Jimi Hendrix – 03/17/1968 – New York, NY

hendrix1968Photo by Elaine Mayes

Jimi Hendrix
Cafe au Go-Go
New York City, New York

01. Little Wing// [09:13.73]
02. //Everything’s Gonna Be Alright [08:45.41]
03. //Three Little Bears Part 1-> [15:54.11]
04. Three Little Bears Part 2// [06:24.33]
05. Instrumental Jam [08:42.15]
06. //Stormy Monday [08:22.46]
07. //Jam I [06:14.00]
08. Jam II “Drunk Again” [17:00.57]

Jimi Hendrix (guitar)
Elvin Bishop (guitar)
Buddy Miles (drums)
Paul Butterfield (vocals, harmonica)
Harvey Brooks (bass)
Philip Wilson (drums)
Herbie Rich (organ)
James Tatum (sax)

Main Source original info:
Taped by: ?
Transfered by: ?
Bootleg Title: Blues At Midnight (Midnight Beat MB CD 037)

Main Source: SBD>??>CD>WAV>SHN

Alt. Source: SBD>??>FLAC(unknown lineage)
Alt. Source original info:
This is the most complete version of this jam that I’ve been able to find. It was bootlegged in the 90s (i think) but that release, although sounding a bit better, was not as complete as this torrent. There’s some great playing from all the musicians involved here, and as you can see below this isnt the Experience, its Jimi and friends playing at a jamsession at the Cafe Au Go Go in NYC. I think this is one of the sessions (like the BB King session torrented only days ago) that Jimi recorded himself on his reel2reel as he had the habit of doing around that time. Its a Stereo Soundboard recording but it doesnt sound as clear in some places as i would like it to sound, nevertheless a more complete version than on any bootleg. audio: Jimi on (2-5), with Paul Butterfield on harmonica, Elvin Bishop on guitar, Harvey Brooks on bass, Herbie Rich on organ, Buddy Miles on drums, Phillip Wilson on drums and a certain Jack (James Tatum) on sax, stereo soundboard recording; 80.39 minutes, excellent quality

Remastering info:
Remastering preformed on both sources with Wavelab 5.0 and plugins. All patches preformed with cross fades and overlapping. Most of the hiss on both sources was removed without using noise reduction. On both sources the vocal levels are low through out. Both sources were tracked diffrently which made it more difficult to figure when tracks went where. I used the setlist above because it was found in more places on the net. Plus D01t08(Jam II “Drunk Again”) at the end of the track it sounds like they say “good night folks”. D01t01(Little Wing) thru D01t06(Stormy Monday) the Main Source was used. D01t01(Little Wing) both sources cut/fade out @ 9:13. D01t02(Everything’s Gonna Be Alright) Fades in on both sources. D01t03(Three Little Bears Part 1) Fades in on both sources, digital pop @ 9:59 on both channels removed. D01t04(Three Little Bears Part 2) Main Source Fades out @ 6:15, Alt. Source was used to patch from 6:15 thru 6:24, Alt. Source cuts off @ 6:24. D02t02(Stormy Monday) both sources fade in at the same spot. D02t03(Jam I) and D02t04(Jam II “Drunk Again”) Alt. source was used, levels raise and drop through out both tracks. D01t07(Jam I) drop out on both channels @ 00:15 and 00:45 removed.

Remastering by twiley 09/16/2004.

