Guns N’ Roses – 06/28/1987 – London, England

June 28, 1987
The Marquee Club
London, England

June 19, 1987 – June 28, 1987

1. Welcome To The Jungle 4:57
2. Out Ta Get Me 4:56
3. Rocket Queen 7:10
4. Nightrain 3:59
5. My Michelle 4:22
6. It’s So Easy 3:29
7. Mr. Browstone 4:02
8. Don’t Cry 5:10
9. You’re Crazy 4:25
10. Paradise City 6:51

– 1st encore –
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
11. Whole Lotta Rosie 7:37

– 2nd encore –
12. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 4:37
13. Move To The City 3:18
14. Mama Kin 4:22

Total running time: 1:09:15
Excellent Soundboard recording
Lineage: SBD > Alan Niven master remastered > CDR > DBPOWERAMP > WAV > Flac
Lineage: SBD > Silver bootleg CD “Live Samurai – Vol 2” > EAC > WAV > Flac

The most complete recording of this legendary show, – only missing the first take of “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” – comes from the remastered Alan Niven master in addition with “Whole Lotta Rosie” restored to its worthy place taken from the bootleg “Live Samurai – Vol 2” as only this version proved to be the one suited in the sound quality presented by the main source. Another bootleg offering this show, titled “London Calling” was released by Metal Sword in 2006 and is based on the original master recording as provided by Alan Niven – also lacking “Whole Lotta Rosie”. This is sourced from the same master recording, only it has been remastered and mixed at some point with additional (fake) audience noise. Originally uploaded by GNR4EVER69. – Buda
NOTES – As it turned out, Guns N’ Roses’ third and last show at the Marquee proved to be one of their most successful appearances the band ever gave with absolutely breathtaking performances following one after the other. The band is in peak form and playing in total unison resulting a slick and professional show. It’s also a rare opportunity at a Guns concert for both performers and audience to interact and expand with each other and tonight both enjoyed the opportunity to really get into things.

As they walk out on stage, Duff welcomes the crowd “The Marquee, huh?!” while Axl shouts at them “How the fuck are you doing?” as if to say hello, then adds: “Welcome to the fuckin’ jungle!” They pull off a vigorous and highly energetic version with Axl clearly singing out all the high notes and more. From then on they took control and didn’t stop for a mere hour of glorious ear-splitting rock. “That’s gonna be our next single!” Axl states as the song finishes off. After the opening attack, he dedicates ‘Out Ta Get Me’… “to the press, that doesn’t like us!” He sings with great frenzy, emphasizing every given line. After the boisterous performance – which was later released on the “Live Are: ’87-’93” double live album, – Axl goes on: “You people are fuckin’ great! Now… about the press! That’s why I wore this shirt. This shirt says… ‘Opinions are like assholes. Everyone’s got one’. Think about that next time you fuckin’ put someone down or I’ll kick your ass! This song is called Rocket Queen!” The only live attempt of the song during these Marquee shows comes early with a rousing and passionate performance dominated with its emotional second part much to the crowd’s appreciation. Then Axl informs the audience about the developments of his latest affairs: “If you happened to be at the last show…” to which the crowd answers with a big approval “…alright, anywhere else you may have heard about the shit that went down with Tower Records. I’m happy to announce it, everything has been sorted out. Got me a nice new jacket here you know… Tower Records is okay! This next song is for everybody out there who likes to drink a little too much. … This is called Nightrain.”

The performance is tight and full of frenzy with all the members playing it exceptionally well. Instead of band introductions, Axl introduces his colleagues one by one during the coming songs’ peak. Slash gets his right before his guitar solo in ‘Rocket Queen’. Izzy’s name is thrown in during ‘Nightrain’ also before Slash’s going into his solo. In the beginning of ‘My Michelle’ which follows directly after ‘Nightrain,’ Axl tells that… “You gotta be careful when you do too much of that cocaine and you’re going end up like my friend Michelle.” Axl: “Alright, I got some special news for you people… If you waited in the line, you might have seen a truck outside. We’re recording you fuckers, tonight! The last two shows had been so much fun and you people have been so responsive that the record company decided it would be stupid not to record the show! Because of you! I wanna thank you for helping me make another fuckin’ record! God-damn! Alright, this is our single at the time now… This is called It’s So Easy.”

