Van Halen – 11/25/2007 – San Diego, CA

Cox Arena
San Diego, CA
Sunday, November 25, 2007


01. You Really Got Me
02. I’m the One
03. Runnin’ with the Devil
04. Romeo Delight
05. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
06. Beautiful Girls
07. Dance the Night Away
08. Atomic Punk
09. Everybody Wants Some!!
10. So This Is Love?
11. Mean Street
12. (Oh) Pretty Woman
13. Drum Solo


01. Unchained
02. I’ll Wait
03. And the Cradle Will Rock…
04. Hot For Teacher
05. Little Dreamer
06. Little Guitars
07. Jamie’s Cryin’
08. Ice Cream Man
09. Panama
10. Guitar Solo
11. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
12. 1984
13. Jump

~ Dedicated to my son Jack ~

SOURCE: Schoeps MK41 > actives > NBox > Edirol R-09 @ 24bit/48kHz
LOCATION: On the Floor, 20 Feet Left of Soundboard
TRANSFER: Edirol R-09 > Sound Forge 8.0 > CD Wave
LINEAGE: 24bit/48kHz > 16bit/44.1kHz > FLAC (Level 6)
RECORDED BY: “Josephine”

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Van Halen – 11/18/1982 – Dallas, TX

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Van Halen – 3/25/1979 – Fresno, CA

Van Halen
Selland Arena
Fresno, CA
March 25, 1979

1. Light Up The Sky 4:00
2. Somebody Get Me A Doctor 2:55
3. Drum Solo / Runnin’ With The Devil 4:00
4. Dance The Night Away 4:15
5. Beautiful Girls 3:22
6. On Fire 4:35
7. Bass Solo / You’re No Good 4:49
8. Feel Your Love Tonight 8:26
9. Outta Love Again 3:55
10. Ice Cream Man 5:58
11. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 6:25
12. Guitar Solo 3:32
13. D.O.A. 4:31
14. You Really Got Me 9:20
15. Bottoms Up! 6:49

This is the same kind of deal as Fresno 9/5/82. Different transfer of the same first gen tape I torrented in 2004. Like the first Fresno ’82 there were a couple of errors, and the transfer was done by a different person. This one is digital error free, done with a standalone and tracked with a standalone. It also sounds a little better in my opinion. There are two tiny gaps. The first is at the very beginning of “Outta Love Again” (track 9) which is on the tape, and runs from about 0.30 seconds to 1.70 seconds in that track. The second is between tracks 10 and 11 for a tape flip. This is how it came out on the standalone, and you only have one chance to get things right or else you have to do the whole tape over again on a standalone. I just don’t feel like playing around with it on Soundforge and having to re-shift all the sector boundaries on all the tracks to make things still error-free.

This is a verified 1st generation copy, and one of the best quality 1979 recordings. The only thing better than this copy would be the master tape, which I’ve never seen on anyone’s list. Please THROW OUT every other copy of this, including my 2004 torrent. Please THROW OUT your tapes unless you have a different source. Please, once and for all, THROW OUT “Live and Loud” and “On Fire in Fresno” and never mention them again. Sorry about the confusion to the trading pool, but this is now the standard for this show, and there shouldn’t be any more confusion.

Thanks to M.P. for the tape transfer.

Brought to you by Lou

Lineage: AUD>1st gen cass>Sony tape deck>TDK standalone burner>CDR(2)>EAC(secure/offset)>WAV>FLAC(level 5)
Quality: A

Total Time: 76:55

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