
15. Love Me Do
16. And I Love Her
17. Blackbird
18. Here Today
19. Queenie Eye
20. Lady Madonna
21. FourFiveSeconds (feat. Rhianna)
22. Eleanor Rigby
23. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!
24. A Day in the Life (feat. Neil Young)
25. Give Peace A Chacne (feat. Neil Young)
26. Why Don’t We Do It in the Road? (feat. Neil Young)
27. Something
28. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
29. Band on the Run
30. Back in the U.S.S.R.
31. Let It Be
32. Live and Let Die
33. Hey Jude
34. (encore break)
35. Birthday
36. Rip It Up (Little Richard cover)
37. Helter Skelter
38. Golden Slumbers
39. Carry that Weight
40. The End
41. Outro

SP-CMC-8 (w/Mods) > SONY PCM-M10 > Sandisk MicroSD Card (16gb – Class 10)


This was my second time seeing Paul McCartney (first time was back in 2009 at Coachella), and prior to the event, I was ranking him as my #1 must see. Back in 2009 at Coachella when he headlined, I had waited 6+ hours at the main stage to see him on the front rail (off to the left, so not a great view), and then I made a decision that I still question to this day (and probably always will), and that was that I decided prior to Morrissey (who was playing before him) I would leave the rail and move back some and get a more centered spot about 20 people back. So that’s what I did, and a couple hours later during the first half of Paul’s set, my back and feet started to kill me (with no relief of the rail to lean on) and then I got extremely dehydrated and almost blacked out. All I can remember thinking was I needed water and a place to lay down, neither of which I had in my current spot, so I used up all the rest of the energy I had and fought my way out of the crowd before I passed out and laid down by a fence and eventually woke up right when Paul started his last encore. Needless to say, my first experience seeing Paul was ruined and I had always wanted redemption. And what better chance than at a festival and the same spot that had doomed me 7 years earlier?

As far as setlists go, compared to Coachella 2009…you could argue one was the better than the other all day long if you wished…all I know, performance wise, was this one of the best sets I’ve ever seen. I know Paul and and his band always bring it, and maybe it was because of the people I was surrounded by and the fact I had a front rail spot (in GA section of course – BUT AT LEAST I DIDN’T GIVE IT UP THIS TIME), but for these 3 hours, I don’t know if I’ve ever been happier. I mean how can you not love and enjoy 3 hours of Wings, Beatles, guest stars and more? If you can stand there with a giant smile across your face and feel the love in the air, then something is wrong with you. I only wish my sister and Dad could have been there with me (both HUGE Beatles fans – but then again, who isn’t?). I don’t know if I’ll get to see Paul again (I sure hope so), but if I don’t then I’m still extremely happy with how I got to have my final live experience with him, (he brought out Neil Young for crying out loud!). It was great redemption indeed…and all the better that I got to get a great recording of it to not only listen to as much I want, but to share with all the other fans out there.

And speaking of recording this, I promised back in my Neil Young post that I would tell the story of having to address a very loud screamer, so here it goes. As you may know, I got stuck to a lady during Neil who was SCREAMING all set long (and not just during the song breaks). As I said before, if it was Ric Flair yelling the WHOOOOOOOOO, I would have let it go, but this I couldn’t bare, and every time I heard her scream, I just thought there goes another POP on my recording. So after Neil ended, I decided it was time to do something I dont’ want to do, and address her face to face about this. I usually try to have friends on either side of me if I’m recording so they at least know not to talk to me or yell, but how was this lady to know? Now look, I do believe in the concept that this show is as much yours as it is mine. I don’t want to tell someone how to enjoy a show, or what to do, say, act, etc. It’s not my place. A person has a right to enjoy a show any which way they please, and the same applies to me. It’s the old saying at Burning Man I suppose (which I’ve never been to), let each person experience their own “burn” the way they want. But maybe being a little selfish and worrying about getting a good Paul recording (which I didn’t do back in 2009), I thought I should ask her to be quiet for my benefit and those around us (as I wasn’t the only one annoyed), so I sucked it up and did what no one else did, and tapped her on the shoulder after Neil and actually explained that I was going to record Paul’s set and that while I don’t want to tell someone how to act during a concert, if she would mind maybe keeping it down and not yell at least during the songs…if you wanted to clap and yell between song breaks, more power to you…and to my surprise, she actually apologized and explained that she was just a huge Neil nut and that’s why she was going crazy loud during his set, but wasn’t much of a Paul fan and would respect my plea to her and would keep quiet. I even explained that if she gave me her email I would send her MP3’s of the set (and Neil’s) personally as a token of my appreciation. And well, I do admit she held up her end of the bargain, as I don’t remember hearing her scream during Paul except maybe once or twice? In a way I felt bad because again who am I to tell someone to be quiet and let me record (something agains the rules), but I guess you had to have been there in person during Neil to truly understand. At the end of the day people, I want you to enjoy a concert/festival as you see fit, just so long as it doesn’t hamper everyone elses good vibes…in a case like this, I guess compromise is the word/action that comes to mind. Screamers are just part of the festival/recording scene, and I understand that, but I imagine I can’t be the first nor the last person to be in this situation and confront the person, but I hope it’s my last time. But hey, I got a good recording, she’ll get a copy of it, and I’m pretty sure we both still walked away amazed by his performance.

