Phish – 12/28/2016 – New York, NY

Photo by Adam McCullough

Phish 2016-17 NYE Run
Night 1 | Night 2 | Night 3 | Night 4

Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

Set One:

The Star Spangled Banner
Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan
Lonesome Cowboy Bill >
Train Song
Prince Caspian
Funky Bitch
Halfway To The Moon

Set Two:

Wolfman’s Brother
Golden Age ->
Simple >
Chalk Dust Torture
Martian Monster ->
Tweezer Reprise ->
Martian Monster
Wingsuit >


Good Times Bad Times

Source: Schoeps mk22> Nbob KCY> Darktrain KCY Snake> Naiant PFA> Busman Mod Dr-70d @ 24/48
Location: OTS, DFC
Recorded and Transferred by Noah Bickart

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Phish – 12/29/2017 – New York, NY

Photo by Phish From The Road

Phish 2016-17 NYE Run
Night 1 | Night 2 | Night 3 | Night 4

Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

Set I:

Sweet Adeline
Peaches En Regalia>
Mike’s Song>
Secret Smile>
Weekapaug Groove
Roses Are Free
Poor Heart
46 Days
Brian & Robert
Beauty Of A Broken Heart
Theme From The Bottom>
Split Open & Melt

Set II:

Down With Disease>
What’s The Use?>
Twenty Years Later> Kung> Twenty Years Later>
Makisupa Policeman
Harry Hood

Encore Break

Source: Schoeps mk22 (35 cm @ 70°)> Nbob KCY> Darktrain KCY Snake> Naiant PFA> Busman Mod Dr-70d @ 24/48
Location: OTS, DFC
Recorded and Transferred by Noah Bickart

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Phish – 12/30/2017 – New York, NY

Photo by Phish From The Road

Phish 2016-17 NYE Run
Night 1 | Night 2 | Night 3 | Night 4

Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

Set 1

crowd set 1
Blaze On
The Moma Dance >
The Old Home Place
Bathtub Gin
Things People Do
My Friend My Friend >
Sugar Shack
You Enjoy Myself

Set 2

crowd set 2
Tweezer >
Sparks >
Ghost >
Light >
Party Time
Wading In The Velvet Sea >
Rocky Top

encore break
Rock & Roll >
Tweezer Reprise

mics were DIN setup in the OTS to the left of the soundboard
Schoeps mk41v>kc5>cmc6>Sonosax SX-R4 (24bit/96khz)
Recorded and transferred by Andy Murray

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Phish – 12/31/2016 – New York, NY

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Phish 2016-17 NYE Run
Night 1 | Night 2 | Night 3 | Night 4

Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

Set One
Don’t Bogart That Joint
Your Pet Cat
Kill Devil Falls
Back On the Train
My Soul
Lawn Boy
The Divided Sky
Ya Mar
Character Zero
Walls of the Cave

Set Two
Carini ->
Piper> Ass Handed> Piper
Slave to the Traffic Light

Set Three
Auld Lang Syne
Suzy Greenburg
No Man in No Man’s Land
Breath and Burning
Tide Turns
First Tube
Encore Break
Loving Cup

Source: Schoeps mk22 (35cm @ 70°) > Nbob KCY> Darktrain KCY Snake> Naiant PFA> Busman Mod Dr-70d @ 24/48
Location: Back of the SBD cage, DFC
Recorded and Transferred by Noah Bickart

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Gov’t Mule – 12/31/2016 – New York, NY

Gov’t Mule
Beacon Theatre
New York, NY

Set 1
01 New Year’s Eve [a]
02 Larger Than Life
03 Thorazine Shuffle >
04 Funny Little Tragedy* >
05 Thorazine Shuffle (Reprise)
06 Child Of The Earth
07 Which Way Do We Run >
08 Brighter Days
09 Birth Of The Mule** [b]
10 Sco-Mule*** [b]


