Johnny Cash – 1958 – Country Style USA



These are vintage radio broadcast transcription discs (at times you can “hear” the vinyl which adds flavor). The sound quality is amazing.

Country Style USA is from 1958, Guest Star is from 1959. That’s all the info I have. I received these many years ago in a trade and transferred them from cassette. This is as good as it gets.

1) Country Style USA Intro
2) Hey Porter
3) I Walk The Line
4) “Join The Reserve For Youth Training Program” spot
5) Rock Island Line (Johnny says they haven’t recorded it yet)
6) So Doggone Lonesome
7) Country Style USA Outro
8) Country Style USA Intro
9) Folsom Prison Blues
10) Cry Cry Cry
11) “Reserve For Youth Training Program” spot
12) I Was There When It Happened
13) Get Rhythm (“Our latest release on Sun”)
14) Country Style USA Outro
15) Guest Star Intro
16) Country Boy
17) Chat w/ Johnny
18) Don’t Take Your Guns To Town
19) Johnny Cash “Buy Savings Bonds” spot
20) Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
21) Guest Star Outro


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Fleetwood Mac – 04/09/1970 – London, UK


Fleetwood Mac
“London Underway”
BBC In Concert
Paris Theatre, London

01. Rattlesnake Shake
02. Underway
03. Stranger Blues
04. World In The Harmony
05. Tiger
06. Green Manalishi
07. Coming Your way
08. Great Balls On Fire
09. Twist And Shout

Peter Green – guitar
Danny Kirwan – guitar
Jeremy Spencer – guitar
John McVie – bass
Mick Fleetwood – drums

Excellent radio broadcast

flac > Audacity(snaps,crackles,pops)
by miogi June 2012

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John Bell, Todd Nance, Daniel Hutchens, and Eric Carter – 04/17/2013 – Louisville, KY

John Bell, Todd Nance, Daniel Hutchens, and Eric Carter
April 17, 2013
WFPK Studios
Louisville, KY

01 Intro
02 Wet Trombone Blues
03 Quarter Tank Of Gasoline
04 Interview
05 Success Yourself
06 End Of The Show

run time: 33 minutes

source: HD FM > Sony XDR-F1HD > Sony M10 (16/44)
transfer: microSD > Sound Studio > xACT > flac

Photos by Josh Timmermans

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Wilco – 07/08/2012 – Geneva, IL

Fifth Third Bank Ballpark
Geneva, IL

WXRT Radio Broadcast

01 WXRT Marty Lennertz Intro
02 Dawned on Me
03 War on War
04 I Might
05 I am Trying to Break Your Heart
06 Box Full of Letters
07 Handshake Drugs
08 Spiders (Kidsmoke)
09 Impossible Germany
10 Born Alone
11 Laminated Cat
12 Side with the Seeds
13 Say You Miss Me
14 Candyfloss
15 Jesus, Etc. w/ Andrew Bird
16 Hate it Here
17 Whole Love
18 I’m Always in Love
19 Heavy Metal Drummer
20 I’m the Man Who Loves You
21 Marty Lennertz Encore Break Chatter
22 Via Chicago
23 Art of Almost
24 Standing O
25 A Shot in the Arm
26 Marty Lennertz Encore Break Chatter 2
27 California Stars w/ Andrew Bird
28 The Late Greats
29 Hoodoo Voodoo w/ Wilco crew member Josh on cowbell
30 Marty Lennertz Outro

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Mark Knopfler – 05/19/96 – Bristol, England

Mark Knopfler
Colston City Hall
Bristol, England

Chet Atkins Intro
Walk Of Life
I’m The Fool
Last Exit To Brroklyn
Romeo And Juliet
Done With Bonaparte
A Night In Summer Long Ago
Father And Son
Golden Heart
Brothers In Arms
Money For Nothing
Going Home
Chet Atkins Outro

This is one of the radio braodcasts from the Golden Heart tour. There were two different broadcasts of this concert, one in UK and one in Norway. This is a mix of these two different broadcasts. The tracks with (UK) after them are as you understand taken from the UK broadcast. The rest from the Norwegian broadcast. Includes also the intro and outro which Chet Atkins did.

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