Funky Meters – 06/13/2003 – Manchester, TN


Funky Meters
This Tent, Bonnaroo
Manchester, TN

1. antipicapatory crowd/tuning
2. Cissy Strut ->
3. Africa ->
4. Iko Iko ->
5. Look Ka Py Py ->
6. The World Is a Little Bit Under The Weather ->
7. Chicken Strut ->
8. bass solo ->
9. Ain’t No Use teases ->
10. Little Old Moneymaker
11. Cabbage Alley
12. Fire On The Bayou ->
13. Groovy Lady ->
14. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 ->
15. Funky Miracle ->
16. Purple Haze ->
17. Funky Miracle (reprise)
18. Jungle Man -> +
19. People Say &+
20. Gettin’ Funky -> +
21. Voodoo Child -> * +
22. 3rd Stone From The Sun -> *+
23. Hey Pocky Way *+
24. band intros/encore break/banter – a float passing by/tuning
25. Sesame Street Theme -> +
26. Soul Island / Ride The Donkey -> +
27. Just Kissed My Baby +

+ = w/Ian Neville on guitar (songs are a guess — he’s not very audible and may have performed on less than I’ve indicated)
& = guy runs onstage about 7:30 into song. The band members tell security not to beat him up, just put him out. Art says he might streak across the stage in a minute. Russell takes his pants off in sympathy
* = w/Warren Haynes on guitar

Original Recording: Neumann TLM170s(hypercards FOB) -> Apogee AD1000 -> Sony D8(master @ 16/48)

Thanks to “The Dude” for lending me his spare D8 for most of the weekend after I shorted the battery on my Teac DAP20 at the beginning of the weekend!

Recorded, Transferred, Mastered, and Tracked by Scott Bernstein 6/3-29/2010).

Taper notes:
Continuing my NOLA Jazzfest Appreciation series, I present BARN51, a killer set from a legendary New Orleans act, but taking place outside of New Orleans. The Funky Meters performed a killer late night set at Bonnaroo in 2003 — possibly the last truly killer Funky Meters set I’ve seen (i.e. before Ian became the sole guitarist).

Wow…..just wow. So much energy — and so many people in the tent for this late night show. It was scheduled for, I believe a 1AM start, but here we were, well after a LONG hot day, waiting on the band to start more than an hour after their scheduled time. Yes, there were other acts playing then which I could have been at, but I stuck it out to see these guys. The word was circulating in the crowd that Art’s plane was delayed so they were just waiting on him to show. Well, finally he did, and the crowd was so amped up, the place exploded when they came onstage, ripping into their most popular tunes right out of the gate! But the band really found its footing with Fire On The Bayou. You can really hear the magic start to happen there, and the crowd is feeling it, giving the love back singing along, and a wonderful feedback loop starts between the band and crowd. The rest of the set is just top notch. And what to say about Warren? He just makes every band better. :-)

To my surprise, for a huge show inside of a tent, this recording stands up very well. It’s much crisper and clearer than I would have expected, so it’s a sonic treat as well.



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Funky Meters – 01/14/2011 – New Orleans, LA

Funky Meters
New Orleans, LA

One Set 2:02
1. Groovy Lady
2. Africa (Take Me Back)
3. Soul Island
4. Fire On The Bayou
5. Message From The Meters
6. Too Funky
7. Chug A Lug
8. Love Slip Up On Ya
9. That Ain’t The Way to Carry On
10. People Say
11. 9 to 5
12. Hey Pocky A-Way *
13. Mardi Gras Mambo **
14. Cissy Strut

*Khris Royal on Alto Sax
**Khris Royal on Alto Sax, Russell Batiste on Tenor Sax, Terrence Houston on Drums

The Funky Meters
Art Neville – Organ
George Porter Jr – Bass
Brian Stoltz – Guitar
Russell Batiste – Drums

Source: Schoeps MK5 Cardiod wORTF
Taped and transferred by NOLAfishwater

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