Run DMC – 04/19/1986 – New York, NY



The Apollo
Harlem, New York
April 19 1986

01. Jam Master Jay Intro
02. Tougher Than Leather
03. My Adidas
04. Rock Box
05. Darryl and Joe
06. Jam Master Jay
07. “Clap Your Hands”
08. Here We Go
09. It’s Like That
10. Raising Hell
11. Hit It Run
12. Peter Piper
13. King Of Rock

FM Broadcast WBLS 107.5 FM New York “Rap Attack”
Opening Acts were The Beastie Boys and the Junkyard Band
FM Broadcast > Audio Tape > CD-R > FLAC (2010)

Comments: I have seen this recording labeled incorrectly so many times. Some of the vague dates this show goes by include “Apollo 1986” or “Apollo 1984.” With the advent of the internet and search engines there really is no excuse for not spending 5 minutes to research the date and venue of many shows.

Regardless, this show is correctly labeled as April 19 1986…see the included show advertisements. From what I can gather this show was broadcast on WBLS 107.5 FM (note the occasional station identification voice overs). However, it is weird that the FCC didn’t get after them for all the profane language delivered by Run DMC.

Sadly, the Beastie Boys set has never surfaced.

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