Prince – 06/24/1992 – London, UK

Prince & The NPG
Thieves In The Temple
Earls Court
London UK

1. Diamonds And Pearls Concert Spoken Intro
2. Take My Hand, Precious Lord
3. Thunder
4. Daddy Pop
5. Interlude
6. Diamonds And Pearls
7. Let’s Go Crazy
8. Kiss
9. Dead On It
10. Jughead
11. Purple Rain
12. Live 4 Love
13. Lively Up Yourself
14. Delirious
15. Willing And Able
16. Damn U
17. Sexy MF
18. Arabic Interlude [Habibi]

Disc 2

1. Thieves In The Temple
2. It – Sexy MF
3. A Night In Tunisia
4. Strollin’ (instrumental)
5. Insatiable
6. Gett Off
7. Gett Off (Houstyle)

8. Cream
9. Chain Of Fools

Paisley Park : 27th January 1992 (am)

10. Nothing Compares 2 U

Diamonds And Pearls Tour – Flinders Park Tennis Centre, Melbourne : 18th April 1992 [encore]

11. Dr. Feelgood

International Special Olympics – Metrodome, Minneapolis : 19th July 1991

12. Diamonds And Pearls

Arsenio Hall Show : 9th September 1991

13. Diamonds And Pearls (intro) – Let’s Go Crazy
14. Kiss
15. Cream
16. Purple Rain
17. Daddy Pop [incl. Call The Law]


Sabotage’s release of the fantastic 24th June 1992 soundboard recording with some nice extra’s. This soundboard is more complete than the 15th June recording, and the show itself is a much more funky affair. This is also Prince’s last night at Earls Court, which may explain him being in such a good mood. The release begins with the spoken dialogue played over the PA before the shows, which in my opinion is not a good idea. It lasts for nearly 5 minutes and gets in the way of the actual concert – it would have been MUCH better suited at the end of the release not the start. The show contains what is undoubtedly THE best version of ‘Thieves In The Temple – It’ from the entire tour – the acoustic guitar jamming is phenomenal, and the sound is so clear that the chains on Prince’s hat can be heard hitting the mic. The remainder of the concert is a pretty standard D&P concert with little in the way of improvisation – however the sound quality is what makes it so stunning. It’s sharp, clear and a joy to listen to. The recording has been sourced from the circulating video, hence it is unfortunately incomplete and missing the closing encore. The bonus tracks are decent filler and all have been sourced from circulating video footage, with ‘Dr. Feelgood’ being the highlight. The inclusion of ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ from the Paisley Park concert is a strange choice as it is identical to the released version on The Hits/B-Sides official release.

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