Pantera – 08/26/2001 – Yokohama, Japan


Beast Feast Festival
Yokohama, Japan

01. Intro
02. Hellbound
03. 5 Minutes Alone
04. Goddamn Electric
05. War Nerve
06. Mouth for War
07. Becoming
08. Revolution is My Name
09. Fucking Hostile (w/ Kerry King of Slayer on guitar)
10. This Love
11. Cowboys From Hell
12. Walk (w/Evan from Biohazard on vox together w/ Phil)
NOTE: This is sadly the last show Pantera ever performed. This performance is just great and represents Pantera ‘best-of’ set.

Source: Audience

Video of  ‘5 Minutes Alone’

From Rolling Stone:

Pantera were in pretty rough shape by the time their Extreme Steel tour touched down at the Beast Feast in Yokohama, Japan on August 26th, 2001. They’d spent the past couple of months on the road with Slayer, Static-X, Skrape and Morbid Angel and were playing to huge crowds, but long-simmering internal tensions and addiction issues were starting boil over.

“The tour seemed to go on forever,” bassist Rex Brown wrote in his memoir, Official Truth, 101 Proof. “The financial offers were great, but because we felt like we were in a marriage that was going south, that just didn’t matter anymore. Something had to give sooner rather than later.”

Frontman Phil Anselmo had been suffering from degenerative disc disease for years, and he self-medicated with a steady diet of booze, painkillers and even heroin. “I suppose the writing was on the wall as early as pre-production for the tour,” Brown wrote. “Phil was out of his mind a lot of the time and there were moments in rehearsal where [guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott] and I would look at each other and say, ‘Dude, he’s singing a different song than we’re playing.'”

Anselmo mostly pulled it together for the shows, but he was barely on speaking terms with his bandmates by the time they reached Japan. Pantera played a fierce 11-song set at the festival and were joined by Slayer’s Kerry King on “Fucking Hostile” and Biohazard’s Evan Seinfeld for the grand finale of “Walk” off Vulgar Display of Power.”

They flew to Europe to continue the tour in mid-September, and were in Dublin when the planes hit the World Trade Center. The tour was canceled before they did a single European show and the band went on indefinite hiatus until a deranged fan killed Dimebag in 2004, ending the group forever.

Despite regular Internet rumors about a reformation with Zakk Wylde on guitar, a Pantera reunion seems unlikely. “It’d be great for us to sit in a room and figure out if we ever want to do that again,” Brown told MTV earlier this year “But I don’t really think there’ll ever be another Pantera without Dime in it. So, it’s a very complicated story. At the same time, it’d be nice to maybe play a couple shows and have a bunch of guest stars. But as far as reunion, there’s no reunion, man. Dime’s dead.”


In memory of “Dimebag Darrell”

From Wikipedia:

On December 8, 2004, Abbott was shot onstage while performing with Damageplan at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio. The gunman, Nathan Gale, shot Abbott 3 times to the head using a 9mm Beretta 92FS handgun; the third shot killing him instantly. Gale continued shooting, killing three others and wounding a further seven. Gale fired a total of fifteen shots, stopping to reload once and remaining silent throughout the shooting.

Jeff “Mayhem” Thompson, the band’s head of security, was killed tackling Gale, as was Alrosa Villa employee Erin Halk. Audience member Nathan Bray was killed while trying to perform CPR on Abbott and Thompson. It was rumored that one crowd member leapt in front of the gunman, saving the lives of several band members.  Damageplan drum technician, John “Kat” Brooks, was shot three times as he attempted to get the gun away from Gale, but was overpowered and taken hostage in a headlock position. Tour manager Chris Paluska was also injured.

Seven police officers came in the front entrance and moved toward the stage. Officer James Niggemeyer came in through the back door, behind the stage. Gale only saw the officers in front of the stage; he didn’t see Officer Niggemeyer, who was armed with a 12 gauge Remington 870 shotgun. He approached Gale from the opposite side of the stage to avoid hitting the hostage and fired a single shot just as Gale looked towards Niggemeyer, striking Gale in the face with eight of the nine buckshot pellets, killing him instantly. Gale was found to have had 35 rounds of ammunition remaining.  Two fans administered CPR on Dimebag until paramedics arrived, but were unable to revive him and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Early theories of motive suggested that Gale might have turned to violence in response to the breakup of Pantera, or the public dispute between Abbott and Pantera singer Phil Anselmo, but these were later ruled out by investigators. Another theory was that Gale believed Abbott had stolen a song that he had written. Gale was severely schizophrenic and had stopped taking his medication.
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