Ween – 08/26/2016 – Arrington, VA

lockn-2016-day-2-ween-61Photo by George Trent Grogan

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Lockn’ Festival
Oak Ridge Estate, Arrington, Virginia

Set 1

02.Pork Roll Egg and Cheese
03.Ice Castles>
04.The Golden Eel
05.Mutilated Lips
06.Touch My Tooter
07.Take Me Away
08.Even If You Don’t
09.Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
10.The HIV Song
11.Roses Are Free
12.Your Party
13.Bananas and Blow
14.Voodoo Lady
15.The Stallion pt 3
16.Piss Up a Rope
17.Did You See Me?
18.Buckingham Green

Glenn’s birthday

Source:Schoeps mk21(nos)>Kcy>Schoeps Vst 62IUg>(Internal Pre)Sonosax SX-R4+ 24/96
Location:FOB DFC 6ft
Taped By: Chris King

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Ween – 08/25/2016 – Arrington, VA

ween1Photo by George Trent Grogan

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Lockn’ Festival
Oak Ridge Estate, Arrington, Virginia

01.Transdermal Celebration
02.The Grobe
03.Mister Richard Smoker
04.Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?
05.Happy Colored Marbles
06.How High Can You Fly?
07.Beacon Light
08.A Tear For Eddie
09.Baby Bitch
10.Boys Club
11.Up On The Hill
13.Im In The Mood To Move
14.Pumpin For The Man
15.Puerto Rican Power
16.Fat Lenny
17.Japanese Cowboy
19.Push The Lil Daisies Up
20.Play It Off Legit
21.Some Day
22.Sorry Charlie
22.Ocean Man
23.Poopship Destroyer>
25.Pandy Fackler

– Umphrey’s McGee opened – Gener joined them toward the end of the set to form Godboner for a performance of The Stranger (Billy Joel)

Source:Schoeps mk4v(din)>kcy>AKI>M222> NT222>Sonosax SX-R4+ 24/96
Location:FOB DFC 6ft
Taped By: Chris King

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Ween – 05/18/2000 – Atlanta, GA


Roxy Theatre
Atlanta, GA

disc 1

Ice Castles, The Grobe, She Wanted to Leave, Piss Up A Rope, Buckingham Green, Captain Fantasy, Don’t Get Too Close to My Fantasy, Even If You Don’t, Wavin’ My Dick In the Wind, Dr. Rock, Springtheme, Voodoo Lady, The Mollusk, Roses Are Free, Push the Little Daisies

disc 2

Back to Basom, Demon Sweat, Up On the Hill, Never Squeel, You Fucked Up, Mr. Richard Smoker, Pandy Fackler, Reggaejunkiejew, Stella Blue, Ocean Man, Mister Would You Please Help My Pony, Hot For Teacher

disc 3

E: Bananas and Blow, Blarneystone, Take Me Away, Stroker Ace, Put the Coke on My Dick, Baby Bitch, Homo Rainbow, Spinal Menengitis, Big Jilm, North Pappy Flappy > LMLYP

source: akd460/ck61>V2>SBM1>D8D8

notes: this was a very fun night and it’s probably my favorite ween concert. it was a great time thanks to good friends, and ween! thanks to JK and Dianne!! not too many folks taped and this is the best source of the show. it has circulated fairly well, i believe, but here it is for those ween fans who don’t already have it. it’s also a great show for those not so familiar with the brownness. kudos to kirk miller!! the coolest sound guy there is.

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Ween – 12/31/2011 – Denver, CO

Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, CO

1. Intro (Red Hot Mama)
2. Fiesta
3. Take Me Away
4. Transdermal Celebration
5. Waving My Dick in the Wind
6. Banannas and Blow
7. The Beacon Light
8. Push Th’ Little Daisies
9. Stay Forever
10. Awesome Sound
11. Mutilated Lips
12. Touch My Tooter
13. Dr. Rock
14. Hey There Fancypants
15. I’ll Be Your Jonny On The Spot
16. The Goin’ Gets Tough From the Getgo
17. Frank
18. Piss Up A Rope
19. Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain
20. Buckingham Green
21. Reggaejunkiejew
22. Your Party >
23. Little Drummer Boy > Countdown > AUde Lang Syne #
24. Let’s Dance
25. Don’t Laugh (I Love You) %
26. Polka Dot Tail
27. The HIV Song
28. Ohio
29. Tender Situation


30. It’s Gonna Be A Long Night
31. Licking The Palm For Guava >
32. Mushroom Festival From Hell
33. The Blarney Stone

Source: Beyerdynamic MC930 > Naiant Tinybox > Sony M10 (@24/48)
Taped by: Mike B
Transferred by Mike B

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Ween – 11/27/1997 – Zurich, Switzerland

November 27, 1997
Palais Extra – Zurich, Switzerland

Don’t Shit Where You Eat
Spinal Meningitis
Golden EEl
Stallion 3
Wavin My Dick In the Wind
Don’t Get Too Close To My Fantasy
Voodoo Lady
Buckingham Green
Baby Bitch
The Mollusk
Take Me Away
Dr. Rock
Can’t Put My Finger On It
Puerto Rican Power
Mr. Richard Smoker
You Fucked Up
Tear For Eddie
Ocean Man
She Wanted To Leave
Blarney Stone
Dancing In the Show Tonight
Sketches of Winkle
Fat Lenny
It’s Gonna Be Alright
Buenos Tardes

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