Rush – 09/21/1984 – Toronto, Canada

Maple Leaf Gardens,
Toronto, Canada

1. The Spirit of Radio
2. The Enemy Within’
3. The Weapon
4. Witch Hunt
5. New World Man
6. Distant Early Warning
7. Red Sector A
8. Closer to the Heart
9. YYZ
10. The Temples of Syrinx
11. Tom Sawyer
12. Vital Signs
13. Finding My Way
14. In The Mood

SBD Fear > ? > FLAC

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Traffic – 11/23/1970 – New York, NY

The Anderson Theater
New York, NY
Nov 23, 1970

SBD – Opener for the Grateful Dead

Primus – 07/28/2017 – Asbury Park, NJ

Asbury Park, NJ
Stone Pony

01) Intro
02) Too Many Puppies >
03) Sgt. Baker >
04) Too Many Puppies
05) Moron TV
06) Groundhog’s Day
07) The Pressman
08) Mr. Knowitall
09) Candy Man
10) Mr. Krinkle
11) The Toys Go Winding Down >
12) Pudding Time
13) On the Tweek Again
14) My Name is Mud
15) Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
16) Harold of the Rocks

17) Southbound Pachyderm with Dean Ween sitting in

CSB > Tascam DR-2D

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Tool – Best of Live Compilation

Best of Live Compilation

I made this compilation a few years back using all the best soundboards
of tool i could find (which are pretty rare) and put them together to play
like live versions of each album. Enjoy

Aquarium Rescue Unit – 12/21/2000 – Asheville, NC

Aquarium Rescue Unit
Warren Haynes Xmas Jam
Thomas Wolfe Auditorium,
Asheville NC

01 Intro by Warren Haynes
02 Elevator To The Moon
02 Fixin’ To Die
03 Trondossa
04 Time Is Free*
05 Jack The Rabbit*

First ARU show in 4 years
*w/ John Popper

source: akg483>oadem248>oade wmod SBM1>DA-P1 16/44.1
LOC 3ft FOB @ 10 ft PAS
ts by c. cage

A Home Team Dirty South Recording

David Bowie And Stevie Ray Vaughan – 04/27/1983 – Irving, TX

David Bowie And Stevie Ray Vaughan
The Las Colinas Soundstage
Irving, TX
27th April 1983

1-03What In The World
1-04Look Back In Anger
1-04Joe The Lion
1-05Wild In The Wind
1-07Golden Years
1-09Let’s Dance
1-10Red Sails
1-11Breaking Glass
1-12Life On Mars
1-14Cat People
1-15China Girl
1-16Scary Monsters
1-17Rebel Rebel
1-18I Can’t Explain
1-19White Light, White Heat
2-01Station To Station
2-02Cracked Door
2-03Ashes To Ashes
2-04Space Oddity
2-05Young Americans
2-06Soul Love
2-07Hang On To Yourself
2-09TVC 15
2-11The Jean Genie

Chris Robinson Brotherhood – 11/10/2016 – Charlottesville, VA

Chris Robinson Brotherhood The Jefferson Theater, Charlottesville VA 11.10.2016

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
November 10, 2016
Jefferson Theater
Charlottesville, VA

Set 1:
01. Lazy Days
02. Roan County Banjo
03. Badlands Here We Come
04. Clear Blue Sky & The Good Doctor
05. Sunday Sound
06. Little Lizzie Mae
07. California Hymn
08. Hello L.A.

Set 2:
01. Rosalee (1)
02. New Cannonball Rag
03. Eagles on the Highway
04. Forever as the Moon
05. Shore Power
06. Shadow Cosmos
07. Vibration & Light
08. Narcissus Soaking Wet
09. Rosalee (2)

10. They Love Each Other

Source: mk4 > kc5 > cmc6 > m248 > mme > hdp2 (24/96)
Location: SRoC, DIN, 7′ @ SBD
Taped by Innis, transferred by Todd

Steely Dan – 03/09/1974 – Glendale, CA

Steely Dan
Sopwith Camel
Glendale, CA

01 Bodhisattva
02 The Boston Rag
03 Do It Again
04 Rikki Don’t Lose That Number
05 Any Major Dude Will Tell You
06 King Of The World
07 My Old School

SBD > boot > ? > SHN > TTD > TheTooleMan (Sound Forge) > FLAC

Remastered/retracked by TheTooleMan
August 2008

First, thanks to the reseed of the bootleg “Metal Leg” by orlosperry. His copy of this recording was much better than mine, which I’ve had since 2002. However, as with my copy, the recording was running too fast and the sound was equalized so that dogs would find it irritating.

