Futurebirds – 07/05/2013 – Alta, WY

Alabama Shakes, NME, January 2012

Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, WY

(Early show)

01. Strangers
02. Johnny Utah
03. Serial Bowls
04. Battle For Rome
05. Virginia Slims
06. Tanlines
07. MJB
08. Ski Chalet>
09. Four Day Weekend>
10. Ski Chalet
11. Wild Heart
12. Yur Not Dead

(Late show)

01. Happy Animals
02. Mega Chills
03. There’s No Place For This To Go
04. Sam Jones
05. Unknown Legend
06. St. Summercamp
07. Heavy Weights
08. Unknown Song
09. Dead Flowers
– Line-up: Motion Potion, Diarrhea Planet, Futurebirds, Widespread Panic

Source: Microtech Gefell M210(DIN)>Grace Designs Lunatec ACM V3>Edirol R-44(24/48)
Recorded by: Rob O’Brien (robotaper)

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Futurebirds – 05/19/2012 – Gulf Shores, AL

Letting Go Stage
Hangout Music Fest
Gulf Shores, Ala.

Set List:

01 intro
04 MJB
06 APO
07 Johnny Utah
08 Wild Heart

Running Time: 44:39
Futurebirds were the first band we saw at the Hangout Fest on Saturday. Showtime was 11:15 a.m. and there was a very enthusiastic crowd there. The band looked like they were having a good time, drinking beer and cutting up.
You can hear a bit of wind in this recording, most between songs. I just wish the ‘birds had been given a longer slot.


Church Audio CA-11 > Edirol R-09 (24/48)
Taped, transferred and seeded by MSTaper
*** A Team Dirty South Recording ***

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