Led Zeppelin – 06/07/1977 – New York, NY

Led Zeppelin
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

Magical Sound Boogie (Empress Valley)

01.The Song Remains The Same
02.The Rover Introduction / Sick Again
03.Nobody’s Fault But Mine
04.In My Time Of Dying
05.Since I’ve Been Loving You
06.No Quarter
07.Ten Years Gone
08.The Battle Of Evermore
09.Going To California
10.Black Country Woman
11.Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
12.White Summer / Black Mountain Side
14.Out On The Tiles / Moby Dick
15.Guitar Solo (Include Star Spangled Banner)
16.Achilles Last Stand
17.Stairway To Heaven
18.Whole Lotta Love
19.Rock And Roll

Source: SBD
Lineage: Silver CD

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Page and Plant – 03/30/1998 – Paris, France

Jimmy Page & Robert Plant
Four Madmen & A New Friend
March 30th, 1998
Paris, France

Disc 1
2.The Wanton Song
3.Bring It On Home
5.Ramble On
6.Walking Into Clarksdale
7.No Quarter
8.When I Was A Child
9.Going To California
11.Gallows Pole
12.Burning Up
13.Babe I’m Gonna Leave You

Disk 2
1.How Many More Times
2.Most High
3.Whole Lotta Love
4.Thank You
5.Rock & Roll

6.Rock & Roll
7.Most High
8.The Wanton Song
9.Shinning In The Light
10.Burning Up

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Led Zeppelin – 08/31/1969 – Dallas, TX

Led Zeppelin
August 31, 1969
Texas International Pop Festival
Motor Speed Way
Dallas, TX

1. Introduction
2. The Train Kept A Rollin’
3. I Can’t Quit You
4. Dazed And Confused
5. You Shook Me
6. How Many More Times
7. Communication Breakdown


Empress Valley has taken the missing segments for the soundboard and added the audience source to fill in the gaps. Sound is excellent for the Sb and good/very good for the audience source.

Bootleg: “The Only Way To Fly” [Empress Valley]

Source: Soundboard Recording with Audience patches to make a complete show.

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Led Zeppelin – 03/07/1970 – Montreaux, Switzerland


Led Zeppelin
March 7th, 1970
Montreux Jazz Festival
Montreux, Switzerland
Montreux Casino

CD 1 (AUD):
01. Introduction by Claude Knobs
02. We’re Gonna Groove
03. I Can’t Quit You Baby
04. Dazed And Confused
05. Heartbreaker
06. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
07. Since I’ve Been Loving You

CD 2 (AUD):
01. Organ solo
02. Thank You
03. What Is And What Should Never Be
04. Moby Dick
05. How Many More Times
06. Whole Lotta Love
07. Communication Breakdown

01. Moby Dick
02. How Many More Times
03. Whole Lotta Love
04. Communication Breakdown

CD 4 (AUD + SB) Bonus disc
01. Organ solo
02. Thank You
03. What Is And What Should Never Be
04. Moby Dick
05. How Many More Times
06. Whole Lotta Love
07. Communication Breakdown

The Great Beast 666 (Standard edition)
Label: EVSD 946-948 + bonus

Lineage: Silvers>foobar2000>flac
All thanks go to ethiessen1 for spending the shekels to get this baby, and then being such a nice dude to share it with us.


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Led Zeppelin – 03/03/1975 – Fort Worth, TX


Led Zeppelin
Fort Worth, Texas
Tarrant County Convention Center

101 rock and roll
102 sick again
103 over the hills and far away
104 in my time of dying
105 the song remains the same
106 the rain song
107 kashmir
201 no quarter
202 trampled underfoot
203 moby dick
301 dazed and confused
302 stairway to heaven
303 whole lotta love
304 black dog

EVSD soundboard
lineage – silvers > EAC wav > TLH flac 8


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Led Zeppelin – 02/28/1975 – Baton Rouge, LA


Led Zeppelin
February 28, 1975
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

