Bill Kreutzmann’s Locknstep Allstars – 09/05/2014 – Arrington, VA


Bill Kreutzmann’s Locknstep Allstars
05 September 2014 (Friday)
Lockn’ Festival
Arrington, VA

01. Let The Good Times Roll
02. Big Railroad Blues
03. They Love Each Other *
04. Bird Song *
05. Further On Down The Road **
06. Stagger Lee **
07. Help On The Way > Space > Drums > Dark Star > Wharf Rat *** > Help On The Way >
08. Franklin’s Tower

Bill Kreutzmann – drums
Aron Magner – guitar
Steve Kimock – guitar
Tom Hamilton – guitar
Oteil Burbridge – bass


- * Keller Williams
- ** Taj Mahal
- *** Papa Mali

Source: DPA 4023 (NOS) > Sound Devices 744
Recorded by Alex Leary

Photo by Jay Blakesberg

Gregg Allman & Friends – 12/14/2013 – Asheville, NC


Gregg Allman & Friends
(Warren Haynes, Audley Freed, Ron Johnson, Jeff Sipe & Count M’butu)
Warren Haynes 25th Annual Christmas Jam
U.S. Cellular Center
Asheville, NC
December 14th, 2013

Statesboro Blues
Just Another Rider*
Stormy Monday
One Way Out***

* with Bill Evans, Ron Holloway, Craig Sorrells & Greg Hollowell
** with Bill Evans & Oteil Burbridge; without Ron Johnson
*** with Oteil Burbridge; without Ron Johnson

Neumann KM184’s > Shure FP24
Recorded by D. Fries


Frogwings – 02/14/1999 – Northampton, MA


February 14th, 1999
Pearl Street
Northampton, MA

CD 1 [64:42.72]
01. Kickin’ Bach [15:03.10]
02. Shuffle [11:31.25]
03. Hurdy Gurdy Fandango [05:48.20]
04. Feel For You [08:28.66]
05. Pattern [07:24.51]
06. Cut Mullet [16:26.50]

CD 2 [73:35.07]
01. Among Your Pillows [06:48.58]
02. Just Once [10:43.40]
03. Ganja> [08:44.50]
04. Deviant Dreams [11:17.24]
05. Nomad [23:16.60]
07. E: Hot’Lanta [12:44.00]

Frogwings is: John Popper – harmonica, vocals
Derek Trucks – slide guitar
Jimmy Herring – guitar
Oteil Burbridge – bass
Kofi Burbridge – keys, flute
Marc Qui–ones – percussion
Butch Trucks – drums

Master creation: 
AKG C460b’s [X-Y]>Gamble pre>house deck>D7
by Kyle Holbrook 

SHNs were made: 
DA-20>U2A>SoundEdit 16>WAV>shntool>SHNv3 [no DAE] 
by Dave Mallick


Col. Bruce Hampton & Friends – 09/08/2013 – Arrington, VA

Col. Bruce Hampton & Friends
08 September 2013 (Sunday)
Lockn’ Festival
Arrington, VA

Unknown Setlist


– Friends included Eric Krasno (guitar), Oteil Burbridge (bass, vocals), Jeff Sipe (drums)

Source: DPA 4023 > Lunatec V3 (digital) > Edirol R-44 (24/48)
Recorded by Alex Leary 

Tedeschi Trucks Band – 09/08/2013 – Arrington, VA


Tedeschi Trucks Band
08 September 2013
Lockn’ Festival
Arrington, VA

01. Made Up Mind
02. Do I Look Worried
03. Midnight In Harlem
04. The Sky Is Crying
05. Part Of Me
06. Nobody’s Free
07. Get What You Deserve
08. Bound For Glory
09. Angel From Montgomery (w/ Sugaree tease) *
10. The Storm
11. Sing A Simple Song > I Want To Take You Higher #


– * Eric Krasno on guitar (no Derek)
– # with Chris Robinson (vocals, tambourine, harmonica), Bob Weir (tambourine), Jackie Greene (tambourine), Oteil Burbridge (bass for second half of song), Eric Krasno (guitar)

Source: DPA 4023 > Lunatec V3 (digital) > Edirol R-44 (24/48)
Recorded by Alex Leary 


Tedeschi Trucks Band – 07/09/2011 – Rotterdam, Netherlands


Tedeschi Trucks Band
North Sea Jazz Festival
9 July 2011
Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands


01 Don’t Let Me Slide

02 Space Captain

03 Midnight in Harlem

04 Learn How To Love

05 Until You Remember

06 Anyday
07 That Did It

07 Simple Song

09 Bound For Glory

Band info

Susan Tedeschi (lead vocals, guitar)

Derek Trucks (guitar)
Mark Rivers (backing vocals)

Mike Mattison (backing vocals)

Kofi Burbridge (keyboard)

Oteil Burbridge (bass)

Tyler Greenwell (drums, percussion)

J.J. Johnson (drums, percussion)

Kebbi Williams (Saxophone)

Saunders Sermons (Trombone)

