Frogwings – 02/07/1999 – Providence, RI

February 7th, 1999
Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel
Providence, RI

01. Kickin’ J.S. Bach [14:15.37]
02. Corn Mash Blues [09:00.31]
03. Feel For You [08:10.29]
04. Just One [08:43.06]
05. Hurdy Gurdy Fandango [05:36.15]
06. Cut Mullet (Eddie’s Got A Boyfriend) [10:49.74]
07. Among Your Pillows [07:04.30]
08. Ganja [06:05.42]
09. Deviant Dreams [09:01.38]
10. Pattern [06:23.59]
11. Nomad [18:19.63]
12. E: Hot ‘Lanta [09:55.40]

Frogwings is:
John Popper – harmonica, vocals
Derek Trucks – slide guitar
Jimmy Herring – guitar
Oteil Burbridge – bass
Kofi Burbridge – keys, flute
Marc Quiñones – percussion
Butch Trucks – drums

Track 2 was on the setlist as “Shuffle”, a song that would evolve over the course of Frogwing’s run, with John customizing the lyrics to each show’s location. This version, however, was simply a slowed-down version of an old Blues Traveler song called “Corn Mash Blues”.

Odd level changes at 5:09 of d1t03 and 5:55/7:21 of d1t04, like an amp was failing on stage.

AKG C1000S>Sony SBM-1>Sony PCM-M1>Sony TCD-D8
by Dave Mallick; taping rig provided by David Landsberger

Outside of Gregg Allman, drummer Butch Trucks is the only member of Georgia’s venerable Allman Brothers Band who’s still in the lineup and has appeared on every album. But during one of the Allman’s lulls in activity during the mid-’90s, Trucks decided to put together a side project that would allow him to play with his nephew (and future Allman Brothers guitarist), Derek Trucks. The elder Trucks called the group Frogwings, additionally recruiting Aquarium Rescue Unit members Oteil Burbridge (bass, vocals), Jimmy Herring (guitar), and Count Mbutu (percussion), Allman Brothers percussionist Marc Quinones, plus keyboardist John Herbert and vocalist/guitarist Edwin McCain. The band performed club shows through 1997, and by the next year, Mbutu had left and Herbert had been replaced by yet another Aquarium Rescue Unit member, keyboardist/flutist Kofi Burbridge. Frogwings was becoming a hit in festivals and among the jam band circuit, yet still hadn’t released a CD. But when McCain departed to focus on his solo career and Trucks recruited Blues Traveler frontman John Popper, the drummer knew he had the Frogwings lineup to record for his fledgling Flying Frog Records label.

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Bonnaroo Superjam – 06/14/2014 – Manchester, TN


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Bonnaroo Superjam
June 14, 2014
Manchester TN
That Tent – Bonnaroo Music Festival

SBD > webcast

01. Intro by Hannibal Buress
02. Eleanor Rigby [The Beatles cover]
03. Keep On Growing [Derek & The Dominos cover]
04. Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring [Traffic cover]
05. Darlin’ Be Home Soon [The Lovin’ Spoonful cover]
06. Kissing My Love [Bill Withers cover]
07. Respect Yourself [The Staples Sisters cover]
08. Everybody’s Gotta Change Sometimes [Taj Mahal]
09. I Can’t Turn You Loose [Otis Redding cover]
10. Statesboro Blues [The Allman Brothers Band cover]
11. These Arms Of Mine [Otis Redding cover]
12. Space Captain [Matthew Moore / Joe Cocker cover]
13. You’ve Got A Friend [Carol King / Donny Hathaway cover]
14. Signed, Sealed, Delivered [Stevie Wonder cover]
15. What Is And What Should Never Be [Led Zeppelin cover]
16. Until You Come Back To Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do) [Stevie Wonder / Aretha Franklin cover]
17. Tell Me Something Good [Rufus & Chaka Khan]
18. Shining Star [Earth Wind & Fire cover]

19. Sing A Simple Song > I Want To Take You Higher [Sly & The Family Stone cover]

Derek Trucks – guitar
Susan Tedeschi – guitar, vocals
Willie Weeks – bass
James Gadson – drums
Adam Deitch – drums
David Hidalgo – guitar, vocals
Eric Krasno – guitar
Nigel Hall – keys, vocals (lead vox on Respect Yourself, You’ve Got A Friend & Shining Star)
The Shady Horns: Ryan Zoidis (sax), James Casey (sax), Eric Bloom (trumpet)
Alicia Chakour, Jasmine Muhammad, ?Mark Rivers? & Mike Mattison – background vocals
Kofi Burbridge – keys, flute?