01.Rock And Roll
02.Sick Again
03.Over The Hills And Far Away
04.In My Time Of Dying
05.The Song Remains The Same
06.The Rain Song
08.No Quarter
09.Trampled Underfoot
10.Moby Dick
11.Dazed And Confused
12.Stairway To Heaven
13.Whole Lotta Love
14.Black Dog

Rampaging Cajun, 3cd by Empress Valley
source: soundboard recording
lineage: my silver > EAC > Flac (level 8 )
uploaded by Amduscia at R-O

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Led Zeppelin – 03/11/1975 – Long Beach, CA


Led Zeppelin
Long Beach,CA
Civic Arena


Disc 1

01. Intro
02. Rock & Roll
03. Sick Again
04. Over The Hills And Far Away
05. In My Time OF Dying
06. The Song Remains The Same
07. The Rain Song
08. Kashmir

Disc 2

01. No Quarter
02. Trampled Underfoot
03. Moby Dick

Disc 3

01. Dazed ANd Confused
02. Stairway To Heaven
03. Whole Lotta Love
04. Black Dog


Source: SBD
Lineage: 1zeppelin2 Silvers>eac(secure mode/read offsets corrected)>wav>flac(level 8)


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Led Zeppelin – 03/19/1975 – Vancouver, BC

Led Zeppelin
Pacific Coliseum
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Snow Jobs (Empress Valley Supreme Disc)


Disc 1;

1.Rock And Roll
2.Sick Again
3.Over The Hills And Far Away
4.In My Time Of Dying
5.The Song Remains The Same
6.The Rain Song

Disc 2;

1.No Quarter
2.Trampled Underfoot
3.Moby Dick

Disc 3;

1.Dazed & Confused (includes Woodstock)
2.Stairway To Heaven
3.Whole Lotta Love/The Crunge
4.Black Dog

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Led Zeppelin – 06/28/1970 – Shepton Mallet, UK


Led Zeppelin
Royal Bath & West Showground
Shepton Mallet, UK

01 Immigrant Song
02 Heartbreaker
03 Dazed And Confused
04 Bring It On Home
05 Since I’ve Been Loving You
06 Organ Solo
07 Thank You
08 That’s The Way (The Boy Next Door)
09 What Is And What Should Never Be
10 Moby Dick
11 How Many More Times
– Rice Pudding intro
– Mr. Soul
– Down By The River
– Boogie Chillun’
– The Hunter
– Honey Bee
– Long Distance Call
– Boogie Chillun/Boogie Mama/Hideaway
– El Paso Blues
– The Lemon Song
– I Need Your Love Tonight
– That’s All Right, Mama
12 Whole Lotta Love
13 Communication Breakdown
14 Long Tall Sally
– Say Mama
– Johnny B. Goode
– That’s Alright, Mama
Remastered and speed/pitch corrected 2nd Gen source
(as per taper description: Lineage uncertain
This maybe a 2nd gen copy of my original master

Original source torrented at dimedaozen by Coops2009 (the taper of the show) June 2010

2st Gen analog tape>FLAC>A.A. 3.0 remaster and speed/pitch correction
Average speed and pitch correction (-4.5%) settled with Transcribe! 7.05.0

Credit goes to Led Zeppelin and the taper

dadgad prod.



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Led Zeppelin – 01/15/1973 – Stroke, UK


Led Zeppelin
Trentham Gardens
Stroke, UK

CD 1:
01. Rock And Roll
02. Over The Hills And Far Away
03. Black Dog
04. Misty Mountain Hop
05. Since I’ve Been Loving You
06. Dancing Days
07. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
08. The Song Remains The Same
09. The Rain Song

CD 2:
01. Dazed And Confused (inc. San Francisco, The Crunge, Voodoo Chile, Mars: The Bringer Of War)
02. Stairway To Heaven
03. Whole Lotta Love

Title: The Bringer Of War
Label: Liquid Led (LLP-0810-015)
Venue: Trentham Gardens

