New Potato Caboose – 11/20/1986 – Rockville, MD


New Potato Caboose
Montegomery College
Rockville, MD

1st Set:

01. Cold Rain and Snow
02. By-Yo
03. The Race Is On
04. Throw Rug Blues
05. Down On The Farm
06. Friend Of The Devil
07. Just 17
08. Playing In The Band
09. Let It Grow
10. Deal

2nd Set:

01. Dead Flowers
02. Dancing In The Streets
03. Academy Award
04. It’s Your Life
05. Eyes Of The World
06. Help On The Way
07. Franklins Tower
08. Drumzpace
09. Morning Dew
10. Hey Now Julia
11. The Other One
12. Franklins Tower
13. Gimme Some Lovin’
14. Good Lovin’


01. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
Show and Tape Notes:

Tape flip between d1t07 and d1t08.
Tape flip between d2t07 and d3t01.
Tape change between d3t07 and d3t08.

SBD > Master cass

Taped, transferred, and shn’ed by Matt Collins

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New Potato Caboose – 12/21/1988 – Raleigh, NC

December 21, 1988
The Brewery
Raleigh, NC

1st Set:
d1t01    Me and Julio
d1t02    Sloop John B
d1t03    Hey Now Julia
d1t04    Put It All Together
d1t05    Big River
d1t06    Promising Traveler
d1t07    Brown Eyed Girl
d1t08    Sailin’ Shoes
d1t09    Good Lovin’

2nd Set:
d2t01    By-Yo
d2t02    Rust In Peace
d2t03    Academy Award
d2t04    Homegrown Heart
d2t05    Throw Rug Blues
d2t06    Sugaree
d2t07    Fat Man In The Bath Tub
d2t08    Drums
d3t01    Mansion
d3t02    It’s Your Life
d3t03    Psychedelia
d3t04    Dear Prudence
d3t05    Don’t Ease Me In

d3t06    Three Little Birds

master soundboard

tape flip between d1t07 and d1t08
tape flip between d2t08 and d3t01

Transferred on May 1, 2012
Taped and Transferred by Matt Collins
“Something is better than nothing!”

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New Potato Caboose – 08/06/2011 – Terra Alta, WV

New Potato Caboose
Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash
Sunshine Daydream Campground
Terra Alta, W Va

1 Throwing Stones
2 Fat Man In The Bath Tub
3 Take It Easy At The Mansion
4 He’s Gone
5 Throw Rug Blues
6 Dear Prudence
7 Pyschedelia
8 Terrapin
9 I Know You Rider
10 Bi-O> ??
11 Wait In Vain
12 Lovelight
13 Promising Traveler
14 Good Lovin
15 Aiko
16 And We Bid You Goodnight>Brokedown Palace

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New Potato Caboose – 10/30/1986 – Baltimore, MD

New Potato Caboose
The Galaxy
Baltimore, MD

1st Set:

1. Down On The Farm
2. Wooden Music
3. Big Boss Man
4. Monkey & The Engineer
5. Academy Award
6. War
7. Cassidy
8. China Cat
9. Delusions Of Grandure
10. I Know You Rider

2nd Set:

1. Y-Dance
2. Franklin’s Tower
3. Hey Now Julia
4. Bird Song
5. By-Yo
6. Drumzpace

2nd Set (cont.):

1. The Other One
2. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
3. Love The One You’re With
4. Bertha
5. Gold Plated Crime
6. Psychedelia


7. U.S. Blues

Show and Tape Notes:

Tape flip between d1t06 and d1t07.
Tape flip at beginning of d3t01.

Taped, transferred, and shn’ed by Matt Collins 

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New Potato Caboose – 08/22/1987 – Norfolk, VA

New Potato Caboose
The Boathouse
Norfolk, VA

The Set

DISK 1 of 2

1. tuning
2. Psychedelia
3. Gold Plated Crime
4. Hey Now Julia
5. Bird Song
6. Late In The Evening
7. Little Wing
8. Dancing In // The Streets
9. It’s Your Life
10. Jam
11. Drumspace

DISK 2 of 2

1. Tom Thumb Blues
2. Good Lovin’
3. Mansion
4. Cripple Creek

1. Tape flip during d1t08.
2. Indecision played before New Potato Caboose. They both played one set.
3. Taped and transferred by Matt Collins.
4. Transfer completed 1-16-2004.

Lineage: SBD

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New Potato Caboose – 07/03/1987 – Largo, MD

July 3rd, 1987
Wild World
Largo, Maryland

master soundboard

Sound Checks:
d1t01 Dixie Chicken
d1t02 Gold Plated Crime

1st Set:
d1t03 Wake Up Little Susie
d1t04 Academy Award
d1t05 I Shot The Sheriff
d1t06 Put It All Together
d1t07 It’s All Over Now
d1t08 Story In Your Eyes
d1t09 Hey Now Julia*
d1t10 Franklin’s Tower

2nd Set:
d2t01 Good Lovin’ **
d2t02 Y-Dance
d2t03 Throw Rug Blues
d2t04 Uncle John’s Band
d2t05 Delusions Of Grandure
d2t06 All That You Dream
d2t07 Not Fade Away
d2t08 Sympathy For The Devil ***

3rd Set:
d3t01 Where is John Trupp?
d3t02 Cripple Creek
d3t03 Sugaree
d3t04 Mr. Rainbow
d3t05 Accidental Ecstasy
d3t06 Hand Jive
d3t07 Drumspace
d3t08 Love The One You’re With
d3t09 Late In The Evening ****
d3t10 Psychedelia

d3t11 Touch Of Grey

* tape flip before Hey Now Julia
** missing part of 1st song for 2nd set
*** auto-tape flip in middle of song
**** auto-tape flip near end of song

Transferred on 4-27-2012
Taped and Transferred by Matt Collins
“Something is better than nothing!”

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New Potato Caboose – 09/18/1986 – Washington DC

September 18, 1986
The Bayou, Washington DC
2 Year Anniversary Show

d1t01 Aiko-Aiko
d1t02 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
d1t03 The Race Is On
d1t04 Wooden Music
d1t05 By-Yo
d1t06 Brown Eyed Girl
d1t07 On The Road Again
d1t08 Accidental Ecstasy*
band started to take a break, then played one more
d1t09 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (w/Red on guitar)

d2t01 Intro by Sandy Edwards from DC101
d2t02 Psychedelia
d2t03 Gimme Some Lovin’
d2t04 Truckin’
d2t05 I Need A Miracle
d2t06 Throw Rug Blues
d2t07 Little Wing
d2t08 Late In The Evening**
d2t09 Willin’
d2t10 Sugar Magnolia

d3t01 The Mighty Quinn
d3t02 Uncle John’s Band
d3t03 Fat Man In A Bathtub
d3t04 He’s Gone
d3t05 Drumspace
d3t06 St Stephen***
d3t07 Not Fade Away
d3t08 Lovelight

d4t01 Gold Plated Crime
d4t02 Scarlet Begonias
d4t03 Touch Of Grey

* tape flip/missing beginning of d1t08
** auto-tape flip during end of d2t08
*** auto-tape flip during d3t06

Transferred on 4-27-2012
Taped and Transferred by Matt Collins
“Something is better than nothing!”

master soundboard

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