Outformation – 01/20/2007 – Orlando, FL


JB & Friends
House of Blues
Orlando, FL

1 set/disc 1
01 Intro/tuning
02 Edgewater
03 Later
04 Stone In My Shoe
05 Can’t Change The Past
06 Winds >
07 Into My Arms
08 Titles Of Movies Will Not Appear On Bill*
09 Sweet Louisiana >
10 Long Hard Ride

*Jimmy Herring on guitar

source: Schoeps mk41v(dina)~>kc5~>m222~>nt222 + mk4v/mk8(mid-side)~>kcy~>vms5u~>744t (24/96)
recorded & seeded: charles fox

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John Bell – 02/09/2008 – Orlando, FL


2008 Hannah’s Buddies
John Bell and Friends
House of Blues
Orlando, FL

Taped, Converted, Seeded and Tagged by Nick Burlison

Disc 1
1. Radio Child
2. Skinny
3. Johnny Appleseed*
4. Time Waits (Body & Soul)
5. Tickle the Truth Into Submission
6. Already Fried (Pass On)
7. Crack & Whistle
8. When You Comin’ Home?
9. The New Dog Song
Disc 2
1. Ribs & Whiskey** >
2. Self Love** >
3. Ribs & Whiskey**
4. Mind On Vacation***
5. Golfing Blues*** (mic crash @ 27 secs)

Charles Walker & The Dynamites
6. Just Kissed My Baby ****
7. Use Me ****
* w/ Mandolin
** w/ a steel resonator
*** w/ Buck “The Negotiator” Williams on harmonica
**** w/ JB on vocals & Taylor Hicks on vocals/harmonica

(Disregard the Slight crash of the mics during Golfing Blues (27 seconds into it, btw). It didn’t really happen)

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John Bell – 01/20/2007 – Orlando, FL


John Bell
House of Blues,
Orlando, FL

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John Bell – 01/22/2005 – Orlando, FL


John Bell
House of Blues,
Orlando, FL

0: Let’s Get The Show On The Road, Gradle, Quarter Tank Of Gasoline, Nobody’s Fault But Mine, Ribs And Whiskey, Clowns Come Home, Dog Song, May Your Glass Be Filled*, And It Stoned Me**

* with Gibb Droll on guitar, Gibb Droll on guitar
** with Kevn Kinney on guitar/vocals

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John Bell – 01/31/2004 – Orlando, FL


John Bell
House of Blues,
Orlando, FL

0: Skinny, Tortured Artist, Gradle, Light Is Like Water*, Tarantula Hawk*, Drive*, Chilly Water**, Empire One**, The Jacob Ladder**, Speedwater**, Airplane**, Climb To Safety**

* with Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals
** with Jerry Joseph on guitar/vocals, John Hermann on keyboards/vocals

[Billed as ‘JB & Friends'; Jerry and JoJo only for ‘Empire One’ through ‘Speedwater'; Nickel and Cheese and The North Mississippi Allstars also appeared; The North Mississippi Allstars set featured JB on vocals for ‘Not Fade Away’]

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John Bell – 01/18/2003 – Orlando, FL


John Bell
JB and Friends
HOB Orlando, Fla.

1. Space Wrangler
2. Long May You Live
3. Space Wrangler
4. Gradle
5. Mercy
6. Old Joe
7. Dog Song
8. Ribs And Whiskey Intro
9. Ribs And Whiskey
10. Worry
11. Don’t Be Denied

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JB and Friends – 01/05/2002 – Orlando, FL


John Bell
JB and Friends
Hannah’s Buddies
House of Blues
Orlando, FL

Old Joe, Time Waits, Worry, Gradle, Skinny, Let’s Get The Show On The Road, Sleepy Monkey**, Me And The Devil Blues**, Ribs And Whiskey, Christmas Katie*** *

* with Jeff Raines on guitar, Robert Mercurio on bass, Stanton Moore on percussion
*** with John Hermann on keyboards

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John Bell – 09/18/1994 – Monroe, GA


John Bell
Monroe Fairgrounds,
Monroe, GA

0: Ain’t Life Grand*, Smokestack Lightning*, Impossible > Werewolves of London > Fishwater, And It Stoned Me, Low Rider, Bowlegged Woman, West Virginia, Who Do You Belong To?**, Makes Sense To Me**, End Of The Show**
E: Coconut

* with Samantha Woods on vocals
** with Daniel Hutchens on guitar/vocals, Eric Carter on guitar

[Billed as ‘JB & Friends’ (John Bell, Michael Houser, David Schools, Todd Nance, and Sunny Ortiz); ‘Satisfied’ rap during ‘Coconut'; White Buffalo, Bloodkin, and Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ also appeared]

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John Bell and Friends – 05/28/1994 – Auburn, AL


JB and Friends
Websters Lake
Auburn, AL

0: Space Wrangler, Ribs And Whiskey, Blackout Blues, Crack And Whistle, Dog Song, On Your Way Down, Last Train, Geraldine And The Honeybee, City of Dreams, Mercy, Rock Steady > Satisfied > Rock Steady

E: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, End Of The Show

[Billed as ‘JB & Friends'; ‘Space Wrangler’ and ‘Ribs and Whiskey’ JB solo; ‘Blackout Blues’, ‘Crack and Whistle’ and ‘Dog Song’ JB, JoJo, and Todd; ‘On Your Way Down’, ‘Last Train’, ‘Geraldine And The Honeybee’ and ‘City of Dreams’ JB, Todd, JoJo, John Keane, and Carl Lindberg; ‘Mercy’, ‘Rock Steady > Satisfied > Rock Steady’ JB, Todd, JoJo, John Keane, Carl Lindberg, and Debra Reece; ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’ JB, Todd, JoJo, John Keane, Carl Lindberg, and Kevn Kinney; The Grapes and Col. Bruce Hampton also appeared]

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Col. Bruce Hampton & the Codetalkers – 02/25/2006 – Orlando, FL


Colonel Bruce Hampton
& the Codetalkers
House of Blues
Orlando, FL

01 Intro/Tuning
02 Human Race*#
03 Fixin to Die Rag
04 Spoonfil*#
06 Same Thing
07 I’m So Glad
08 Welcome to Hawaii
09 Time is Free
10 Beggin you to Stay

*with John Bell

Taped by: Charles Fox & DP Swint

Transferred by Charles Fox

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