Frogwings – 02/07/1999 – Providence, RI

February 7th, 1999
Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel
Providence, RI

01. Kickin’ J.S. Bach [14:15.37]
02. Corn Mash Blues [09:00.31]
03. Feel For You [08:10.29]
04. Just One [08:43.06]
05. Hurdy Gurdy Fandango [05:36.15]
06. Cut Mullet (Eddie’s Got A Boyfriend) [10:49.74]
07. Among Your Pillows [07:04.30]
08. Ganja [06:05.42]
09. Deviant Dreams [09:01.38]
10. Pattern [06:23.59]
11. Nomad [18:19.63]
12. E: Hot ‘Lanta [09:55.40]

Frogwings is:
John Popper – harmonica, vocals
Derek Trucks – slide guitar
Jimmy Herring – guitar
Oteil Burbridge – bass
Kofi Burbridge – keys, flute
Marc Quiñones – percussion
Butch Trucks – drums

Track 2 was on the setlist as “Shuffle”, a song that would evolve over the course of Frogwing’s run, with John customizing the lyrics to each show’s location. This version, however, was simply a slowed-down version of an old Blues Traveler song called “Corn Mash Blues”.

Odd level changes at 5:09 of d1t03 and 5:55/7:21 of d1t04, like an amp was failing on stage.

AKG C1000S>Sony SBM-1>Sony PCM-M1>Sony TCD-D8
by Dave Mallick; taping rig provided by David Landsberger

Outside of Gregg Allman, drummer Butch Trucks is the only member of Georgia’s venerable Allman Brothers Band who’s still in the lineup and has appeared on every album. But during one of the Allman’s lulls in activity during the mid-’90s, Trucks decided to put together a side project that would allow him to play with his nephew (and future Allman Brothers guitarist), Derek Trucks. The elder Trucks called the group Frogwings, additionally recruiting Aquarium Rescue Unit members Oteil Burbridge (bass, vocals), Jimmy Herring (guitar), and Count Mbutu (percussion), Allman Brothers percussionist Marc Quinones, plus keyboardist John Herbert and vocalist/guitarist Edwin McCain. The band performed club shows through 1997, and by the next year, Mbutu had left and Herbert had been replaced by yet another Aquarium Rescue Unit member, keyboardist/flutist Kofi Burbridge. Frogwings was becoming a hit in festivals and among the jam band circuit, yet still hadn’t released a CD. But when McCain departed to focus on his solo career and Trucks recruited Blues Traveler frontman John Popper, the drummer knew he had the Frogwings lineup to record for his fledgling Flying Frog Records label.

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Butch Trucks and the Freight Train Band – 01/02/2017 – Atlanta, GA

Butch Trucks And The Freight Train Band
City Winery
Atlanta, Georgia

01 Hot ‘Lanta >
02 Trouble No More >
03 Freeway Jam
04 Butch – Band Introductions
05 *Subterranean Homesick Blues
06 Up The Line
07 #Dreams
08 Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday
09 Jessica
10 @Statesboro Blues
11 Butch Banter And Trivia
12 Out From The Center
13 @Ophelia
14 *Compared To What >
15 In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed >
15 Drum Solo >
16 In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed

* With Justin Headley On Drums
# With Lamar Williams Jr. On Vocals
@ With Melanie Trucks On Vocals

Butch Trucks – Drums And Vocals
Bruce Katz – Keyboards
Matt Walker – Bass
Damon Fowler – Guitar And Vocals
Heather Gillis – Guitar
Chris Vitarello – Guitar And Vocals
Garrett Dawson – Percussion

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’s>Lunatec V2>Benchmark AD2K>
Sound Devices 722 (24/44)
FOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP Clamped To The Front Of The Soundboard, 7′ High
Recorded By: Z-Man

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