Tool – 03/09/2014 – Reno, NV


Reno Event Center
Reno, NV
March 9, 2014

01 Intro
02 Third Eye
03 Vicarious
04 Schism
05 Pushit
06 Intension
07 Lateralus
08 B’Boom
09 Jambi
10 46&2
11 Aenema
12 Stinkfist

Mixed and Mastered by Hoserama


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Tool – 05/04/2013 – Sydney, Australia

TOOL - Allphones Arena Sydney Friday 3rd May 2013. © Aaron Saye 2013

Allphones Arena
Sydney, Australia
May 4, 2013

01. Hooker with a Penis
02. Sober
03. jam
04. Schism
05. Pushit
06. Intension
07. Lateralus
08. intermission
09. synth/drum solo
10. Jambi
11. Forty Six & 2
12. Ænema
13. Stinkfist


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Tool – 03/06/2014 – Portland, OR


March 6th, 2014
Moda Center
1 N Center Ct Street
Portland, OR, USA

01 Third Eye
02 Vicarious
03 Schism
04 Pushit
05 Intension
06 Lateralus
07 B’Boom
08 Jambi
09 Forty-Six & 2
10 Ænema
11 Stinkfist

Second show of the 2014 tour and my 5th time seeing them. There was one scalper outside with a stack of tickets an inch thick. I’ve never been to an arena that had binoculars wired in to every other seat in the upper sections. I thought that was pretty cool, but since I was also filming this show I didn’t use them. I managed to get the whole thing on video. Third Eye instead of Hooker with a Penis was the only difference in the setlist. Always nice to hear that live. Maynard asked how many vegetarians there were in the audience and then said, “…you’re dismissed,” just before Vicarious. Danny was a bit sloppy towards the end of Vicarious. Maynard missed the end of Jambi too. Lots of cheap but ‘good’ quality bootleg t-shirts for sale outside this show, before and after.

Taper: LeifH
Source: CA-11 (cardioid) > CA-Bat2B > Sony PCM M10 @ 24/48 > Duracell 8GB microSD card

Setlist: 1:46:09


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Tool – 08/14/2001 – Los Angeles, CA


Wiltern Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
August 14, 2001

1. Tuva
2. The Grudge
3. (-) ions
4. Stinkfist
5. Forty Six & 2
6. Parabola
7. Schism
8. Eulogy
9. Disposition
10. Reflection
11. Sober
12. Pushit (alt)
13. Opiate
14. Lateralus

“Art saves lives”

Matrix notes: This is a 50/50 mix of source A and B below. No EQ or compression was used.  Source A already sounded nice, so I left it alone. Source B had a few volume jumps, mostly in The Grudge. I did my best to smooth those out, but its still noticeable at times. Both sources are now fully in the mix for Soundscapres, and the crown jewel of the set, Pushit. Its now complete in both sources, and the tabla duel sounds much better without the edits. Track splits are a bit sketchy on the first few tracks. The start of Forty Six & 2 has drops in both sources, so I did my best to patch together a complete intro. I left Tuva and (-) Ions as source A only, as source B only contributed crowd noise (and lots of it) on those tracks.
Whew, I think that’s it…



Source A: iem > m1 -> MaxxBass > REQ 4band > L3 > FLAC
taper : benchboy
transfer : markp

Source B: Sound Professionals Premium Slimline Cardioids > Sony TCD-D8 > CDR
taper: Econeywaa?
transfer : unknown

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Tool – 08/13/2001 – Los Angeles, CA


Wiltern Theatre
Los Angeles, Ca
August 13, 2001

1. Tuva
2. The Grudge
3. (-) ions
4. Stinkfist (extended, Suspicious Minds)
5. Undertow
6. Prison Sex (OTRM)
7. Schism
8. Eon Blue Apocalypse
9. The Patient
10. Disposition
11. Reflection
12. Sober (w/Robert Fripp soundscapes)
13. Parabol/Parabola
14. Ænema
15. Lateralus

Matrix notes: This is a 50/50 mix of source A and B below. No EQ or compression was used.  Source A and B both are excellent captures.  I left Tuva, as source A only, no source B available for Tuva…. :( Track splits mostly followed source A, but I combined Parabol and Parabola. I filled the small gaps throughout source A with source B.
The only gap that’s still noticeable is in Reflection. First few seconds of Disposition were missing from source A, its now filled w/source B.



Source A : iem (soundboard) > m1
taper : benchboy
transfer : markp

Source B : Sound Professionals Premium Slimline Cardioids > Sony TCD-D8 > DAT Master > SB Extigy (coaxial in) > Cool Edit Pro > CDR > FLAC
taper: Econeywaa
notes: Recorded at Balcony Stage right.

From Taper: Robert Fripp plays solo Soundscapes after “Reflection” and then the band goes into “Sober”

Fripp appeared with Tool on the 2 Berkeley shows, these 2 LA shows and the San Diego show.

