Jazz Is Dead – 04/23/1999 – San Francisco, CA


Jazz Is Dead
Maritime Hall
San Francisco, CA
April 23, 1999

Set 2 only:
1. Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo
2. Let Me Sing Your Blues Away
3. Row Jimmy
4. Stella Blue
5. Here Comes Sunshine
6. Eyes Of The World
7. Weather Report Prelude
8. Let It Grow
9. Estimated Prophet
10. King Solomon’s Marbles
11. Scarlet Begonias

Jimmy Herring – Guitar
T Lavitz – Keyboards
Alphonso Johnson – Bass
Ron Morgenstein – Drums
Donna Jean Godchaux – guest vocals on track 1

Source: SBD > DAT (48k)

Recorded by unknown, DAT provided by Joe Fierce, transferred by taperjoe.

The etree db lists this as a 2-set show, all with audience sources. This tape starts where set 2 starts according to that listing. The last 3 songs are not in that list however, and The Steve Kimock Band is announced as coming up next. Maybe someone can tell the real story…?


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Jazz Is Dead – 01/30/1998 – Atlanta, GA

Jazz Is Dead
Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, Georgia

Disc I

01 Jam >
02 Dark Star >
03 Help On The Way >
04 Slipknot! >
05 Franklin’s Tower
06 Billy Cobham Banter
07 Crazy Fingers
08 Bass Solo >
09 Bass And Drum Solo >
10 Truckin’/Other One Jam >
11 Jam

Disc II

01 Band Introductions
02 *China Doll >
03 #Friend Of The Devil
04 Scarlet Begonias >
05 Drum Solo >
06 King Solomon’s Marbles
07 Billy Cobham Banter
08 @Dark Star
09 Band Intoductions

* T.Lavitz Solo
# With Jeff Mosier On Banjo
@ With Merle Saunders On Keyboards

Jimmy Herring – Guitar
T. Lavitz – Keyboards
Billy Cobham – Drums
Alphonso Johnson – Bass

Source: Digital Soundboard>Tascam DAP1>>Sound Devices 722 (24/48)
Recorded By: Z-Man

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Jazz Is Dead – 08/02/1999 – New York City, NY


New York NY

Jimmy Herring
Alfonso Johnson
Jeff Sipe
Rod Morgenstein


01. Intro
02. Mississippi Halfstep
03. Franklins Tower
04. Let Me SIng Your Blues Away
05. Row Jimmy
06. Stella Blue
07. Here Comes Sunshine
08. Eyes Of The World
09. Drums
10. Weather Report Suite
11. Let It Grow


12. Jam
13. China Cat Sunflower>Jam (?)
14. Scarlet Begonias
15. Estimated Prophet
16. St. Stephen
17. The Eleven
18. Terrapin Station
19. Drums
20. Terrapin Station

21. Crowd
22. Jam
23. Dark Star
Source: AKG 481>Lunatec V2>Grahm Patten ADC20>Tascam DAP1>DAT>DAT (Clone from Master)
Taper: Scott G
Transfered: Freddie G

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Jazz Is Dead – 04/14/1999 – Boulder, CO


Jazz Is Dead
Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO

Jimmy Herring – Guitars
Alphonso Johnson – Bass
T Lavitz – Keyboards
Jeff Sipe – Drums

Special Guests:
Vassar Clements – Violin
Derek Trucks – Guitar

CD 1:
1st Set:
1. Crazy Space > (3:21)
2. Dark Star * (14:23)
3. Crazy Fingers (8:35)
4. drums (4:49)
5. King Solomon’s Marbles (6:44)
6. Ship Of Fools (5:38)
7. Cumberland Blues (5:10)
8. Help On The Way >Slipknot (8:07)

CD 2:
2nd Set:
1. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo * (5:46)
2. Let Me Sing Your Blues Away (4:50)
3. Row Jimmy ** > (8:22)
4. Stella Blue (7:40)
5. Here Comes Sunshine *** (13:34)
6. Eyes Of The World (10:44)
7. Weather Report Suite > (5:17)
8. Let It Grow (7:38)

CD 3:
3rd Set:
1. Space > (2:17)
2. Terrapin Station > (6:47)
3. Estimated Prophet > (12:26)
4. Scarlet Begonias > (7:04)
5. Terrapin Station (8:14)
6. band introductions (2:56)

