Amy Ray – 09/30/2016 – New York, NY


Amy Ray
Beacon Theater
New York , NY USA

Hunter’s Prayer
Oyster And Pearl
Band Intros
My Dog
More Pills #
The Gig That Matters
Time Zone
You Don’t Like Me
Broken Record
The Rise OF The Black Messiah
The Rock Is My Foundation
Share The Moon $
Duane Allman $

# w/ Alicia Chakour – vocals
$ w/ Susan Tedeschi – vocals

Amy Ray – guitar, mandolin, vocals
Jeff Fielder – guitar, mandolin, dobro, vocals
Kerry Brooks – upright bass
Jim Brock – drums
Adrian Carter – fiddle,banjo, guitar
Matt Smith – pedal steel, banjo

source : schoeps mk6 (c) > actives > nbox platinum > 24/44.1 wav
taper : edtyre
location : 3rd row center

Opened for Tedeschi Trucks Band

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Indigo Girls – 08/13/2016 – Tucson, AZ


Indigo Girls
Rialto Theatre
Tucson, AZ
August 13, 2016

01) Hammer and a Nail (4:37)
02) Gone Again (4:05)
03) Let It Be Me (4:29)
04) Band Intros (1:23)
05) Damo (4:58)
06) Learned It On Me (4:50)
07) Happy in the Sorrow Key (3:37)
08) Deconstruction (4:45)
09) Share the Moon (4:07)
10) Lira Solo (1:23)
11) The Wood Song (4:56)
12) Making Promises (3:38)
13) Leeds (3:56)
14) The Rise of the Black Messiah (4:51)
15) Get Out the Map (3:54)
16) Devotion (3:48)
17) Cold Beer and Remote Control (4:23)
18) Sister (5:08)
19) Pendelum Swinger (4:09)
20) Dairy Queen (4:54)
21) “Metallica Banter” (2:04)
22) I Believe in Love (3:58)
23) Shame on You (6:01)
24) Galileo (7:41)
25) The Hammond Song (7:56)
26) Closer to Fine (5:10)
Total: (113:49)

Amy Ray – guitar, vocals, harp
Emily Saliers – guitar, vocals
Lucy Wainwright III – backing vocals
Liras(?) – violin, bazooki, backing vocals
Jordan Brooks Hamlin – horns, bass, keys, guitar, backing vocals

Source: Core Sound Binaural Mics>Core Sound Bass Roll Off Filter>Edirol RO9 @24bit/44.1khz

-Indigo Girls return to Tucson, a city where they are well loved as proven by this sold out show. They actually seated us in this one. I was on floor center about 25 or so rows up. I had a couple of very rowdy women behind me and to my right who paid little attention to the show and talked and laughed loudly and incessantly at points turning the heads of all those around them and even illiciting “shh’s” at times – they never really chilled. That being said they didn’t show up on recording as bad as I thought they would except for quiet parts.
-semi acoustic Indigos this time – not full electric band, no drummer. Violin was featured.
-the mood got serious at times with this one. Only 3 tunes from the last cd – an absolutely stirring version of “Black Messiah” mesmerized the audience & was a highlight especially in these days of Black Lives Matter. Otherwise it was the pop-ish “Learned It on Me” my least favorite tune on that cd & “Happy in the Sorrow Key”, an odd choice since it’s one of the few rockers on that cd. Was hoping for “Fishtails” & “Findlay, Ohio 1968” myself. Otherwise, it was cool seeing “Leeds”, “Wood Song”, “Sister” (!), & “Dairy Queen” (!!) for some old rarer faves. And of course “Deconstruction” & “Devotion” – don’t get better than that! Encore 1 was the Roches “Hammond Song” sweet rendition!
-place was filled with women – I think I was 1 of 10 guys there and the only heterosexual one without a date! Crowd was real into it due to Tucson’s large gay and immigration activist types. Nice vibe of love for them for sure.
-another Sonoran Desert Recording taped, mastered and seeded by Matt23.
-do not sell in any form ever! Share freely! Support the artists: buy their music/see their shows! These 2 are beautiful souls with great messages!

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