Thanks to ecocats for the Main Source and Johan for the Alt. Source :)


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Jimi Hendrix – 09/06/1970 – Fehmarn, Germany

Jimi Hendrix
Live at Open Air Love & Peace Festival
Fehmarn, Germany
September 6, 1970

Jimi’s last official performance

01 – Introduction
02 – Killing Floor
03 – Spanish Castle Magic
04 – All Along The Watchtower
05 – Hey Joe
06 – Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
07 – Message To Love
08 – Foxy Lady
09 – Red House
10 – Ezy Rider
11 – Freedom
12 – Room Full Of Mirrors
13 – Purple Haze
14 – Voodoo Child (Slight Return)


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Jimi Hendrix and Traffic – 1968-1970 – A Session



Jimi Hendrix and Traffic
A Session

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Jimi Hendrix – Acoustic Jams

Jimi Hendrix
Acoustic Jams
Sphinx Records

Disc 1

01. Long Hot Summer Night I
02. Long Hot Summer Night II
03. Long Hot Summer Night III
04. 1983…A Merman I Should Turn To Be I
05. 1983…A Merman I Should Turn To Be II
06. Angel
07. Cherokee Mist
08. Astro Man
09. Money (That’s what I want)
10. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) / Keep On Groovin’
11. Come On (Let The Good Times Roll)
12. Hear My Train A Comin’
13. Voodoo Child
14. Gypsy Eyes
15. Beginnings

Disc 2

01. Little Miss Strange
02. Instrumental
03. Three Little Bears
04. Gypsy Eyes
05. 1983…A Merman I Should Turn To Be
06. Jam
07. Drifting
08. Drifting
09. Look Over Yonder
10. Sending My Love To Linda
11. Drifting
12. Belly Button Window
13. Freedom
14. Valleys Of Neptune
15. Cherokee Mist
16. Acoustic Jam

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Jimi Hendrix – 1969 – Gypsy On Cloud Nine




Jimi Hendrix
Gypsy On Cloud Nine
(electric ladyland studio 1970)
Sir James Marshall
Record Plant Studios 1969

Tracks list

Further up the road
Astro man
The things we use to do
Once I had a woman
Eazy rider
Eazy rider
Message to love
Captain coconut
Instrumental Jam
peace in Missisipi
Little drummer boy
Machine gun
Blue suede shoes part 1
Blue suede shoes part 2


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Jimi Hendrix Experience – 01/09/1969 – Stockholm, Sweden

Jimi Hendrix Experience
The Swedish Shows
9th Jan 1969
Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden

First show

1. Audience
2. MC Intro
3. Jimi Intro
4. Killin’ Floor
5. Spanish Castle Magic
6. Fire
7. Hey Joe
8. Voodoo Chile (slight return)
9. Red House
10. Sunshine Of Your Love
11. MC Outro

Second show

1. Jimi Intro
2. I Don’t Live Today
3. Spanish Castle Magic
4. Hey Joe
5. Voodoo Chile (slight return)
6. Sunshine Of Your Love
7. Red House
8. Fire
9. Purple Haze
10. Star Spangled Banner


These two shows have been very well documented and they also fall in to the category of having been bootlegged to death. Probably the best of all the bootleg versions is the double Swinging Pig release “On The Killing Floor” (1989) which is now very hard to locate. The versions of the shows here are from the master reels and provide the best sound quality available.

The first show is uninspired while the second is probably one of the best that the band played that year with Mitch and Noel providing an excellent platform for Jim’s playing which is nothing short of extraordinary. I suppose what you have here are the two contrasting sides of the Experience. The group by now were exhausted from their never ending touring, playing to large arenas they had almost lost contact with their audience. Hendrix, especially felt this alienation with an audience who he felt demanded he ‘put on a show’ rather than listen to the music. His aside comments at the start of the first show and the sloppy manner of playing that follows would bear this out. On the other hand The Experience were also by now a finely honed unit that could deliver the goods with astounding brilliance as the second show proves.

But why such a difference between the sets. This was answered by Noel in his 1990 book “Are You Experienced?”

“Sweden. Always the same problem – no drugs. We were forced to drink the killer Schnapps, and it brought on Jimi’s mood for the first set. In desperation I went out between shows and with much persistence managed to score a leaper. We huddled anxiously over the dressing room table, crushed the pill into a powder, shared it out, and snorted it. The second show was much more together and enthusiastic.”

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