The performance is received with great admiration and is even more intense than previously with Duff being louder on vocals and with Slash’s impeccable playing which in all marks again one of the definitive highlights of the night. Someone shouts at Axl who forwards it to the audience: “He just told me something I didn’t know. He said that London is rocking now…” then adds… “and if you need to come down of that cocaine maybe you get too involved with some’ called heroin. This is called Mr. Brownstone.” The performance is once again amazing and seems that the band can perform it blindfolded. Undoubtedly, tonight’s surprise – dedicated by Slash to the band’s road manager, Colin Gardner who’s turning thirty-five – is an inspired version of ‘Don’t Cry’ which the band has been playing occasionally for more than a year now and which is the very first GN’R tune penned by Slash and Izzy (first known performance dates back to January 18, 1986, at the Roxy in Hollywood, CA). Most of the show, as Axl is very much involved with the music, he’s omnipresent on the small stage – spinning, turning, dropping to his knees… the perfect foil for him to narcissistically weave between. It’s no different with the following ‘You’re Crazy’ which is merely vicious with the Gunners rolling at a remarkable speed. Axl: “Give us a minute with the guitars here… I wanna dedicate this song to you people of these last three shows… and bloody old England! This is called Paradise City!” Duff remarks: “You know what? I traveled six thousand fuckin’ miles and there’s no fuckin’ circus at Picadilly. What the fuck?!” This drew some cheers but a heckler interjects something negative which earns a “Fuckin’ asshole!” in return from Axl. ‘Paradise City’ is pompous and terrific. It’s incredibly loud yet at the same time sparklingly clear with Slash chopping recklessly at the chords during the end. Axl finishes adding: “Thank you! Thank you Marquee! Fuck it!” GN’R leaves the stage to have some drinks and before they return to perform their encore, the crowd begins a football-like chant which later melts into a chant for ‘Mama Kin’. Then, Duff returns to the stage and his respond follows: “Just give us a minute to tune up the guitars, we’ll be back! Fuckin’, make some NOISE!!!” They began with ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’, then follow with AC/DC’s ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’. The band pulls off the later with an amazing credibility to overwhelming success. As a result, the original UK “Welcome to the Jungle” single was backed with this performance. Before the second encore, the audience starts to whistle, hoot and holler to sound their impatience. A minute later Duff asks the crowd “Hey, what the hell is a fuckin’ bogroll?! I haven’t figured fuckin’ one out yet.” Then Slash pipes up: “Alright, check it out, due to circumstances beyond our control you guys weren’t loud enough so we’re doing Heaven’s Door one more fuckin’ time!” Somebody yells into which he prompts: “Yeah?! Well, then make some fuckin’ noise!” The audience responds with overwhelming reaction. “Otherwise we play it again! We can go the whole fuckin’ night!” then adds “If you guys sing along long enough during Heaven’s Door we’ll be doing Mama Kin last, alright?” When the tune starts Axl acknowledges that “You’re part of history here!” right before Steven crashes in – whose overall performance during these Marquee appearances is seemingly the most effective the band could have had. The performance continues to improve with every attempt they make along with Axl’s more confident vocals. This version features a bit of an extended ending where he pushes himself so much that it feels like he’s literally singing his heart out at various points. ‘Move The City’ is fabulous and very much dominated with Slash’s amazingly fluent and dynamic solo freed from his seemingly endless capacity of licks. ‘Mama Kin’ is a worthy set closer, a song that is rapidly becoming a live favorite. When it was over, the audience couldn’t let their band go. The good rapport which had developed tonight between them has reached its climax. “You’ve been great London, we love you, man!” Duff shouts at them as Slash snorts in the mic: “Yeah!” The crowd continued to worship the band which made it hard to get off the stage. Duff: “Okay, goodbye!” Then Axl bids on a farewell: “You people been absolutely fuckin’ great to us here or anywhere! We will be seeing you in September with Aerosmith! GOD DAMN!” They finished big and the crowd unwound with them. A triumphant way to end their European debut.