This version has the pitch corrected (-35 cents, approximately) and has been equalized to reduce ultra-high frequencies while giving the bass a lot more punch.

In addition to the changes above, I have moved the last two tracks of the bootleg to what I believe is their proper position in the Steely Dan set lists of 1974. “Bodhisattva” usually started their shows, and was followed by “The Boston Rag,” then “Do It Again.” On the “Metal Leg” recordings, there is a fade out/fade in between track 12, “My Old School” and track 13, “Bodhisattva,” which indicates some changes from the original sequence. Some applause and other stage announcements have been removed, which would have helped with placing the venues, performance dates, and song sequence, but that’s all we got to work with, folks!



Jackie Greene and Friends – 09/14/2017 – Brooklyn, NY

Jackie Greene & Friends
Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY

Set One:
01.  Introduction
02.  Bertha
03.  He’s Gone
04.  Scarlet Begonias ->
05.  Fire On The Mountain
06.  New Speedway Boogie
07.  That’s What Love Will Make You Do
08.  So Many Roads
Set Two:
01.  Shakedown Street
02.  Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’
03.  I Shall Be Released
04.  Jack Straw ->
05.  Don’t Let Me Down
06.  China Cat unflower ->
07.  I Know You Rider
08.  Sugaree
Jackie Greene & Friends lineup:
Jackie Greene – Guitar / Keys / Vox
Nathan Dale – Guitar / Vox
Jon Cornell – Bass
Fitz Harris – Drums
Al Schnier – Guitar / Vox
Mihali Savoulidis – Guitar / Vox
Scott Sharrard – Guitar / Vox
Leslie Mendelson – Vox / Keys
Jeff Chimenti – Organ / Keys (Set 1 only)
This show was billed as “Jackie Greene & Friends: Grateful Dead Appreciation Night featuring Jeff Chimenti (Dead & Co), Mihali Savoulidis (Twiddle), Al Schnier (moe.), Leslie Mendelson, Scott Sharrard & More.  A fundraiser to help the homeless of New York; live auction, silent auction, & raffle!”  The core lineup consisted of the Jackie Greene Band members with various guests rotating in throughout.
Source 1: Schoeps cmc621xt (On Stage, Split 20′) -> Sonosax SX-M2 -> Sound Devices 788T -> 
Source 2: SBD (Digidesign/Avid Profile) -> Sound Devices 788T (via XLR) -> WAV (@24/96); 
Recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered by Eric McRoberts 09/15/2017 – FOH mix by xx – Lights by Victor Cornette – Thanks to Val Foster & Randy Miller for facilitating approval of this recording & Aaron Gittleman for the excellent record mix

Gov’t Mule – 08/27/2016 – San Diego, CA

Gov’t Mule
Humphreys by the Bay
San Diego, CA


01. The Joker
02. Rocking Horse >
03. Stoop So Low
04. Forsaken Savior
05. Devil Likes It Slow
06. Whisper In Your Soul
07. Time To Confess
08. Introduction
09. Pack It Up [1]
10. The Thrill Is Gone [1]
11. Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home [1]
12. Birth Of The Mule
13. Funny Little Tragedy [2]
14. I’ll Be The One [3]
15. When Doves Cry >
16. Beautifully Broken >
17. When Doves Cry >
18. Beautifully Broken
19. She Said, She Said >
20. Tomorrow Never Knows
21. Encore crowd and Introductions
22. Loser [4]
23. Spanish Moon [5]

