George Porter Jr’s 63rd Birthday Bash – 12/26/2010 – New Orleans, LA


George Porter, Jr’s 63rd Birthday Bash
Howlin’ Wolf
New Orleans, LA

Set I – George Porter, Jr & Runnin’ Pardners

01. Intro
02. 6V6 LA
03. Same Old Thing
04. Check Out Your Mind
05. Aw’Some Funk
06. All I Do Everyday >
07. He Bite Me (The Dragon)
08. Borro
09. What’cha Say
10. Street Parade
11. Happy Song >
12. Happy Birthday @
13. Happy Song
14. I Need More Time
15. Christmas In New Orleans @@

Set II – George Porter, Jr. & Friends

01. Intro
02. Boxes Bills and Pain *
03. Junco Partner *
04. People Say **
05. Just Kissed Baby *** >
06. Let Me Have It All ***
07. Is Pray **** >
08. Dance To The Music **** >
09. I Want To Take You Higher #
10. Them Changes (Third Stone From The Sun tease) ##
11. Eyes of World ###
12. Sugaree ###

@ w/ Ciara on vox (George’s Grandaughter)
@@ w/ George only on bass/vox with a backing track
* w/ Anders Osborne on guitar/vox, Kirk Joseph on Tuba, Johnny Vidacovich and Stanton Moore on drums
** w/ Brian Stoltz/June Yamagishi on guitar, Michael Lemmler/Keiko Komaki on keys, Terence Higgins/Jorge Lazzari/Terrence Houston on drums, Brice Neville on Tamborine
*** w/ Brian Stoltz/June Yamagishi on guitar, Michael Lemmler/Keiko Komaki on keys, Terence Higgins/Terrence Houston on drums, Brice Neville on Tamborine
**** w/ Tony Hall/June Yamagishi on guitar, Michael Lemmler/Keiko Komaki on keys, Terence Higgins/Terrence Houston/Eric Bolivar on drums, Brice Neville on Tamborine
# w/ Tony Hall on guitar/vox, Brint Anderson on guitar, Khris Royal on sax, Michael Lemmler/Keiko Komaki on keys, Eric Bolivar/Jorge Lazzari on drums
## w/ Tony Hall on guitar/vox, Brint Anderson on guitar, Khris Royal on sax, Michael Lemmler/Keiko Komaki on keys, Eric Bolivar/Jorge Lazzari/Russell Batiste on drums
### w/ Billy Iuso on guitar/vox, Brint Anderson on guitar, Terrence Houston on drums, CR Gruver on keys

Source: SBD + Aud Matrix

SBD Source: SBD > Edirol R-44 @ 24/48
Mic Source: AKG ck1x > c460b > Oade M148 > Edirol R-44 @ 24/48
Recorded by Nick Burlison

Photo by Jeffrey Dupuis

Video available on Funk It

Sturgill Simpson – 12/15/2013 – Nashville, TN


Sturgill Simpson
Mercy Lounge
Nashville, TN.

One Set:

01. Some Days
02. Sad Songs & Waltzes
03. You Can Have The Crown
04. Life Ain’t Fair And The World Is Mean Lyrics
05. Living The Dream
06. Medicine Springs
07. Sitting Here Without You
08. Water In The Well
09. Long White Line
10. Poor Rambler
11. Railroad Of Sin
12. I Never Go Around Mirrors
13. Listening To The Rain
Source: SBD + Schoeps MK4V > KC5 > CMC6 > Sound Devices 744 (24bit/48kHz)
Location: FOB / DFC / 8ft
Taped, Transferred & Seeded by Martin Medley

Photos by: Shawn Jackson of Sundel Perry Photography

By request of Laura & Willie

Tool – 08/14/2001 – Los Angeles, CA


Wiltern Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
August 14, 2001

1. Tuva
2. The Grudge
3. (-) ions
4. Stinkfist
5. Forty Six & 2
6. Parabola
7. Schism
8. Eulogy
9. Disposition
10. Reflection
11. Sober
12. Pushit (alt)
13. Opiate
14. Lateralus

“Art saves lives”

Matrix notes: This is a 50/50 mix of source A and B below. No EQ or compression was used.  Source A already sounded nice, so I left it alone. Source B had a few volume jumps, mostly in The Grudge. I did my best to smooth those out, but its still noticeable at times. Both sources are now fully in the mix for Soundscapres, and the crown jewel of the set, Pushit. Its now complete in both sources, and the tabla duel sounds much better without the edits. Track splits are a bit sketchy on the first few tracks. The start of Forty Six & 2 has drops in both sources, so I did my best to patch together a complete intro. I left Tuva and (-) Ions as source A only, as source B only contributed crowd noise (and lots of it) on those tracks.
Whew, I think that’s it…