Saunders Sermons – vocals, trombone (on Kissing My Love)
Taj Mahal – guitar, vocals (on t8 to t11)
Anthony Hamilton – vocals (on These Arms Of Mine & Signed Sealed Delivered)
Ben Folds – piano, vocals (on Space Captain)
Chaka Khan – vocals (t14 to t17)
Andrew Bird – ??
Karl Denson – ??

Billed as:
SuperJam: Derek Trucks featuring Chaka Khan, Taj Mahal, Eric Krasno, James Gadson, David Hidalgo, Willie Weeks, Nigel Hall, Ryan Zoidis, Eric Bloom and Adam Deitch with special guests Andrew Bird, Susan Tedeschi, Karl Denson, Ben Folds and more

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Tedeschi Trucks Band – 07/09/2011 – Rotterdam, Netherlands


Tedeschi Trucks Band
North Sea Jazz Festival
9 July 2011
Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands


01 Don’t Let Me Slide
02 Space Captain
03 Midnight in Harlem
04 Learn How To Love
05 Until You Remember
06 Anyday
07 That Did It
08 Simple Song
09 Bound For Glory

Band info

Susan Tedeschi (lead vocals, guitar)

Derek Trucks (guitar)
Mark Rivers (backing vocals)
Mike Mattison (backing vocals)
Kofi Burbridge (keyboard)
Oteil Burbridge (bass)
Tyler Greenwell (drums, percussion)
J.J. Johnson (drums, percussion)
Kebbi Williams (Saxophone)
Saunders Sermons (Trombone)
Maurice Brown (Trumpet)

Audio: (WMA2) stereo, 44.1 kHz, 193 kbps

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Tedeschi Trucks Band – 11/29/2012 – Boston, MA

trucks-539__1313675538_7787 (1)

Tedeschi Trucks Band
House Of Blues
Boston, MA

One Set

01 Everybody’s Talkin’
02 Wah Wah
03 Don’t Let Me Slide
04 That Did It
05 I Know
06 Ball And Chain
07 The Sky Is Cryin’
08 Midnight In Harlem
09 Ain’t No Use
10 Get What You Deserve
01 Love Has Something Else To Say
02 Band Intros/Old Time Lovin’
03 Uptight, Alright >
04 Drum Solo
05 Bound For Glory


06 Susan Banter
07 Angel From Montgomery >
08 Sugaree > Angel From Montgomery
09 Wade In The Water >
10 Jam
11 Sweet Inspiration

Source: AKGc460b/ck63 > Lunatec V3 (digital) > Tascam DR-680 (48/24)
Recorded By: B Crupi
Transferred and seeded by: B Crupi

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Tedeschi Trucks Band – 04/20/2012 – Live Oak, FL

Tedeschi Trucks Band
20 April 2012
Wanee Music Festival
Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park
Live Oak, FL

01. Don’t Let Me Slide
02. I Know
03. Love Has Something Else To Say
04. Midnight In Harlem
05. Down Don’t Bother Me / Band intros
06. Lord Protect My Child
07. Nobody’s Free
08. That Did It
09. Mahjoun > bass > drums
10. Darlin’ Be Home Soon >
11. Bound For Glory

Source: Milab VM-44 Link 
Recorded by Alex Leary

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Derek Trucks Band – 06/05/2009 – Live Oak, FL


Derek Trucks Band
05 June 2009
Wanee Music Festival
Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park
Live Oak, FL

Disc One
01. intro > Volunteered Slavery *
02. Days is Almost Gone **
03. Sweet Inspiration **
04. I’ll Find My Way
05. We’re a Winner **
06. Already Free
07. Down in the Flood
08. Done Got Over **
09. Get Out Of My Life Woman > Who Knows > Get Out Of My Life Woman ***

Disc Two
01. I’ve Got a Feeling > **
02. Hercules & **
03. Anyday **

* w/ Vishwa Mohan “V.M.” Bhatt
** w/ Susan Tedeschi
*** w/ Warren Haynes and Duane Trucks & w/ Ron Holloway

