David Allen Coe – 02/05/1984 – Bonifay, FL


David Allen Coe
Memorial Stadium
Bonifay, FL
5th February 1984

1) Jack Daniels If You Please
2) If I Were A Carpenter>
3) Midnight Rider>
4) If I Were A Carpenter
5) The Ride
6) Longhaired Redneck
7) Take This Job And Shove It
8) Dialogue
9) Whiskey River
10) Willie, Waylon And Me
11) Headed For The Country
12) Tennessee Whiskey
13) Ride ’em Cowboy
14) Please Come To Boston>
15) Would You Lay With Me>
16) Please Come To Boston
17) Up On Cripple Creek
18) Panheads Forever
19) Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
20) Gotta Serve Somebody
21) *One Way Out
22) *Waitin’ For The Bus
23) *Life In The Fast Lane (faded out)


This one features brother Warren Haynes for the whole show.
Folks, please be aware this is different than Warren Haynes ~ Gov´t Mule.

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David Allan Coe – 05/01/1983 – Fort Smith, AR


David Allan Coe
Fort Smith, Arkansas
May 1, 1983

Willie Waylon and Me
Headed for the Country
Tennessee Whiskey
Get a little Dirt on your hands
I could Never Give You Up for someone
Please Come To Boston
Ride Em Cowboy
Would You Lay With me
Fire and Rain
Country Road
Take Me Home Country Roads
Carolina On My Mind
Fire and Rain
Whiskey Whiskey Take MY Mind
Lately I’ve Been Thinking Too Much lately
If That Ain’t Country
Jack Daniels If You Please
Crazy Old Soldier
Looking for a Feeling
Dakota the Dancing Bear Part 2
Take This Job and Shove It
Longhaired Redneck
I’m so lonesome I could cry
I ain’t gonna Call Hank Williams Jr Jr
Outro Jam

You gotta Serve Somebody
Keep me hanging on
The Ride You Never Called Me By My Name

Warren Haynes on guitar

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David Allan Coe – 02/23/1983 – London, UK


David Allen Coe
Wembley Arena
London, UK

Warning to Tender Ears – This has some of his x-rated songs on the set list :)

David Allan Coe is known as the Original Outlaw for a good reason: Just when you thought he was only a crafter of songs often used in weddings (Would You Lay With Me In A Field Of Stone) , he could come up with a show that would make a ‘ho blush….gotta love him!!

Set List :

Looking in the Mirror
Lyin’ Comes So Easy to Your Lips
Last Time She’ll Leave Me This Time
It’s a Sad Situation
Those Low Down Blues
Whiskey, Whiskey Take My Mind
Ride ‘Em Cowboy
Panheads Forever
Take It Easy, Rider
Nigger Fucker
Linda Lovelace
Pussywhipped Again
“Underground Album” rap
Susie Shallowthroat
Spanish Dirty Song
La Bamba
You Never Even Called Me by My Name
a little DAC bullshit
Crying My Heart out Over You

Comments : This show is a rarity – as far as I know. I’ve never come across a mixed set like this…and in stuffy old England to boot!. Ol’ David is quite a character! This is musically a less than stellar set…the addition of Warren Haynes in later band incarnations of this period added a lot to the music!

Source: SBD 


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