Dire Straits – 02/02/1992 – Oakland, CA


Dire Straits
Oakland Coliseum
Oakland, CA

1. Calling Elvis
2. Walk of Life
3. Heavy Fuel
4. Romeo And Juliette
5. The Bug
6. Private Investigations
7. Sultans of Swing
8. On Every Street
9. Fade to Black
10. Twisting by the Pool??
11. Telegraph Road
12. Brothers In Arms
13. Solid Rock
Source: DSBD

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Mark Knopfler – 05/19/96 – Bristol, England

Mark Knopfler
Colston City Hall
Bristol, England

Chet Atkins Intro
Walk Of Life
I’m The Fool
Last Exit To Brroklyn
Romeo And Juliet
Done With Bonaparte
A Night In Summer Long Ago
Father And Son
Golden Heart
Brothers In Arms
Money For Nothing
Going Home
Chet Atkins Outro

This is one of the radio braodcasts from the Golden Heart tour. There were two different broadcasts of this concert, one in UK and one in Norway. This is a mix of these two different broadcasts. The tracks with (UK) after them are as you understand taken from the UK broadcast. The rest from the Norwegian broadcast. Includes also the intro and outro which Chet Atkins did.

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Dire Straits – 06/05/1992 – London, UK


Dire Straits
London, UK

credit to NimbusV

CD 1 (69:56):
01 Calling Elvis (13:45)
02 Walk Of Life (5:58)
03 Heavy Fuel (5:21)
04 Romeo & Juliet (10:22)
05 The Bug (5:43)
06 Private Investigations (9:09)
07 Sultans Of Swing (14:02)
08 Your Latest Trick (5:36)

CD 2 (56:57):
01 On Every Street (7:13)
02 Two Young Lovers (5:26)
03 Telegraph Road (10:39)
04 Money For Nothing (11:34)
05 Brothers In Arms (9:44)
06 Solid Rock (6:49)
07 Wild Theme (Local Hero) (4:43)
08 Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (0:49)

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Dire Straits – 04/26/1986 – Sydney, Australia


Dire Straits
April 26, 1986
Sydney Entertainment Center,
Sydney, Australia

Disk 1

01. Ride Across the River
02. Expresso Love
03. Industrial Disease
04. So Far Away
05. Romeo & Juliet
06. Private Investigations
07. Sultans of Swing

Disk 2
01. Why Worry
02. Your Latest Trick
03. Walk Of Life
04. Two Young Lovers
05. Money For Nothing
06. Tunnel Of Love
07. Brothers In Arms
08. Solid Rock
09. Waltzing Matilda
10. Speech from Mark Knopfler
11. Going Home (Theme From Local Hero)

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Dire Straits – 10/19/1978 – Rotterdam, Netherlands


Dire Straits
“Rotterdam ’78”
Rotterdam, Netherlands
October 19, 1978

Track List:

1. Down to the Waterline
2. Six Blade Knife
3. Once Upon a Time in the West
4. Lady Writer
5. Water of Love
6. In the Gallery
7. What’s the Matter, Baby?
8. Lions
9. Sultans of Swing
10. Wild West End
11. Eastbound Train
12. Southbound Again
13. Radio Announcer

Geetarz Comments:

This recording from a private source is a complete record of the radio broadcast of this performance, unlike the cd bootleg release “Rotterdam 1978” (Golden Stars GZCD 1006) which is missing the last track as well as the radio announcer at the end.

Although there is not a huge difference, sound quality is also noticably better on this recording than on the pressed cd, and definitely taken from a source closer to the master. The recording does seem to run just a tad too fast, but it’s not something that will detract from it for most fans. Where’s Professor Goody When you need him?

Performance-wise, the band are in top form. Recommended.

CD-R from a private source, cover artwork by Geetarz.

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