Despite that little variations occur in the set-lists, performing 19 different songs, total of 39 live renditions of three gigs proved to be worthy enough – in addition, that GN’R didn’t play ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ nor ‘Think About You’ during their Marquee performances. Still, essentially the set for each night was as powerful as rock and roll ever gets as not one set was performed in the same manner and the delivery of the songs is never twice the same. – Buda

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Guns N Roses – 01/15/1993 – Tokyo, Japan


Guns N’ Roses ‎
Get In The Ring
Tokyo Dome
Tokyo, Japan
January 15th 1993


1-1 Introduction
1-2 It’s So Easy
1-3 Welcome To The Jungle
1-4 Mr. Brownstone
1-5 Live And Let Die
1-6 Nightrain
1-7 So Fine
1-8 Attitude
1-9 Double Talkin’ Jive
1-10 Guitar Solo
1-11 Voodoo Chile
1-12 Civil War
1-13 Wild Horses
1-14 Patience
1-15 It’s Alright
1-16 Piano Solo / November Rain
2-1 Bad Obsession
2-2 Drums Solo
2-3 You Could Be Mine
2-4 Guitar Solo
2-5 The Godfather Love Theme
2-6 The One / Sweet Child O’ Mine
2-7 Only Women Bleed
2-8 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
2-9 Don’t Cry
2-10 Mother / Paradise City
2-11 Outro

Label: Live Storm ‎ 
Catalog # : LSCD 52506/1/2
Format: 2 × CD, Unofficial Release
Country: Italy
Released: 1994


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Guns n Roses – 12/02/2002 – Boston, MA


Guns n Roses
Boston, MA

Disc 1
01. Intro
02. Welcome To The Jungle
03. It’s So Easy
04. Mr. Brownstone
05. Live And Let Die
06. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
07. Think About You
08. You Could Be Mine
09. Guitar Solo [Robin]
10. Sweet Child O’ Mine
11. Out Ta Get Me
12. ..Axl talking..
13. Madagascar
14. Piano Solo
15. November Rain

Disc 2
01. Band Introductions
02. Guitar Solo [Buckethead]
03. Rocket Queen
04. The Blues
05. Chinese Democracy
06. Patience
07. ..Axl talking..
08. My Michelle
09. Nightrain
10. Guitar Solo [Robin]
11. Paradise City
12. Outro

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Guns n Roses – 07/16/1993 – Buenos Aires, Argentina


Guns n’ Roses
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Guns n Roses – 12/05/1992 – Buenos Aires, Argentina


Guns N’ Roses
Buenos Aires, Argentina
December 5th, 1992
Estadio River Plate

100% PURE SOUNDBOARD! *DEFINITIVE EDITION* The band that took the stage at the beginning of the Use your Illusion tour in May of 1991 was a very different Guns N’ Roses than the group that was set to explode in South America on this hot December night of 1992…. The 1992 Guns N’ Roses Use Your Illusion World Tour that featured a full ensemble of backing singers, an all female horn section, and additional keyboard player/emulator made a perilous stop in the crown city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, on December 5, 1992 at Estadio River Plate. In order to protect his band and crew from the wild Argentine crowd, the irrepressible W. Axl Rose stopped the show twice, in an effort to prevent yet another riot. Riots in both St Louis and Montreal during the 1991-1992 road show marathon left a black eye on GN’R’s legacy, as well as further solidified their reputation as the “Most Dangerous Band In The World”. Thankfully, South America’s loyal GN’R followers, respected the wishes of their idols, and calm was restored. Guns N’ Roses rewarded their faithful Argentine fans by closing the mammoth 26 month Use Your Illusion Tour on July 17, 1993 at Estadio River Plate in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This classic South American performance features the entire 1992 Guns N’ Roses touring cast in all of their Guns N’ Glory! Regarded by many fans as the greatest pure soundboard GN’R bootleg of all time, this wild show forever shines as a true document of the LIVE Guns N’ Fuckin’ Roses Experience!