A thrill and the reason I travelled all over the West Coast taping these shows!


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Tool – 1991 Demo Tape – Unknown, CA


?, CA
Unknown Studio(s)

Time: 22:47

Original Cassette Demo

Side A
3:45 = Cold & Ugly
2:37 = Hush
2:56 = Part of Me

Side B
4:46 = Crawl Away
4:29 = Sober
3:57 = Jerk-Off

Source: Original Cassette Tape
Gen: ‘Master’

Notes regarding Torrent:
There have been several torrents of the “demo tape” by Tool, however, from what I can tell, all(?) are unsubstanciated copies sourced from ‘someone else who has it’ or ‘I got it from someone else on CD’ scenario. So, I figured it would be worthwhile to get the definitive transfer available. As such, this is the actual demo tape (that Tool sold out at their performances very early in their career). At one point I had two of these items but I parted with one to give to a good friend. There were or are, theoretically, at least a thousand of these floating around (actual # is not known but is low) & the actual cassette copies are actually quite sought-after as they are pieces of rock history. I ascertained this copy from someone who once was rather close to the band. There is no doubt that this is 100% legit.

Notes from Tool’s demo tape. They are studio quality but have a slight tape hiss to the them, which is actually pretty hard to pick out. Interesting if you want to hear the demo’s. This was originally only in cassette format & was distributed at gigs. Soon, copies were made & they started spreading out. The demos even ended up on bootlegs like Sleep Forever. Word has it that they last one they gave out to a fan somewhere in the mid-west US during 1992 from the sound engineer or crew. Most copies of the demo tape are from MP3 source, this is not. There is a rumor that Tool did a cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train but all that is – a rumor. Or, is it? Do you think there is a tight-sealed secret of an ozzy cover? Hmm. What evidence is there? Well, what about the unreleased Rage Against The Machine w/Tool collaboration entitled “Kill The Revolutionary” that features both bands? It is of rough quality & was a demo for the film Judgment Night but was not used nor did it make it on the soundtrack — in case you don’t know, back in 1992/1993. For those that have heard this; it is a very rough sounding recording. However, there are pristine, clear, beautiful copies of this available. Or is there? As a nod to my own musical interest, I would recommend the ‘Judgement Night’ soundtrack; it was one of the best. It featured mashups of metal/hip-hop (you can see why RATM/Tool did not make the cut) but it was interesting as it feautred bands like Cypress Hill w/Sonic Youth + Pearl Jam, Helmet w/House Of Pain & other metal/rap acts to collaborate on an album. Movie decent but not as good as soundtrack. Anyway, the songs below are the actual studio demos, nothing ‘illicit’ or really unreleased. This will hopefully give even the casual Tool fan a good kick in the ass. The intensity, passion & hunger is evident, clear & concise. I could not possibly recommend this any higher than I am at this point. Hope you enjoy it.

Note: There are quite a few counterfeit cassette copies floating around. Beware – eBay may not be your friend.
Note: I did not alter the recording in any capacity. The sound should be just as it was almost two decades ago… who else is feeling a tad old?


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Tool – 01/07/1994 – Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA
The Palladium


Prison Sex
Bottom (spoken word by Zack De La Rocha)
Opiate (Layne Staley on guest vocals)

Source: Sonic Studios DSM-6 > Sony WM-D6

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Tool – 01/14/2012 – Reno, NV

Reno Events Center
Reno, NV

01 intro
02 Hooker With A Penis
03 Jambi
04 Stinkfist
05 Ticks & Leeches
06 Pushit
07 Schism
08 Intension
09 Forty-Six & 2
10 Lateralus
11 The Pot
12 (break)
13 Ænema

schoeps cmc34->naiant tiny box->tascam dr-2d->cool edit pro->cdwav->trader’s little helper

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Tool – 08/15/1993 – Kuuloa Ranch, HI

Big Melee Festival
Kuuloa Ranch, Hawaii
August 15th, 1993

1. Intro
2. Cold & Ugly
3. Intolerance
4. Hush
5. Undertow
6. Sober
7. Prison Sex
8. Swamp Song
9. Sweat
10. Opiate
11. Flood
12. Jerk-Off

Runtime – 54 Minutes 3 Seconds

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Tool – 06/28/2010 – Morrison, CO



Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Morrison, CO

TOOL – 107:42
01 Third Eye
02 Jambi
03 (-) Ions > Stinkfist
04 Soundscape 1
05 Vicarious
06 Eon Blue Apocalypse
07 The Patient
08 Intolerance
09 Schism Intro
10 Schism
11 Soundscape 2
12 46 & 2
13 Intermission/Drone
14 Drone/Lateralus Intro
15 Lateralus
16 Aenima

record: MM-HLSC-1(mounted on hat, row 18 on right side) > MM-MBM (roll off @ 96hz) > R09 @ 24/48
taper: sin213

Tool always puts on a great show. This was night 1 of 2 at the beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It is a great place to see a show, if you have not been there.

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