Source: Studio Projects LSD2 (Blumlein) > Hydra silver XLR > Edirol R-44 Transfer: R-44 > iMac. Tracked via Sound Studio, FLAC via xACT
Recorded by Alex Leary

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Derek Trucks Band – 09/13/2008 – Bellevue, CO


Derek Trucks Band
Mishawaka Amphitheatre
Bellevue, CO
September 13, 2008

One Set Disc 1
02.Down Don’t Bother Me
03.Afro Blue
04.I’ll Find My Way
05.Done Got Over
06.Get Out Of My Life*
07.Soul Serenade

Disc 2
01.Crow Jane
02.Meet Me At The Bottom
03.Gonna Move
04.My Favorite Things
05.Up Above My Head*

06.Freddie’s Dead

*w/ Anthony Ferrell(Greyhounds)-B3; Andrew Trube(Greyhounds)-Guitar –

taper: maury

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Derek Trucks Band – 05/25/2007 – Charlotte, NC


Derek Trucks Band
Visulite Theatre
Charlotte, NC

d1t01 crowd
d1t02 I Wish I Knew
d1t03 Kam-a-lay
d1t04 Sahib Teri Bandi
d1t05 Sailing On
d1t06 Like Anyone Else
d1t07 Band Intros
d1t08 Leavin’ Trunk
d1t09 My Favorite Things

Set 2
d2t01 crowd
d2t02 Soul of A Man
d2t03 Meet Me In The Bottom
d2t04 “44”
d2t05 Done Got Over It
d2t06 To Know You, Is To Love You
d2t07 All I Do
d2t08 “Special Guest Intro”
d2t09 Soul Serenade $
d2t10 Afro Blue $
d3t01 e: Joyful Noise $ (THIS WILL FIT ON DISC 2, SO it could be called d2t11)

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Derek Trucks Band – 12/14/1997 – Boston, MA


Derek Trucks Band
Paradise Rock Club
Boston, MA

Source: DSBD
Transfer: D100>JB3>Nomad>Audacity 1.2.4>CDwave>FLAC

1. 2 min Jam>
2. Impressions
3. Ain’t that Lovin
4. Naima*
5. 555 Lake#
6. Tutu
7. Travelin South
8. Egg 15>Bass & Drums>Egg 15

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Allman Brothers Band – 07/27/2011 – New York, NY

Allman Brothers Band
July 27,2011
Beacon Theater,

Tune In To Hep C Benefit Concert
Source: SiriusXM

Set 1
Don’t Want You No More>
It’s Not My Cross To Bear
Walk on Guilded Splinters
One Way Out
Into the Mystic
Statesboro Blues
Blind Willie McTell
Black Hearted Woman > Other One Jam (with James van der Bogert, drums)
A Change Is Gonna Come (with Natalie Cole, vocals; Danny Louis, keys; Ron Holloway, sax)
The Weight (with Natalie Cole, vocals; Danny Louis, keys; Ron Holloway, sax)
In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed (with Bill Evans, sax)

Set 2

Teach Your Children (with David Crosby & Graham Nash, guitar & vocals, Derek, guitar)
Guenevere Green (with David Crosby, guitar & vocals, Graham Nash, vocals)
Find The Cost Of Freedom (with Crosby, Nash & Haynes a capella)
Cowboy Movie (with David Crosby; Graham Nash; Phil Lesh, bass; Danny Louis, keys; James van der Bogert , drums)
Almost Cut My Hair (with David Crosby; Graham Nash; Phil Lesh, bass; Danny Louis, keys; James van der Bogert , drums)
Shakedown Street (with Phil Lesh, bass & vocals; Danny Louis, keys; James van der Bogert , drums)
Sugaree (with Phil Lesh, bass & vocals; Danny Louis, keys; James van der Bogert , drums)
Franklins Tower (with Phil Lesh, bass & vocals; Danny Louis, keys; Bill Evans, sax; James van der Bogert , drums; Oteil, vocals)
Whipping Post (with Natalie Cole, vocals)


Midnight Rider (with David Crosby, Graham Nash, vocals; Devon Allman, guitar & vocals)
May The Circle Be Unbroken (with Natalie Cole, vocals; Billy Gibbons, guitar, Crosby & Nash, vocals; Danny Louis, piano)

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