Rage Against The Machine – 10/10/1999 – Indio, CA

Rage Against The Machine
Empire Polo Field,
Coachella Music Festival,
Indio, CA

01 Testify
02 Guerilla Radio
03 Bombtrack
04 People of the Sun
05 Know Your Enemy (with Maynard of Tool)
06 Born of a Broken Man
07 Bullet in the Head
08 Sleep Now in the Fire
09 No Shelter (live debut)
10 Bulls on Parade
11 Killing in the Name of

Total time: 58:44

Amazing show. Rage plays the very first Coachella.
Zach mentions he is recovering from laryngitis, but he sure doesn’t hold back.

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Daft Punk – 04/29/2006 – Indio, CA


Daft Punk
Coachella Festival
Indio, CA

01. Intro (Close Encounters)
02. Robot Rock
03. Technologic
04. Television Rules The Nation
05. Steam Machine
06. Around The World (Harder Better Faster Stronger)
07. Too Long
08. Face to Face (Harder RMX)
09. Interlude
10. One More Time (Aerodynamic RMX)
11. The Brainwashers (Rollin’ & Scratchin’ RMX)
12. Alive (The Prime Time of Your Life RMX)
13. Da Funk
14. Human After All (Superheroes RMX)


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Radiohead – 05/01/2004 – Indio, CA

Coachella Music Festival
Indio, CA

Set 1:
Where Bluebirds Fly
There There
2 + 2 = 5
My Iron Lung
Exit Music (For A Film)
The Gloaming
Karma Police
Sail To The Moon
I Might Be Wrong
Sit Down. Stand Up.
No Surprises
The National Anthem
Paranoid Android
Street Spirit (Fade Out)

You And Whose Army?
Planet Telex
Everything In Its Right Place

FOB RoC Schoeps MK41

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Rage Against The Machine – 04/29/2007 – Indio, CA


Rage Against The Machine
Coachella Festival
Indio CA
April 29, 2007

03-Bulls On Parade
04-People Of The Sun
06-Bullet In The Head
07-Know Your Enemy
08-Down Rodeo
09-Guerrilla Radio
10-Renegades Of Funk
11-Calm Like A Bomb
12-Sleep Now In The Fire
13-Wake Up

01-Encore Break
03-Township Rebellion
04-Killing In The Name

“Rage Against The Machine played its first show in seven years last night (April 29) to close the 2007 edition of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, Calif. The foursome tore into staples like “Testify,” “Bulls on Parade,” “People of the Sun” and “Guerrilla Radio” to one of the largest main stage crowds in the event’s history.” [Billboard]

“The only time de la Rocha broke the fourth wall was to give everyone what they wanted- a deliberate and forthright rebuttal to the last six years of neocon politics. “This administration should be tried, hung and shot,” he said, as if one form of execution wasn’t enough. It may have been ham-fisted, but to hear it from the mouth of a rock singer today, de la Rocha may well have set the dam loose for political music at the tail end of the Bush era. Even if he didn’t though, the spectacle of 60,000 fans pounding their fists in unison closer “Killing In The Name Of ” was a reminder of better times for openly political music, or at least more hopeful ones from years past.” [LA Times]

“A half circle of 24 cops was taking in the scene just outside the shoulder-to-shoulder mob absorbing all that was Rage, and we’re pretty sure they weren’t there to make sure Evan Dando got home safely. The back half of the grounds just beyond their perimeter was so deserted all that was missing was a single tumbleweed crossing your path toward a depressingly dramatic light display signifying that, yes, other acts were onstage at that hour, too, and one of them was the reunited Lemonheads.” [LA Times]

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Rage Against The Machine – 04/28/2007 – Indio, CA


Rage Against The Machine
(Incomplete set, first seven songs)
Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival / Coachella Stage
Indio, CA

Taper: Zepdog5


More kudos to my Coachella Crew; DJ Froyd, Doc Z, and EK. For our third straight year, we came, we saw, we listened, and we got really messed up. Oh, we also taped a few things. Decided to get a “taste” of Rage, so about 20 minutes or so before they started, we waded into the ocean of mass humanity that was the RATM crowd. Can’t say exactly how many hundreds of feet we ended up away from the right stacks, but the sound quality here is better than you might think. In between songs you can hear some background bass noise from an adjacent dj stage, but it’s not overwhelming by any means. Not being an aficionado of Rage, they certainly have a message and it is powerful…..loud, damn loud, and clear. One that I remember from back in ’92. Hoping that the full set comes out for the diehards, but for now, here is what I can provide. With headphones, you may hear some interesting side comments from some of the crowd nearby. Overheard after the finish of “Bullet In The Head,” “Just victims of the in-house drive-by? Wow…..put up the white flag.” All told, another epic experience at Coachella ’07. Enjoy.

01 Testify
02 Bulls On Parade
03 People Of The Sun
04 Bombtrack
05 Bullet In The Head
06 Down Rodeo
07 Guerrilla Radio

Total: 31:38
Full Rage setlist from that night:

Bulls On Parade
People Of The Sun
Bullet In Your Head
Know Your Enemy
Down Rodeo
Guerrilla Radio
Calm Like A Bomb
Sleep Now In The Fire
Wake Up
Freedom > Township Rebellion
Killing In The Name

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Tool – 04/30/2006 – Indio, CA


30 April 2006
Coachella Music & Arts Festival
Empire Polo Grounds, Indio, California

01. Stinkfist
02. The Pot
03. Forty-Six & 2
04. Jambi
05. Schism
06. Eon Blue Apocalypse > The Patient
07. Sober
08. Lateralus
09. Vicarious
10. Ænema

The most anticipated performance of the weekend. After a two and a half year hiatus Tool returns to the Main Stage of the Coachella Festival playing to a sellout crowd. The first show supporting the new 10,000 Days release was surprisingly old school, and also in Tool tradition tight as hell. The sound was tuned for them and no one on the field that night was disappointed.

Hoots and hollers during Massive Attacks’ set did little to ingratiate Tool fans to the rest of the crowd, but truth be know, its a long hot day out in the sun, and the second day is even hotter. Add to that the fact that Madonnas’ Sahara Tent appearance on the other side of the field delayed the Main Stage by an hour, and you may understand the frustration of a hard rock crowd being wooed to the synthetic sound of Massive Attack.
But little of that bleeds through once Tool takes the stage. Maynard in his cowboy hat sweats through a set of classic Tool songs as if two and half years were the single beat of a heart. Tool is back – and with a vengeance. Maynards stage banter confirms that this is fun again, throwing out barbs between each song, commenting that the naked man is ” bumming me out”, and how he knew we had “all downloaded the f*ckin’ album already”.
Eighty minutes later Coachella 2006 and Tool go down in rock n roll history, preserved here in A+ quality.

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