01 Maggot Brain**** > [c,d]
02 Flash Light [c,d,e] FTP
03 Red Hot Mama [c,d,e] FTP
04 Tight Rope [c,d,e] FTP
05 Delta Lady [c,d,e]
06 Take It Easy [e] FTP
07 Already Gone [e] FTP
08 100 Days, 100 Nights [d,e] FTP
09 Midnight Rider [c,d,e]
10 Lucky Man [d,e] FTP
11 Hallelujah [f]
12 Bird On A Wire [d,e]
13 Angel Band > [e]
14 Mama Tried [e] FTP
15 Shining Star > [c,d,e] FTP
16 Getaway [c,d,e] FTP
17 Descending [c]
18 All The Young Dudes [d,e,g] FTP
19 Rebel Rebel [c,g] FTP
20 Kiss [c,d,e,g] FTP
21 Let’s Go Crazy [c,d,e,g] FTP

22 Encore Call
23 Purple Rain > [c,d,e,g,h] FTP
24 All The Young Dudes (Reprise) [c,d,e,g,h] FTP

* w/ Message In A Bottle lyrics
** w/ Hottentot tease
*** w/ Smoke on the Water tease
**** w/ Auld Lang Syne theme
FTP = First Time Played

[a] Warren Solo
[b] Oz Noy, Guitar
[c] Marc Quinones, Precussion
[d] Chronic Horns
[e] Jasmine Muhammad & The Sweet ’16 Singers
[f] w/o Matt Abts & Jorgen Carlsson
[g] Jimmy Vivino, Guitar
[h] Marcus King, Guitar

Source: Schoeps MK41s (DINa)> KCY 250/5 Ig> VMS 5 U> SD744 (24/48)
Location: Orch Center, Row L, Seat 111, 7’ high)
Recorded/Transferred: nolamule

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Gov’t Mule – 12/31/2015 – New York, NY


Gov’t Mule
MYE Watkins Glen Show
Beacon Theatre
New York City, New York

1st Set

Grateful Mule with Steve Kimock, Lincoln Schleifer, Machen Taylor and Elaine Caswell. (No Jorgen Carlsson)

01 Watkins Glen Jam
02 Bird Song
03 Tennessee Jed
04 Bertha
05 Here Comes sunshine
06 Loose Lucy
07 He’s Gone
08 Truckin’
09 China Cat Sunflower >
10 I Know You Rider

2nd Set

The Band: Gov’t Mule with Larry Campbell

01 The Shape I’m In
02 The Weight
03 Stage Fright
04 Don’t Do It
05 Chest Fever
06 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
07 Across The Great Divide
08 Up On Cripple Creek
09 The Wheel’s On Fire

3rd Set

The AllMule Brothers with Chuck Leavell, Jack Pearson, Paul Riddle and Shawn Pelton

01 Happy New Year
02 Wasted Words
03 Done Somebody Wrong
04 Southbound
05 In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed
06 Come & Go Blues
07 Trouble No More
08 Blue Sky
09 One Way Out
10 Statesboro Blues
11 Jessica
12 Whipping Post


01 Mountain Jam

Show Notes: I finally received the flac files from Tom Robinson. To make this work, I had to rename the files and put together a text file as well. This came to me as 4 seperate recordings, one pe disc. The way it is tracked, was done before I received it, as well as the cuts and fades. It sounds really good and I did not do any post processing. I think the text file now matches up with all the flacs. If nt, let me know. A huge thanks to Anthony Andriulli for getting this recorded! I do not have his row and seat number information. From what I have heard, security was very “non-taper friendly” as the tapers were told to have their mics below head level. Another huge thanks to my buddy Tom Robinson for tracking down the recording and getting it in my hands. Fingers crossed that it will upload after all the changes I made.

Source: Schoeps MK4’s> Lunatec V3> Sound Devices 722
DFC Orchestra Center Section, 5 1/2′ High
Recorded By: Anthony Andriulli
Transferred By: Tom Robinson
Seeded By: Z-Man

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Leftover Salmon – 12/31/2015 – Portland, OR


Leftover Salmon
Roseland Theater
Portland, OR

Set 1
01. BooBoo Lord Melody
02. Going Through the Motions
03. Head Bang
04. Whiskey Before Breakfast / Over the Waterfall
05. Wandering In Portland /Nothing but Time
06. Tu N’as Pas Aller
07. Pasta on the Mountain
08. Just Before Evening
09. Zombie Jamboree

Set 2
01. Auld Lang Syne > Let’s Go Get Em > I Will Survive*
02. Breakin’ Through
03. Who Stole My Monkey
04. Hello**
05. All Night Ride
06. Bird Call
07. Sunshine and Water***
08. Desperado
09. Oh Atlanta

