Gov’t Mule – 07/20/1997 – Montgomery, AL


Gov’t Mule
Montgomery Civic Center
Montgomery, AL

1: Thorazine Shuffle
2: Presence Of The Lord
3: Presence Of The Lord cont.
4: Painted Silver Light
5: Kind Of Bird
6: I Shall Be Released *

* Woody Allen on mandolin, John Bell on vocals/guitar, Dave Schools on bass, Sunny Ortiz on percussion, Michael Houser on guitar and JoJo Hermann on keyboard

Source – Unknown Audience CD

I got this CD from Oddleif Haugen from Norway –
the source is incomplete and the tracking is FUNKY but still damn fine to listen to.

Transfered by Ted Rockwell

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Hard Working Americans – 12/11/2014 – Knoxville, TN

Photo by Andrew Bush

Hard Working Americans
Bijou Theatre
Knoxville, TN

One Set:

01. Happy Birthday Dave*
02. Ascending Into Madness*
03. Stomp And Holler*
04. Another Train >
05. Is this Thing Working > Train
06. Stuck On The Corner
07. Mountain Song
08. Down To The Well
09. Run A Mile
10. Band Intros
11. Welfare Music
12. Mission Accomplished
13. Blackland Farmer
14. Shake x 5
15. Wrecking Ball
16. Straight To Hell

17. Encore Break
18. Guaranteed
19. Happy Birthday Dave
20. Come From The Heart

* sorry for the chatter due to prick behind us complaining of mic in his view. The mic was 6 ft. high in a seat that I had paid for and no different than someone standing there at the seat. Actually, the rig is low profile and much better than someone standing in front of your seat. person(s) behind me were just being difficult. Security was called and all matters resolved but most of the conversation and negotiations took place during the first few songs.

Source: Josephson C42MP > Sound Devices 788t (24/48)
Location: FOB, DFC, Row K Seat 16, 6 ft. high
Taped & Transferred by: Daniel Kopp

* A Team Dirty South Recording *

//Please support artist by purchasing their albums, merch, and seeing their live shows. Also, tell your friends about them.//


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Hard Working Americans – 12/10/2014 – Atlanta, GA

Photos by Ian Rawn /

Hard Working Americans
Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, Georgia

01 Wrecking Ball
02 Welfare Music
03 Mission Accomplished
04 *Blackland Farmer
05 Play A Train Song
06 I Don’t Have A Gun >
07 Come From The Heart
08 Mountain Song
09 Run A Mile
10 Band Introductions
11 Happy Birthday Dave
12 Ascending Into Madness
13 Shake Shake
14 Guaranteed
15 #@Straight To Hell
16 Georgia On A Fast Train >
17 Stomp And Holler


01 Goin’ Down To The Well
02 Another Train >
03 #Is This Thing Workin’ >
04 Another Train

* With New Speedway Boogie Verse
# With Kevn Kinney On Vocals
@ With Charlie Starr On Vocals

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’S(din)> Lunatec V2> Benchmark AD2K> Sound Devices 722 (24/48)
FOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP 5th Row, Between Seats 7 & 8, 7 1/2′ High
Recorded By: Z-Man

Todd got a little birthday song going for Schools last night! Happy birthday, @dashole!! @hwamericans

A video posted by Amy Metzler (@metzzzz_) on

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Hard Working Americans – 11/12/2014 – Portland, OR


Hard Working Americans
Crystal Ballroom
Portland, Oregon

1. Wrecking Ball
2. Don’t It Make You Want To Dance
3. Run A Mile
4. Mission Accomplished
5. Another Train> Is This Thing Working>Train
6. Shake X 5
7. Play A Train Song
8. Blackland Farmer
9. I Don’t Have A Gun
10. Come From The Heart
11. Mr. President
12. Guaranteed
13. Straight To Hell
14. Stomp And Holler
15. Rose City (encore)
16. Down To The Well

Thanks to Lea Monette and Jon Eisenberg of Blackspymarketing for all their help. Thank you to the Crystal Ballroom, The Congress and The Hard Working Americans. A special thanks to the crowd that showed up on a cold night for some hot music.