My Morning Jacket – 10/27/2016 – Asheville, NC


My Morning Jacket
US Cellular Center
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
Asheville, NC
Thursday October 27, 2016


01: Intro – 00:43.00
02: Intro > – 01:16.20
03: In Its Infancy (The Waterfall) – 05:06.00
04: Outta My System – 03:16.20
05: Circuital – 07:46.35
06: Evil Urges – 05:05.20
07: IÕm Amazed – 05:31.20
08: Lowdown – 04:05.00
09: Golden – 05:34.35
10: Wish You Were Here – 05:15.00
11: Picture Of You – 06:26.40
12: State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U.) – 06:07.00
13: Masterplan – 08:10.35
14: Steam Engine – 14:57.00
15: Run Thru – 11:02.40
16: I Will Be There When You Die – 04:00.35
17: Victory Dance – 06:27.00
18: Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt.1 – 03:55.55
19: Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt.2 – 08:40.35
20: Cobra – 06:26.40
21: Tyrone – 06:35.55
22: One Big Holiday – 08:11.55

Total: – 70:30.00

Taper: George Wang <>
Source: (DPA 4023 > Lunatec V3 (Oade ACM mod)) + (DPA 4028 > Sonosax SX-M2) > Sound Devices 744T @ 24/96
Location: Sec Orchestra Center Row H Seat 1, 11th row center

compiled by George Wang on 2016-10-31

Railroad Earth – 10/28/2016 – Portland, ME


Railroad Earth
October 28, 2016
State Theatre
Portland, Maine

Set 1:

Chasin’ a Rainbow
Shockenaw Mountain Breakdown
Happy Song
When the Sun Gets in Your Blood
Any Road
Potter’s Field
Farewell to Isinglass –>
Grandfather Mountain

Set 2:

The Forecast –>
Just So You Know
Lovin’ You
Walk Beside Me
Dance Around Molly –>
Dandelion Wine
The Jupiter and the 119 –>
Cuckoo Medley


Fisherman’s Blues

NOTE: Band took a brief break during second set to allow for the correction of technical difficulties.
PA drops out a few times during second set

Source: Chopped Sennheiser ME64>Custom K6 Box>Audient Mico>
SPDIF>Tascam DR100MKII 90*20cm 7′ just left of SBD Recorded at 24-44.1
Recorded by Greg Nash

Support: Ghost of Paul Revere

Gov’t Mule – 08/25/2016 – Morrison, CO


Gov’t Mule
Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Morrison, CO
August 25, 2016

One set:

01 Railroad Boy >
02 Mule >
03 Soulshine
04 Banks Of the Deep End >
05 Larger Than Life >
06 If 6 Was 9 >
07 Larger Than Life >
08 Kind Of Bird
09 And Your Bird Can Sing
10 Captured >
11 Opium >
12 One Of These Days >
13 Fearless
14 Blind Man In the Dark


15 I Shall Be Released

Source 1 (AUD): AKG CK63-ULS (PAS, BOB, center, 8′ up) > Naiant AKG Active w/ PFA > Tascam DR-680
Source 2 (AUD): Audix CPS-MICRO-O (A/B spaced 26″, BOB, center, 8′ up) > Micro capsule active w/ Naiant PFA > Tascam DR-680

Recorded, processed and distributed by Chuck Miller

Perfomance notes: Members of moe. and Blackberry Smoke guested during the encore “I Shall Be Released”

Event notes: Blackberry Smoke, moe. and Gov’t Mule played in that order

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Phish – 10/31/2016 – Las Vegas, NV


Stream the whole run:
10/28 | 10/29 | 10/30 | 10/31

MGM Grand Garden Arena
Las Vegas, NV

Set One (91:16):
01. Crowd
02. Carini
03. Your Pet Cat
04. AC/DC Bag
05. Free
06. Possum
07. What’s the Use?
08. Wombat
09. Tube
10. Wolfman’s Brother
11. Ass Handed
12. Petrichor
13. Run Like an Antelope

Set Two (47:05):
14. Crowd
15. Five Years
16. Soul Love
17. Moonage Daydream
18. Starman
19. It Ain’t Easy
20. Lady Stardust
21. Star
22. Hang On to Yourself
23. Ziggy Stardust
24. Suffragette City
25. Rock n Roll Suicide

Set Three (76:45):
26. 46 Days->
27. Sand->
28. Twist
29. Meatstick
30. 2001
31. Backwards Down the Number Line
32. Slave to the Traffic Light

33. Encore break
34. (E)Space Oddity

Note: Second set was the complete performance of David Bowie’s “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars” with special guests Sylvia DâAvanzo, Jennifer Hartswick, Celisse Henderson, Alisa Horn, Jo Lampert, Todd Low, Antoine Silverman, Alissa Smith and Hiroko Taguchi

Source: DPA 4018er(DIN/DFC@12’/OTS)->Portico 5012->SD788T(24/96)—>UV22HR(16/44.1)->xACT->FLAC

Recorded and transferred by Scott Schneider

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Phish – 10/30/2016 – Las Vegas, NV


Stream the whole run:
10/28 | 10/29 | 10/30 | 10/31

MGM Grand Garden Arena
Las Vegas, NV

Set One (80:00):
01. Crowd
02. The Dogs
03. Ghost
04. Funky Bitch
05. Chalk Dust Torture
06. Army of One
07. Heavy Things
08. How Many People Are You?
09. Stash
10. Theme From the Bottom
11. Suzy Greenberg

Set Two (85:05):
12. Crowd
13. Down With Disease->
14. Birds of a Feather
15. Fuego
16. Miss You
17. Harry Hood->
18. Have Mercy->
19. Harry Hood->
20. A Day in the Life
21. Encore break
22. (E)Character Zero

Source: DPA 4018er(DIN/DFC@12’/OTS)->Portico 5012->SD788T(24/96)->UV22HR(16/44.1)->xACT->FLAC

Recorded and transferred by Scott Schneider

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