Lineage: Silver CD

Note: Liquid Led seem to fall of the radar since it’s last release in July of ’09 (Another Cup Of Tea) and now 13 months later, poof…. Liquid’s 15th installment into Zeppelin’s dirary of boot haven. From start to finish The Bringer Of War is simply amazing! It seems to have that ’75 board feel. This release has all the standard cuts but what stood out for me was the clarity and sonic definition. Stand-outs are: Black Dog, Dancing Days, Dazed, and Stairway. Wonderful artwork accompanies this release for (IMO) the best package of this show to date. -bb

Soundboard Recording



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Jimmy Page and Robert Plant – 03/25/1998 – London, England


Jimmy Page and Robert Plant
“Shepherds Pie”
Live at Shepherds Bush
London, England
March 25, 1998

Wanton Song
Bring it on Home
Ramble On
Walking into CLarkesdale
No Quarter
When I was a Child
Going to California
Gallows Pole
Burning Up
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
How Many More Times
Most High
WHole Lotta Love
House of Love
Thank You
Rock and Roll

Whiskey from the Glass
The Window
Rude WOrld (Vocals Isolation)
Rude World (Guitar Isolation)
Rude WOrld (Rough Mix)
Come with Me (Page and Puff Daddy – Saturday Night Live)

Excellent Stereo Soundboard

Silver CDs


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Led Zeppelin – 01/09/1970 – London, UK


Led Zeppelin
Royal Albert Hall
London, UK

01. We’re Gonna Groove
02. I Can’t Quit You Babe
03. Dazed And Confused
04. Heartbreaker
05. White Summer & Black Mountain Side
06. What Is And What Should Never Be
07. Moby Dick
08. How Many More Times
09. Whole Lotta Love
10. Communication Breakdown
11. C’mon Everybody
12. Something Else
13. Bring It On Home
14. Lomg Tall Sally
15. Communication Breakdown (shorter version)

Soundboard Recording



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Led Zeppelin – 05/14/1973 – New Orleans, LA


Led Zeppelin
May 14, 1973
Municipal Auditorium
New Orleans, LA

01. Rock and Roll
02. Celebration Day
03. Bring It On Home (introduction) / Black Dog
04. Over the Hills and Far Away
05. Misty Mountain Hop
06. Since I’ve Been Loving You
07. No Quarter
08. The Song Remains the Same
09. The Rain Song (cut at the end)
10. The Rain Song (Cont.)
11. Dazed and Confused
12. Stairway To Heaven
13. Moby Dick (Cut at the end)
14. Moby Dick (Cont.)
15. Heartbreaker
16. Whole Lotta Love
17. Communication Breakdown

Recording: Audience
Taper: Freezer
Lineage: Master Tape>stereo transfer>cd-r>EAC

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Led Zeppelin – 04/27/1969 – San Francisco, CA


Led Zeppelin
Fillmore West
San Francisco, CA
27 April 1969

The Devil’s Blues (Genuine Masters)
Audio extracted from DVD.

First Set:
01 The Train Kept A Rollin’
02 I Can’t Quit You Baby
03 As Long As I Have You Medley
04 You Shook Me
05 How Many More Times Medley
06 Communication Breakdown

Second Set:
07 Killing Floor
08 Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
09 White Summer/Black Mountain Side
10 Sitting And Thinking
11 Pat’s Delight
12 Dazed And Confused


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Led Zeppelin – 02/14/1975 – Uniondale, NY

Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of

Led Zeppelin
Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Uniondale, New York

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

01 Rock And Roll
02 Sick Again
03 Over The Hills And Far Away
04 In My Time Of Dying
05 Since I’ve Been Loving You
06 The Song Remains The Same
07 The Rain Song
08 Kashmir
09 No Quarter
10 Trampled Underfoot
11 Moby Dick
12 Dazed And Confused
13 Stairway To Heaven
14 Whole Lotta Love
15 Out On The Tiles (intro)/Black Dog
16 Heartbreaker

Sick Again, LA, Mar. 25, 1975

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