Source: Josephson C42mp > Canare Star Quad > Sound Devices MixPre-D > Digigal AES to SPDIF Coax > OCM Marantz PMD 661 digital 24 bit 96 kHz > SDHC
Taped by: pdxdanmusic


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Hard Working Americans – 08/03/2014 – Ninilchik, AK

14970675352_e261a78bef_zPhoto by Ted Rockwell

Hard Working Americans
August 3, 2014
Ninilchik, AK

This show was without Todd Snider due to travel issues

1. Meet Me in the Morning
2. Down to the Well
3. Blackland Farmer
4. Run A Mile
5. I Don’t Have A Gun
6. Another Train
7. Mr. President Have Pity on the Working Man
8. The Mountain Song
9. No Expectations
10. Stomp and Holler
11. Big Railroad Blues

Recorded, transferred, tracked and mastered by Paul McLendon

Source: SBD>Tascam DR-100mkII @ 24Bit/48kHz

List compiled during dinner of songs Neal felt comfortable singing in Todd absence
Photo by Ted Rockwell 



14784424188_c0b2780115_kPhoto and video by Ted Rockwell

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Hard Working Americans – 09/21/2014 – Washington DC


Hard Working Americans
21 September 2014
The Howard Theater
Washington, D.C.

O1. Run a Mile
02. Mission Accomplished
03. Play a Train Song
04. Mountain Song
05. Down To The Well
06. Shakin’ It On
07. Mr. President
08. Another Train > Is This Thing Working? > Another Train
09. I Don’t Have a Gun
10. Blackland Farmer
11. Come From The Heart
12. Stomp and Holler
13. E: Don’t It Make You Wanna Dance

Jesse Aycock – Guitar, lap steel guitar
Neal Casal – Lead guitar, vocals
Dave Schools – Bass guitar, vocals
Todd Snider – Lead vocals, harmonica
Chad Staehly – Keyboards, vocals
Duane Trucks – Drums


– Todd Sheaffer opened

Source: DPA 4023 (NOS) > Sound Devices 744 (24/48)
Recorded by Alex Leary 

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Allman Brothers Band – 08/22/2009 – Canandaigua, NY


Allman Brothers Band
Constellation Brands Marvin Sands Arts Center
Canandaigua, New York

Done Somebody Wrong
Midnight Rider >
Rocking Horse >
Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry @ >
You Don’t Love Me @#$

Black Hearted Woman
And It Stoned Me %^ >
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed &
Preachin’ Blues > Southbound @#&*

@ = w/ JoJo Hermann, keyboards
# = w/ Chuck Campbell, pedal steel guitar
$ = w/ Dave Schools, bass
% = w/ John Bell, guitar and vocals
^ = w/ James Van De Bogert, drums
& = w/ Jimmy Herring, guitar
* = w/ Todd Nance, drums

Thanks to Greg for the ride and clamp
headygroove for the setlist/guests

Taper – W Clark
Source – AKG 483 > FR-2le

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Hard Working Americans – 07/23/2014 – Denver, CO


The Hard Working Americans
The Ogden Theater
Denver, CO

01 Intro
02 Run A Mile
03 Stomp and Holler
04 Mission Accomplished
05 Down To The Well
06 Welfare Music
07 Shaking On It
08 I Don’t Have A Gun
09 Guaranteed
10 Mountain Song
11 Wrecking Ball
12 Another Train
13 Working Man’s Blues>Train


14 Crowd
15 Staright To Hell*
16 Play A Train Song*

* with Jason Isbell

Source:Schoeps MK4>ortf>KC5>CMC6>V3>Analog>788T (24/48)
Location: within 6″ of front left corner of soundboard, Stand at 8′
Recorded by Bennett Schwartz

Special Thanks to the HWA Team and The Ogden Theater staff!

Photos by Traci Lynn Markle

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Hard Working Americans – 07/27/2014 – Dallas, TX


Hard Working Americans
House of Blues
Dallas, Texas

1. Comes From The Heart
2. Mountain Song
3. Train Song
4. I Don’t Have a Gun
5. Mr. President
6. Mission Accomplished
7. Run a Mile
8. Straight to Hell
9. Another Train >> Working Man’s Blues >> Train
10. Satisfaction
11. Blackland Farmer
12. Going to the Well
13. Stomp and Holler
14. Wrecking Ball

Source: Neumann KM 184 > Lunatec V2 > Marantz PMD 670
Taped by: Chris Hale
Transferred by: Hellion

Photos by Maddox Womble

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Hard Working Americans – 07/26/2014 – Austin, TX


Hard Working Americans
Stubbs – Outdoors
Austin, Texas

1. Stay a Little Longer
2. Blackland Farmer
3. Train Song
4. Mission Accomplished
5. Another Train>>> Is this thing working
6. Welfare Music
7. Shake it
8. Down to the Well
9. Mr. President
10. Run a Mile
11. Mountain Song
12. Satisfaction
13. I Don’t Have a Gun
14. Stuck on a Corner

15. Straight to Hell
16. Stomp and Holler

Source: Neumann KM 184 > Lunatec V2 > Marantz PMD 670
Taped by: Hellion
Transferred by: Chris Hale

Photo by Maggie Boyd

Review by Glide Magazine

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