Maurice Brown (Trumpet)

Audio: (WMA2) stereo, 44.1 kHz, 193 kbps

Frogwings – 05/03/1998 – West Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach, FL

01 Kick N Bach
02 Blow ‘Em Away
03 Eyes Give You Away
04 Cut Mullet
05 Wind Before The Rain
06 Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat
07 Sign On The Door
08 Band Introductions
09 Loomis
10 Don’t Change Horses
11 Catchin’ Up
12 Hot ‘Lanta
13 Filler: Butch Trucks Drum Clinic from earlier in the day

This Frogwings Is:
Jimmy Herring-Guitar
Derek Trucks-Guitar
Oteil Burbridge-Bass, Vocals
Kofi Burbridge-Flute, Keys
Edwin McCain-Vocals, Guitar
Marc Quinones-Percussion
Butch Trucks-Drums

AKG391’s->Oade M118->SBM->D7
Recorded and Seeded by Jeff Moores

Frogwings – 2/09/1999 – Wetlands Preserve, NY

Wetlands Preserve, NYC

Frogwings Lineup:
John Popper-Harmonica & Vocals
Derek Trucks-Guitar
Jimmy Herring-Guitar
Bass & Vocals-Oteil Burbridge
Keyboards & Flute-Kofi Burbridge
Drums-Butch Trucks
Percussion-Marc Quinones

Disc 1

1. Kickin J.S. Bach
2. Wetlands Shuffle
3. Hurdy Gurdy Fandango
4. Feel For You
5. Pattern
6. Tuning
7. Cut Mullet

Disc 2

1. Among Your Pillows
2. Just One
3. Ganja>
4. Deviant Dreams
5. Nomad
6.E: Hot ‘Lanta*

*w/Warren Haynes on guitar

Recorded by David Nolan
Transferred & Seeded by Yossi Pollak


Frogwings began as an Allman Brothers/Aquarium Rescue Unit side project in 1997, with Edwin McCain as the lead singer. The band ran off five gigs in seven days in late May 1997, and the jazz/rock/calypso/metal fusion began. Founding members Butch Trucks [drums] and Jimmy Herring [guitar] were joined by the Burbridge brothers, Kofi [flute] and Oteil [bass], as well as Butch’s nephew Derek [guitar/, and band and percussion-mate Marc Quinones. The successful May run was followed by a two-week trip up and down the East coast in December, and this run cemented Frogwings as a permanent part of the Allman Brothers Band sideshow.

After a single Florida appearance in 1998, Edwin McCain was forced to leave the band due to issues with his record label [McCain was becoming a national star in his own right due to several hit singles off his latest album, Misguided Roses and the label no doubt wanted him to concentrate on his own band] and Blues Traveler’s John Popper was recruited as the new voice of Frogwings. Butch Trucks recalls the initial meeting between Popper and the rest of the band in a 1999 interview with

Oh wow, I had no idea what would happen. We wrote a lot of stuff with Edwin and now John’s come in with his harp and his writing and his singing. It’s a lot harder edge now, a lot more rock ‘n’ roll oriented. It’s fun. I’m enjoying the hell out of it. We’re just going at it. We’re writing songs and playing and just having a ball doing it. […] We worked up 14 songs in five days last week. John Popper and Oteil were writing a song a day. It was amazing. They run the gamut from a calypso song to The Thrill Is Gone kind of a blues feel to a really uptempo Latin groove to one that is almost industrial thrash rock. On the surface, that’s what you’re hearing, but when you listen to what the bass and the guitars are doing, it’s fucking incredible. Really cool. It’s like industrial rock meets James Brown.

After rehearsing together for only two weeks in late January of 1999, the newest version of Frogwings hit the road with an inaugural gig at Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, RI, supported by Derek Trucks’ band, whose leader pulled double duty all tour long. Two nights later, the band began a three-night stand at New York’s Wetlands Preserve, and rocked the house for over two hours each night, including a guest appearance by ex-Allman Warren Haynes on night two’s encore of Hot ‘Lanta. The entire tour was recorded for a live album, eventually entitled “Croakin’ At Toad’s”, released in late 2000. After the album was released, Dean Budnick interviewed Derek Trucks, again for, in which the younger Trucks reflected on the band’s genesis, tour and future.

Earlier in 2000, Butch Trucks and company began a record label, Flying Frog Records, taking on jam-band types such as Schleigho and the Slip. No further plans have been announced for Frogwings as of now but whenever band members are free, there is always the possibility of another brief tour…

Oteil & the Peacemakers w/ Jimmy Herring – 01/11/2007 – Memphis, TN


Oteil & the Peacemakers w/ Jimmy Herring
The Gibson Lounge
Memphis, TN

Disc one:

02: Down Before(?)
05: What Is Hip
08: Blue-eyed Savior
09: Power of Soul

Disc two:

01: Payday
02: Pull Together
03: Elijah (?)
05: Green-eyed Lady

Source: Schoeps CCM4L>V3>HD-P2
Taped and transferred by Tim DiScenza