[1] with Steve Ferrone; without Matt Abts
[2] with Message In A Bottle & The Bed’s Too Big Without You lyrics
[3] with Blue Sky tease
[4] with Charlie Starr & Richard Turner; without Jorgen Carlsson
[5] with Charlie Starr, Paul Jackson & Steve Ferrone; without Matt Abts

Source : Schoeps MK4V (ortf) > Tascam DR-680 (24/48)
Location: ~ 100′ back; stand ~ 9′ High centerish
Recorded and Transferred by: Aaron Bowers (obaaron)

Hard Working Americans – 11/14/2017 – Boulder, CO


Hard Working Americans
The Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO

01 Straight To Hell
02 In Between Jobs
03 I don’t Have A Gun
04 Roman Candles
05 Stuck On The Corner
06 Something Else
07 Throwing The Goats
08 Down To The Wall
09 Been Down So Long
10 Blackland Farmer
11 Burn Out Shoes >
12 Another Train >
13 Is This Thing Working>
14 Another Train
15 Run A Mile
16 Crowd


17 Good Fortune
18 Mission Accomplished
19 Muscadine Wine
20 Outro

Schoeps ccm41>DinA>KC5>CMC6>analog>788T (HPF 0) 24/48
In Soundboard Area, Center, 6′ high
Recorded by Bennett Schwartz

Garth Brooks – 11/xx/2007 – Kansas City, MO

Garth Brooks
Sprint Center
Kansas City, MO
November 2007


THE RIVER (Garth Solo)

Garth played 7 nights in Kansas City at the newly opened, “Sprint Center.”

I believe this show was taken from the 7th and final night of this mini-tour. Garth has a thing for the number 7. He came out of retirement to play 7 sold out nights in Kansas City. His wife, Trisha Yearwood, opened each night.

The engineers obviously wanted a sing-a-long feel for, “We Shall Be Free” and “The River.” The only problem is, the people that are closest to the microphones are chatting it up, and they don’t sing too well. It’s not distracting, but it’s something worth noting.

This isn’t the full show, it’s missing quite a few songs. The GAC network was lucky enough to get this footage, and I thought I’d share it with you guys. Garth gives a tearful message at the end of, “The Dance”, he tells the crowd, fighting back the tears, that if they wait for him, he’ll be back.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – 09/21/2006 – Gainesville, FL

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
O’Connell Center
Univ. of FL
Gainesville. FL

1. Listen To Her Heart
2. Mary Jane’s Last Dance
3. Banter
4. I Won’t Back Down
5. Free Fallin’
6. Banter
7. Saving Grace
8. Banter
9. I’m a Man
10. Oh well
11. Handle With Care
12. Banter
13. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around **
14. I Need To Know **
15. It’s Good To Be King
16. Banter
17. Down South
18. Banter
19. Southern Accents
20. Insider **
21. Learning To Fly
22. Don’t Come Around Here No More
23. Runnin’ Down A Dream


24. You Wreck Me
25. Mystic Eyes
26. American Girl

**/w Stevie Nicks


Rage Against The Machine – 10/10/1999 – Indio, CA

Rage Against The Machine
Empire Polo Field,
Coachella Music Festival,
Indio, CA

01 Testify
02 Guerilla Radio
03 Bombtrack
04 People of the Sun
05 Know Your Enemy (with Maynard of Tool)
06 Born of a Broken Man
07 Bullet in the Head
08 Sleep Now in the Fire
09 No Shelter (live debut)
10 Bulls on Parade
11 Killing in the Name of

Total time: 58:44

Amazing show. Rage plays the very first Coachella.
Zach mentions he is recovering from laryngitis, but he sure doesn’t hold back.