Band Line Up:
W. Axl Rose: Vocals
Slash: Lead Guitar
Duff McKagan: Bass
Matt Sorum: Drums
Gilby Clarke: Rhythm Guitar
Dizzy Reed: Keyboards & Percussion

CD1: 64:20
01 – Intro (0:18)
02 – Welcome to The Jungle (4:58)
03 – Mr. Brownstone (5:06)
04 – Live And Let Die (3:57)
05 – Attitude (3:36)
06 – Blues Jam #1 (8:28)
07 – Yesterdays (3:21)
08 – Axl Speech (1:31)
09 – Double Talkin’ Jive (7:35)
10 – Civil War (9:09)
11 – Wild Horses [Intro] (2:35)
12 – Patience (7:09)
13 – Nightrain #1 (1:53)
14 – Break #1 (1:26)
15 – Nightrain #2 (3:18)

CD2: 71:11
01 – It’s Alright [Intro] (6:29)
02 – November Rain (9:47)
03 – Band Intro + Drum Solo (6:14)
04 – You Could Be Mine #1 (3:10)
05 – Break #2 (2:53)
06 – You Could Be Mine #2 (3:12)
07 – Blues Jam #2 (3:53)
08 – The Godfather [Theme] (3:25)
09 – Sweet Child O’ Mine (7:18)
10 – Only Women Bleed [Intro] (2:18)
11 – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (9:33)
12 – Don’t Cry (4:32)
13 – Mother [Intro] (0:50)
14 – Paradise City (7:00)
15 – Outro (0:37)

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Guns n Roses – 02/22/1992 – Tokyo, Japan


Guns N’ Roses
Tokyo Dome
Tokyo, Japan

Source: SBD
Disc 1 <76:06>

1. Nighttrain
2. Mr. Brownstone
3. Live and Let Die
4. It’s So Easy
5. Bad Obsession
6. Pretty Tied Up
7. Welcome to the Jungle
8. Don’t Cry
9. Double Talkin’ Jive
10. Civil War
11. Wild Horses
12. Patience *
13. You Could Be Mine

Disc 2 <75:47>

1. November Rain
2. Sweet Child O’ Mine
3. So Fine
4. Rocket Queen
5. Move to the City
6. Knockin on Heaven’s Door
7. Estranged
8. Paradise City

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Guns n Roses – 08/19/1991 – Copenhagen, Denmark



Guns n’ Roses
Copenhagen Forum,
Copenhagen, Denmark

CD 1:
01 – Introduction
02 – Nightrain
03 – Mr. Brownstone
04 – Bad Obsession
05 – Live And Let Die
06 – Dust N’ Bones
07 – Double Talkin’ Jive
08 – Civil War
09 – I Was Only Joking (Introduction) – Patience
10 – You Could Be Mine
11 – November Rain
12 – Welcome To The Jungle – Bad Introductions

CD 2:
01 – Drum Solo
02 – Guitar Solo
03 – Godfather Theme
04 – Bad Time (Introduction) – Sweet Child O’ Mine
05 – Only Women Bleed (Introduction) – The Black Widow (Int
06 – My Michelle
07 – Estranged
08 – Paradise City

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Guns n Roses – 12/15/1988 – Melbourne, Australia


Guns n’ Roses
Entertainment Centre
Melbourne, Australia


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Guns n Roses – 02/02/1988 – New York, NY


Guns N’ Roses
Live At The Ritz
New York, NY

1. It’s So Easy
2. Mr. Brownstone
3. Somebody out to get me
4. Sweet Child O’ Mine
5. My michelle
6. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
7. Welcome To The Jungle
8. Night train
9. Paradise city
10. Mama kin
11. Rocketqueen

Lineage – Silver Bullet Bootleg – EAC – WAV – SHN – dBpoweramp – Flac=>mp3

Ex+ Soundboard

This is the full concert from first to last song from the Ritz show 88, Audio is not from the official Live At The Ritz VHS.
No *beeps* in this one and both Mama Kin and Rocket Queen are on this bootleg.
The Audio is really great.




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