7. Truckin’ > (5:30)
8. Franklin’s Tower *** (7:57)

* with Vassar Clements – Fiddle
** with Derek Trucks – Guitar
*** with Vassar Clements – Fiddle
& Derek Trucks – Guitar

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Jazz Is Dead – 02/07/1998 – New York City, NY



Jazz Is Dead
The Bottom Line
New York, NY
Late Show

1. King Solomon’s Marbles
2. banter – 4th and final show at Bottom Line
3. Unbroken Chain
4. Scarlet Begonias ->
5. Drums ->
6. Scarlet Begonias
7. Dark Star ->
8. Help On The Way ->
9. Slipknot! ->
10. Franklin’s Tower
11. banter / encore break / Merl Saunders intro
12. Dark Star *
13. crowd/goodnights

* = w/Merl Saunders on keys

T. Lavitz – keys
Alphonso Johnson – bass
Billy Cobham – drums
Jimmy Herring – guitar

Original master recording: Neumann TLM170(cardoids) -> Sonosax SX-M2 -> Tascam DAP1 (16/44.1)

Recorded by Scott Bernstein & Jason Greenberg
Transfer, mastering, and tracking by Scott Bernstein July 2010

Merl Saunders opened, but I wasn’t set up in time to record.

Taper notes:
Just a few weeks ago I hit the Widespread Panic show here at Radio City Music Hall….and it got me thinking about Jimmy Herring and how amazing he is……which got me thinking about this Jazz Is Dead show from a 2 night/4 show run at The Bottom Line. I remember that I decided to head down for this at the very last minute (Bottom Line was not a particularly friendly venue, but it was really intimate, and if I recall this ticket was somewhat expensive). Anyway I got in during Merl Saunders’ opening set and hooked up with Jason, who was already set up. We removed his mics from his stand (Neumann KM184s, I believe) and put mine up instead.

I’m so glad I did get into the show because this band just blew the roof off of the place. Let’s talk about the members who where in this original lineup of the band — all MONSTER players: Billy Cobham — kickass jazz drummer and alumnus of one of Miles Davis’ bands as well as legendary the jazz fusion Mahavishnu Orchestra, and basically worth the price of admission on his own. Just one listen to his solo (track 5) on this recording will shake the foundations of what you believe a drummer can do! Alphonso Johnson — former bassist from another legendary jazz fusion act — Weather Report, one of the first Chapman Stick players, former member of one of Bob Weir’s solo projects (the Midnights) and just a few years after this show was hired as (as far as I’m aware) the only bassist to ever take Phil’s place in a post-Grateful Dead incarnation (when Phil and Bobby were fighting, I believe) in their tour as The Other Ones in 2000. He definitely brings the funk (if not as much of the subtlety as Phil Lesh would contribute) and heavy heavy grooves to this band — just listen to the groove he lays down in Scarlet Begonias. T. Lavitz, who I’m less familar with, was the keyboardist for The Dixie Dregs and an early incarnation of Widespread Panic.

And onto the reason I pulled this recording out — Jimmy Herring, who, even among these world-reknowned musicians, more than holds his own — his style could not be more different than Jerry Garcia’s….but just one listen to his take on Help On The Way and Slipknot, will show you the fireworks that emit from his fretboard. Wow! No wonder he got drafted into Phil’s Friends for a while!!!

Subsequent tours of this band had vaied members, but none of them could beat this lineup.

So I present to you BARN59, a short-but sweet show from a classic venue that is really worth your effort to listen to. Hope you enjoy!


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Jazz Is Dead – 06/06/1998 – Atlanta, GA



Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
June 6, 1998

Disc One
Unbroken Chain
China Doll
Friend of the Devil
Droms>Blues for Allah>
Dark Star

Disc Two
Crazy Fingers
Spiral Staircase Bass Solo>
Truckin> Right Off
St Stephen> Right Off>
Red Baron> Drums>
King Solomon’s Marbles

Billy Cobham – Drums
Jimmy Herring – Guitar
Alphonso Johnson – Bass
Tommy Lavitz – Keys

SOURCE – Stereo Soundboard

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