Source: Soundboard


Rage Against The Machine – 08/02/2008 – Chicago, IL

Rage Against The Machine
Grant Park
Chicago, IL
August 2nd, 2008

01 Testify
02 Bulls On Parade
03 People Of The Sun
04 Stage Banter
05 Bombtrack
06 Know Your Enemy
07 Stage Banter
08 Bullet In The Head
09 Born Of A Broken Man
10 Guerilla Radio
11 Ashes In The Fall
12 Calm Like A Bomb
13 Sleep Now In The Fire
14 Wake Up

15 (Encore Break)
16 Freedom
17 Killing In The Name

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – 08/03/1999 – Minneapolis, MN

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Target Center
Minneapolis, MN

01. Jamming Me
02. Running Down A Dream
03. Breakdown
04. Swingin’
05. Don’t Do Me Like That
06. Last Dance With Mary Jane
07. I Won’t Back Down
08. Listen To Her Heart
09. Diamond Head
10. Don’t Come Around Here No More
11. Walls Fall Down
12. Room At The Top
13. You Got Lucky
14. Free Girl Now
15. You Wreck Me
16. Free Fallin’
17. G.L.O.R.I.A.
18. American Girl

sound: A+

Hard Working Americans – 10/05/2017 – Atlanta, GA

Photo by scarlet_bucket

Hard Working Americans
Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, Ga.

01. Straight To Hell
02. Roman Candles
03. I Don’t Have a Gun
04. In Between Jobs
05. Run A Mile
06. Half Ass Moses
07. It Runs Together
08. Blackland Farmer
09. Throwing The Goats
10. Muscadine Wine
11. Acid >
12. Burnout Shoes >
13. Another Train >
14. Is This Thing Working > Train
15. School Days


16. Encore Break
17. Down To The Well
18. Stuck On The Corner
19. Purple Mountain Jamboree

Neumann 150’s > V-3 > Sound Devices 744 24/96
Recorded by David Dyche

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – 09/22/2017 – Hollywood, CA


01. -intro-
02. Rockin’ Around (With You)
03. Mary Jane’s Last Dance
04. You Don’t Know How It Feels
05. Forgotten Man
06. I Won’t Back Down
07. Freefallin’
08. Into The Great Wide Open
09. Don’t Come Around Here No More
10. -band introduction-
11. It’s Good To Be King
12. Crawling Back To You
13. Wildflowers
14. Learning To Fly
15. Yer So Bad
16. I Should Have Known It
17. Refugee
18. Runnin’ Down A Dream
19. You Wreck Me
20. American Girl

AT831 -> BB -> DR-2d

Photo by Andy Tennille

Photo by Andy Tennille

Photo by Andy Tennille

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Rusted Root – 08/12/2007 – Scranton, PA

Rusted Root
The Peach Music Festival
Scranton, PA
August 12, 2017

Set List:

01 Rain
02 Voodoo
03 Martyr
04 Send Me On My Way
05 Man, Not Machine
06 Laugh at the Sun
07 Such A Man
08 Suspicious Minds
09 Ecstasy

Schoeps MK41V’s>KCY250/05i>VST62iu>Sound Devices 788t
Recorded By Keith Litzenberger

Les Brers – 08/13/2017 – Scranton, PA

Les Brers (Final Performance, Tribute to Butch Trucks)
The Peach Music Festival
Scranton, PA
August 13, 2017

Set List:

01 Greeting From Jack Pearson
02 Hot ‘Lanta
03 Trouble No More
04 Every Hungry Woman
05 Please Call Home
06 *#Dimples
07 Dreams
08 I Can Fix It
09 In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed >
10 Drum Solo >
11 In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed


12 Band Introductions By Jack Pearson
13 @Whippin’ Post >
14 @Will The Circle Be Unbroken

* With Dave Blumkin ? On Guitar
# With ? On Drums
@ With Berry Oakley Jr. On Bass

Core Band:

Chuck Leavell – Keyboards And Vocals
Jaimoe – Drums And Percussion
Jack Pearson – Guitar And Vocals
Oteil Burbridge – Bass
Marc Quinones – Percussion And Drums
Duane Trucks – Drums
Bruce Katz – Keyboard
Lamar Williams Jr. – Vocals
Pat Bergeson – Guitar

Neumann KM150’s>Sound Devices MixPre-6(recorded at 24 Bit/192 khz)
Recorded By Keith Litzenberger from Section 102 Row Q Seat 7