Entire show with Skerik

*Lovebomb Go-Go Marching Band
** Mimi Naja
***Tom Landa and Kalissa Hernandez

Source DFC Balcony> Josephson C42mp>Canare Star Quad xlr cables) Sound Devices MixPre-D>DigiGal AES to SPDIF cable>Marantz PMD661 24 bit 96 KHz

Taped by pdxdanmusic

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Railroad Earth – 12/31/2015 – Chicago, IL


Railroad Earth
The Vic Theatre
Chicago, IL

Set 1:
t01 crowd and tuning
t02 420
t03 Happy Song
t04 Just So You Know
t05 Potter’s Field –>
t06 Lone Croft Farewell
t07 Walk Beside Me
t08 Untitled Instrumental
t09 Been Down THis Road
t10 Colorado
t11 Right in Tune –>
t12 1759
t13 Walls of Time

Set 2:
t14 Monkey
t15 Countdown to 2016
t16 Butterfly and the Tree
t17 Magic Foot –>
t18 Luxury Liner
t19 Goat –>
t20 Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites –>
t21 Drag Him Down
t22 Railroad Earth
t23 Hard Livin’
t24 Elko

t25 Long Way To Go

Source AKG 481 > V3 > Marantz PMD661 (16/44.1) (fob)
Taped by Jeff Frank

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moe. – 12/31/2015 – Albany, NY

moe-nyePhoto by Frank Imburgia (view gallery and review)

December 31, 2015
Palace Theatre
Albany, NY

set 1:
01. Defrost >
02. Akimbo >
03. Y.O.Y.
04. Canned Pastries
05. Po’ Sadie
06. Timmy Tucker ->
07. Don’t Fuck With Flo

set 2:
01. Happy Hour Hero ->
02. Seat Of My Pants
03. Montego
04. Four

set 3:
01. Time >
02. Breathe >
03. Auld Lang Syne >
04. Jump Around >
05. Auld Lang Syne >
06. Billy Goat ->
07. meat. ->
08. Brent Black
09. Wind It Up

10. encore break
11. al.nouncements
12. This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)

source: Neumann km184> V2> Sony PCM-M10
recorded/transfered by Rob Clarke

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Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons – 12/31/2015 – Portland, OR


Jerry Joseph & The Jackmormons
Mission Theater
Portland, OR

Set One:
01 Intro
02 Let The Day Begin* (The Call)
03 Brother #1*
04 Fastest Horse*
05 Mars*
06 Criminals In My Closet > Sailing Shoes > Criminals In My Closet*

07 Intro
08 Happy Book
09 Cosmo Sex School
10 Wild Wild West > North > I Can’t Tell You Why > Family Affair > Spin Cycle
11 Countdown To New Years
12 Thats The Way Of The Of The World* (Earth, Wind, And Fire)
13 Fiona*
14 Sound Of Sinners > Brother John >
15 Lick The Tears > Doors Of Your Heart > Lick The Tears*

16 Out In The Country*
17 Suppers Ready*

Mike Walker : keys (Entire show)
Paul Brainard: trumpet *
Scott van schoick: trombone*
Mary Sue Tobin: sax*

Source: Busman K31 (DIN) > 1804a > Busbox > Audioroot Femto > DR-680 (24/48)
Location: DFC, Clamped to balcony rail, 30′ from stage
Taped, Transfered, And Uploaded by Adam Huston (Team Wild Wild West Recordings)

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Joe Russo’s Almost Dead – 12/31/2015 – Philadelphia, PA


Joe Russo’s Almost Dead
The Fillmore
Philadelphia, PA
December 31, 2015

First Set:

01 Crowd
02 Truckin
03 The Eleven
04 China Cat Sunflower
05 I Know You Rider
06 Good Lovin
07 Shakedown Street

Second Set Acoustic:

01 Crowd
02 Friend Of the Devil
03 On The Road Again
04 Dark Hollow
05 Dire Wolf
06 Big River
07 Ripple
08 Happy Birthday

Third Set:

