Pearl Jam – 01/08/1995 – Seattle, WA


Pearl Jam
with Soundgarden & Mad Season
Leased Practice Space
Seattle, WA

NOTE: This radio broadcast originated from a home owned by Ed and was relayed to any radio stations wanting to carry it. This show consisted, not only of the two live PJ sets listed above, but also other live bands (Mad Season and Mudhoney), friends, phone calls and a few records. Ed announces that Jack Irons is now PJ’s drummer.

Source: FM Broadcast

01. Spin The Black
02. Satan’s Bed
03. Corduroy
04. Not For You
05. Immortality
06. Last Exit
07. Blood
08. Tremor Christ
09. Porch
10. Indifference
11. Soundgarden Jam Session
12. Mad Season Jam Session

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Alice In Chains – 10/23/1993 – Osaka, Japan

AiC - Swarm_front

Alice in Chains
Swarm – Live in Osaka, Japan
Castle Hall, 10/23/93

Total time: 1:15:35

1. Nutshell
2. Junkhead
3. God Smack
4. Bleed The Freak
5. Dirt
6. Man in the Box
7. What the Hell Have I
8. Angry Chair
9. Hate to Feel
10. Dam That River
11. Them Bones
12. Sickman
13. Would?
14. Rooster
15. A Little Bitter
16. We Die Young
17. Rain When I Die



Sony ECM-939LT > Denon DTR-80P > DAT > CD


This concert is arguably the best Alice in Chains concert ever. The thing that I love about this recording is that it was at the peak of their blackness. In only a few months from this date would Staley declare himself too weak to tour with Metallica, virtually ending Alice’s reign of the concert stage, in a way making this one of the last “real” concerts they would do (opening for KISS really doesn’t count, making their acoustic show their last great concert). Not to mention that this setlist is amazing. “Swarm” captures quite a emotional performance from Staley through wretching screams and showmanship to the highest level. You will also hear him hit the highest note ever in “Hate To Feel”. The band was definitely “on” tonight, and everything (i.e. Man in the Box, Dam That River, Them Bones, What the Hell Have I) is taken much faster than usual. Even though Sean must have been in a rush, it still turns out awesome. To cap off an amazing night, Alice closes with their finest performance of “Rain When I Die”. That alone is worth the download of this boot.

This particular recording has been remastered by me and what I did was give it a more rich sound instead of a tinny, muddy sound that the orginal bootleg had. I also brought out the highs so everything is crystal clear and enjoyable to listen to. I also updated the artwork with that of my own.

The only downside about this recording is a slight tick between “Dirt” and “Man in the Box” and at the beginning of “Rooster”. These were the only two places I could not edit out the 2 second gap between songs.

This is Alice at their finest hour, so CRANK UP this show and ENJOY!!


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Tool – 01/07/1994 – Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA
The Palladium


Prison Sex
Bottom (spoken word by Zack De La Rocha)
Opiate (Layne Staley on guest vocals)

Source: Sonic Studios DSM-6 > Sony WM-D6

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Alice In Chains – 09/15/1990 – Los Angeles, CA

Alice In Chains
Sheraton La Reina, LA, CA
September 15, 1990

01.Radio Intro 0:34
02.It Ain’t Like That 4:28
03.Man in the Box 4:37
04.Sea of Sorrow 5:18
05.Real Thing 4:07
06.Bleed the Freak 3:52
07.Put you Down 3:43
08.Sunshine 4:26
09.We Die Young 2:33
10.Radio Outro 0:09
Original notes:

Don’t know a whole lot about the source on this one
I got it as an unedited cd. Its a rebroadcast on June 29th,
1998 of the Westwood One In Concert series
complete with radio announcer and commercials.
I cut out the commercials and most of the DJ’s mindless
ramblings. The idiot was saying things like “your listening
to songs from AIC’s album Dirt” This show is from 1990 moron.
I guess all you need to get on the radio is an annoying
voice that can sell soap, not any knowledge about music.
I left his overdubs in on my first go at this recording,
but after listening to it I couldn’t stand his voice.
The shows flows much better without him and you can’t
hear the edits(Shameless self-praise). I left him in
at the beginning and end of the disc to make it seem
like more of a radio show. Anyways, the great people
at westwood one also edited Layne saying Shit during
man in the box. They did a horrible job and tried to
make it sound like he was saying “shove my nose in IT”
Well, it didnt work, so what we are left with is a
really bad edit that sounds like a skip. Isn’t America
great? Also an edit during another song, I forget which
one, same censorship gone wrong thing. Other than that
great show, great sound. The name comes from in the
show Layne says, “We’re Happier than Snot to be
here tonight.”

(rebroadcast on June 29th, 1998)

WestWood One Radio rebroadcast – In Concert Series

Bicalcurata Records 003

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Alice In Chains – 10/30/1991 – Worcester, MA

Alice In Chains
Worcester, MA
The Centrum

01. Real Thing 3:53
02. Put You Down 3:14
03. Would? 3:33
04. Layne Warms up the Crowd 1:01
05. Man in the Box 4:43
06. Love, Hate, Love 6:18
07. Bleed the Freak 3:58
08. It Ain’t Like That 4:40
09. Sunshine 4:19
10. We Die Young 2:50

Total Time: 38:33
This is a nice sounding audience recording. Not much bass. Great performance!
Source: Sony wm-d3 cassette recorder w/ included pc-62 mic > Master Cassette
Taper: Dan in NH
Transfered by: Kadath – March 2006

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Alice In Chains – 03/03/1993 – Nottingham, UK

Alice In Chains
Dirty Toy Town boot
Nottingham, UK
March 3, 1993


01) Dam That River & We Die Young
02) Them Bones
03) Would?
04) Rooster
05) Junkhead
06) God Smack
07) Bleed The Freak
08) Put You Down & Sickman
09) It Ain’t Like That
10) Dirt
11) Hate To Feel
12) Angry Chair
13) Man In the Box
14) Rain When I Die
15) Love, Hate, Love
Time: 78:46


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Alice In Chains – 12/20/1992 – Seattle, WA


Alice in Chains
Seattle Center
Seattle, WA

1. Junkhead
2. Put You Down
3. It Ain’t Like That
4. Love, Hate Love
5. God Smack
6. Sickman
7. Bleed The Freak
8. Dirt
9. Sweet Home Alabama (tease)
10. Man In The Box
11. Dam That River
12. We Die Young
13. Them Bones
14. (another tease)
15. Hate To Feel
16. Angry Chair
17. Rooster


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