Source A: iem > m1 -> MaxxBass > REQ 4band > L3 > FLAC
taper : benchboy
transfer : markp

Source B: Sound Professionals Premium Slimline Cardioids > Sony TCD-D8 > CDR
taper: Econeywaa?
transfer : unknown

Tool – 08/13/2001 – Los Angeles, CA


Wiltern Theatre
Los Angeles, Ca
August 13, 2001

1. Tuva
2. The Grudge
3. (-) ions
4. Stinkfist (extended, Suspicious Minds)
5. Undertow
6. Prison Sex (OTRM)
7. Schism
8. Eon Blue Apocalypse
9. The Patient
10. Disposition
11. Reflection
12. Sober (w/Robert Fripp soundscapes)
13. Parabol/Parabola
14. Ænema
15. Lateralus

Matrix notes: This is a 50/50 mix of source A and B below. No EQ or compression was used.  Source A and B both are excellent captures.  I left Tuva, as source A only, no source B available for Tuva…. :( Track splits mostly followed source A, but I combined Parabol and Parabola. I filled the small gaps throughout source A with source B.
The only gap that’s still noticeable is in Reflection. First few seconds of Disposition were missing from source A, its now filled w/source B.



Source A : iem (soundboard) > m1
taper : benchboy
transfer : markp

Source B : Sound Professionals Premium Slimline Cardioids > Sony TCD-D8 > DAT Master > SB Extigy (coaxial in) > Cool Edit Pro > CDR > FLAC
taper: Econeywaa
notes: Recorded at Balcony Stage right.

From Taper: Robert Fripp plays solo Soundscapes after “Reflection” and then the band goes into “Sober”

Fripp appeared with Tool on the 2 Berkeley shows, these 2 LA shows and the San Diego show.

A thrill and the reason I travelled all over the West Coast taping these shows!


String Cheese Incident – 09/30/2005 – Osaka, Japan


The String Cheese Incident
Mother Hall
Osaka Japan

Disc 1:
1. Restless Wind
2. Got What He Wanted
3. Give Me The Love
4. Boo Boo’s Pik-a-nic
5. Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms
6. Round The Wheel>
7. Valley Of The Jig>
8. Round The Wheel

Disc 2:
1. Rollover
2. Swampy Waters
3. Under African Skies
4. Drums

Disc 3:
1. Big Shoes
2. Sirens>
3. So Lonely
4. Best Feeling
5. Crowd

6. Billy In The Low Ground
7. Rocky Road Blues


moe. – 07/06/1997 – Saratoga Springs, NY


1997.07.06 (Sun)
Further Fest
Saratoga Performing Arts Center
Saratoga Springs, NY

One Set:
t01 introduction
t02 Cryptical Envelopment*>
t03 The Other One*^>
t04 Cryptical Envelopment*
t05 Jazz Wank>
t06 Buster

*with Bob Weir; guitar & vox
^first time played

Full Source Info:

SBD/AUD Matrix
Mixed by Ross P January 2007

Core Sound Stealth Mics > Sony D8 > DAT Master > Panasonic EQ > RNC
Uncirculated FOB Source, recorded from 4th row
Recorded and Mastered by Mr. Bill

Tape provided by: Dr. Stan Lobitz via Eric Vandercar
Transfer by: Eric Byrd & Leslie Sinclair

Grateful Dead – 06/09/1976 – Boston, MA


Grateful Dead
Boston Music Hall
Boston, MA
Sick Bits Vol. 6

Set 1:

d1t01 – Cold Rain and Snow
d1t02 – Cassidy
d1t03 – Scarlet Begonias
d1t04 – The Music Never Stopped
d1t05 – Crazy Fingers
d1t06 – Big River
d1t07 – They Love Each Other
d1t08 – Looks Like Rain
d1t09 – Ship of Fools
d1t10 – Promised Land

Set 2:

d2t01 – Saint Stephen >
d2t02 – Eyes Of The World >
d2t03 – Let It Grow
d2t04 – Brown Eyed Women
d2t05 – Lazy Lightnin’ >
d2t06 – Supplication
d2t07 – High Time
d3t01 – Samson & Delilah
d3t02 – It Must Have Been The Roses
d3t03 – Dancing In The Street >
d3t04 – Wharf Rat >
d3t05 – Around and Around


d3t06 – Franklin’s Tower

Source: Matrix (SBD/AUD mixdown):

Set 1: SBD>MR>R>D>CD>EAC>SHN (ID# 12382)

