Primus – 10/31/2012 – Atlanta, GA

The Tabernacle
Atlanta, GA

Set 1:
02.American Life
03.Dirty Drowning Man
04.Les Talk
05.Moron TV
06.Southbound Pachyderm
07.Over the Falls
08.Lee Van Cleef
09.Spegetti Western
10.Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver
11.Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers

Set 2:
12.Hamburger Train
13.Del Davis Tree Farm
14.Glass Sandwich
15.Jilly’s on Smack
16.On the Tweek Again
17.My Name Is Mud
18.The Heckler
19.Extinction Burst
20.Harold of the Rocks

21.Encore Break

22.Tommy the Cat > The Awakening > Tommy the Cat->
23.Too Many Puppies > Hello Skinny > Too Many Puppies

Source Info: Squid Audio omnidirectional mics> zoom h1 recorder (low cut-on, auto level off) @ 24bit48khz

Recorded from front row center, mics clipped to hat, pointed directly at the drum kit. This recording is somewhat lacking up-front vocals, because the vocals were run through the p.a. system. What you hear on this recording is primarily the equipment on the stage,without benefit of the p.a. system. Also (because I was front-row on the barrier) you get a few screamers, clappers, etc every now and then. I recall a balloon bouncing off one of the mics during Southbound Pachyderm. It happened again later in another song, though I don’t remember which

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