01 Crowd
02 Countdown/Ballon Drop
03 Sugar Magnolia
04 Scarlet Begonias
05 Fire On The Mountain
06 Greatest Story ever Told
07 Jam
08 Terrapin Station
09 Sunshine Daydream


10 Born To Run

Schoeps MK4V’s>Schoeps KCY 250/05i>Schoeps VMS5U>Sound Devices 744T
FOB/DFC On Stand 8 feet up
Recorded By Jeff Travitz

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Dead and Company – 12/31/2015 – Inglewood, CA


Dead and Company
The Forum
Inglewood, CA

Set 1
01-Feel Like a Stranger
02-They Love Each Other
03-Ramble On Rose
04-Loose Lucy
06-Hell in a Bucket

Set 2:
07-Dark Star
08-Uncle John’s Band
09-Lady With A Fan>Terrapin Station
11-Dear Prudence(The Beatles cover)

Set 3:
12-In the Midnight Hour>Jam>New Years festivities> (Wilson Pickett cover)
13-Sugar Magnolia
14-Scarlet Begonias
15-Touch of Grey
16-Fire on the Mountain
17-St. Stephen
18-Sunshine Daydream

19-Brokedown Palace

Source Info:
Neumann U-89i’s>Zoom F-8
Recorded from OTS (in the back of the Floor). Sound is good despite being approxmiately 200ft from the stage.
Recorded by Pat Myers aka DATPAT


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Phish – 12/31/2015 – New York, NY

phish-nyePhoto by AZN Pics

Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

The Moma Dance
Wolfman’s Brother
Birds of a Feather
I Didn’t Know> Happy Birthday
Martian Monster
Walls Of The Cave

The Wedge
A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing
Yarmouth Road
Kill Devil Falls

No Men In No Man’s Land> Auld Lang Syne
Blaze On
David Bowie
The Horse> Silent In The Morning
Backwards Down the Number Line

Encore Break

Location: OTS DFC Source: Schoeps mk41v> NBob KCY> Naiant PFA> Tascam DR70d @ 24 bit / 48 kHz Recorded and transferred by Noah Bickart

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Eric McFadden – 12/31/2014 – Long Beach, CA


Eric McFadden
31 December 2014
Crystal Ballroom
Golden Sails
Long Beach, CA

1. Dead & Gone
2. That’s How I Know I’m Here
3. Lay Right Here Till the Medicine Takes
4. Just Try and Catch Your Breathe
5. Give Your Love to Me*
6. Stage Banter
7. Two Graves ^
8. Hanging Moon ^
9. Where is Ferdinand >
10. Devil Moon (w/Star Spangled Banner jam)
11. Don’t Pray for Me
12. Instrumental
13. Oh Lord Watch Me Now

* w/ Chazzy Green on Saxophone
^ w/ Lance Lazwell on Guitar

Source: SBD + BSC-1 (cards XY) + Earthworks M30mp (Omnis) > Zoom H6 @ SBD 8.5’ in the air @96/24
Taped and Transferred by G. Bender & Wharfrat Joe

Photo via wikipedia

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Old 97’s – 12/31/2014 – Washington DC


Old 97’s
31 December 2014
The Hamilton
Washington, D.C.

Set One

01. 504
02. Champaign, Illinois
03. Give It Time
04. Crash On The Barrelhead
05. Wasted
06. Niteclub
07. Lonely Holiday
08. This Is The Ballad
09. W. Tx Teardrops
10. Nashville
11. Every Night Is Friday Night (Without You)
12. Big Brown Eyes
13. Over The Cliff

Set Two

01. Longer Than You’ve Been Alive
02. Melt Show
03. Guadalajara
04. Mama Tried
05. Dance With Me
06. Wheels Off
07. Miss Molly
08. Countdown to 2015 > Auld Lang Syne
09. Most Messed Up
10. My Sweet Blue-Eyed Darlin’
11. Barrier Reef
12. Let’s Get Drunk & Get It On
13. Doreen
14. Four Leaf Clover
15. Victoria
16. Rollerskate Skinny
17. King Of All Of The World
18. Going, Going, Gone
19. Eyes For You
20. Timebomb


– Second night of sold-out, two night run at The Hamilton.
– Vandaveer opened.

Source: DPA 4023 > Sound Devices 744 (24/96)
Recorded by Alex Leary (vwmule at gmail)

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