Taper: Steve Hopkins

Matrixed by Chris Chappell

Jerry Garcia Band – 08/29/1987 – Piercy, CA


Jerry Garcia Band
French’s Camp on the Eel River
Piercy, CA
August 29, 1987

Acoustic Set

01 [07:15] Deep Elem Blues
02 [05:41] I’ve Been All Around This World
03 [07:40] Friend Of The Devil
04 [05:02] Trouble In Mind
05 [04:26] Little Sadie
06 [04:10] Diamond Joe >
07 [04:55] Spike Driver Blues
08 [06:15] Oh Babe, It Ain’t No Lie
09 [04:26] I’m Troubled
10 [04:21] Ripple
TT [54:16]

Electric Set 1

01 [08:12] How Sweet It Is
02 [07:29] Forever Young
03 [06:51] Get Out Of My Life
04 [05:46] Run For The Roses
05 [06:11] And It Stoned Me
06 [04:01] My Sisters and Brothers >
07 [06:54] Deal
TT [45:26]

Electric Set 2

01 [10:49] The Harder They Come
02 [07:56] I Shall Be Released
03 [06:47] Think
04 [02:59] Evangeline
05 [06:19] Gomorrah
06 [06:36] Let It Rock
07 [08:29] That Lucky Old Sun
08 [09:44] Tangled Up In Blue
TT [59:43]


Source Info

SBD + AUD Matrix Mix (60%-SBD/40%-AUD)


FOB: Schoeps CMC44s > Sony PCM F1
Taper: Sean Webber Small

Transfer and FLAC encoding by David Minches.

Jerry Garcia Band – 02/26/1993 – San Francisco, CA


Jerry Garcia Band
Warfield Theater
San Francisco, CA
February 26, 1993

01 [08:50] How Sweet It Is
02 [09:50] Stop That Train
03 [08:11] Let It Rock
04 [07:30] Lazy Bones
05 [06:00] Run For The Roses
06 [06:48] Waiting For A Miracle
07 [04:18] My Sisters And Brothers
08 [09:08] Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
TT [60:39]

SBD + AUD Matrix Mix (50%-SBD/50%-AUD)


Source Info

DSBD > DAT “This tape was either the master (unlikely)
or a copy of it.” – RG
Source and Transfer by Rich Gastwirt
Edited and Mastered by James E.

Taper: Chuck
* Source Neumann mics (Vintage 1957, tube electronics)

* This does not appear that it is from a cassette source.
If so, then it was the most time accurate tape deck in
the entire world. My guess is it was recorded onto DAT.

Thanks to the Lossless Legs Community (
for getting me these 2 spectacular sources. Both of these
recordings are top notch. The AUD source is perhaps one
of the best AUDs I’ve heard from the Warfield. I am very
pleased with the results of this project. The 2 recording
mixed very well. Jerry’s notes literally linger in the
air for what seems an eternity. The 5.1 version and the
SBD+AUD matrix mix leaves you standing front row at the bar
rail. Complete with Jerry’s guitar floating by as hoot’s
and cat calls add to the experience. Jerry’s tone is very
nice and the AUD did a great job at capturing how things
sounded that night in SF.


Tech Notes

FLAC/SHNs were decoded to wave. Wavmerge was used to reassemble
the tracks back to 1 long wave. CEP2.0 was used to align &
synch both of the sources. SF8.0 was used to reduce and
fix some of the snaps/pops usuing the pencil tool. CEP2.0
used to adjust the volume for the SBD & AUD and perform the
multitrack mixdown to stereo. This is a 50% SBD, 50% AUD mix.
- Mixed by dan
- FLAC conversion done 15-AUG-2006
- Artwork at 300dpi by dan


Bloodkin – 03/30/2013 – Asheville, NC


Asheville Music Hall
Asheville, NC

~Set 01~

01. Good Luck Charm
02. Can’t Get High
03. Success Yourself
04. Black Jacket
05. My Name Is Alice
06. Lifer
07. Wet Trombone Blues
08. Tennessee Williams
09. All Dolled Up
10. Hickory Wind
11. Last Dance with Mary Jane
12. Quarter Tank of Gasoline

~Set 02~

01. Little Margarita
02. Easter Eggs
03. New Pony
04. White Freight Liner Blues
05. Rotgut >
06. Mercy Train to Bogart
07. You Ain’t Going Nowhere
08. The Viper
09. End of the Show
10. Is That All There Is?
11. Henry Parsons Died
12. Happy

LIVE (matrix):
Source 1: AKG CK 63 (PAS (~24cm, ~40*), ROC, ~7′ high, ~30′ back) > Naiant Active/PFA > Lunatec V2 > Tascam 680 (24/48)
Source 2: SBD > Tascam 680 (24/48)