The Who – 06/27/1989 – New York, NY


The Who
Radio City Music Hall
New York City, NY
June 27, 1989

1. Banter
2. Overture,
3. 1921,
4. Amazing Journey,
5. Sparks,
6. Eyesight To The Blind,
7. Christmas,
8. Cousin Kevin,
9. The Acid Queen,
10. Pinball Wizard,
11. Do You Think It’s Alright,
12. Fiddle About,
13. There’s A Doctor,
14. Go To The Mirror,
15. Smash The Mirror,
16. Tommy Can You Hear Me,
17. I’m Free,
18. Miracle Cure,
19. Sally Simpson,
20. Sensation,
21. Tommy’s Holiday Camp,
22. We’re Not Gonna Take It,
23. I Can’t Explain,
24. Substitute,
25. Baba O’Riley,
26. Love Reign O’er Me,
27. I’m A Man,
28. A Friend Is A Friend,
29. My Wife,
30. Join Together,
31. You Better You Bet
32. Behind Blue Eyes,
33. Won’t Get Fooled Again//


Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Pete Townshend, John Rabbit Bundrick, Simon Phillips,
Steve ‘Boltz’ Bolton, Jody Linscott, Neil Sidwell, Simon Clarke, Tim Sanders, Billy Nichols,
Chyna, Simon Gardner, Cleveland Watkiss

Radio broadcast. This Tommy show was played without any guests.


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The Who – 11/20/1975 – Houston, TX

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Pete Townshend – 4/14/1974 – London, UK

Pete Townshend
april 14, 1974.


01 The Seeker
02 Big Boss Man
03 Substitute
04 Amoreuse
05 If I Were A Carpenter
06 Happy Jack
07 Tattoo
08 Join My Gang
09 Behind Blue Eyes
10 Goin’ To New York (New York City Blues)
11 My Generation Demos I + II
12 North Country Girl
13 Corrina Corrina
14 No Face No Name No Number
15 Let’s See Action
16 Pinball Wizard
17 See Me Feel Me
18 My Generation I
19 Magic Bus
20 My Generation II


The two versions of My Generation are demos, played through the P.A. for the audience. There’s a simple lyric change in Magic Bus: “…I’m so nervous I guess it shows. Don’t say a thing about my great big nose…”

Dave Marsh wrote about Pete’s first solo-concert: “On April 14, 1974 (Easter Sunday), Townshend played a solo gig-the first of his career, for the Camden Square Community Play Centre … Meant to be a quiet afternoon’s entertainment, the solo show was blown out of all proportion when the press got word of it. Townshend spent a panicky week’s preparation, then came out and did a fairly casual show using electric and acoustic guitars, piano, some synthesizer tapes and the original “MY GENERATION” demo as he ran through a set that also included ‘The Seeker’, Jimmy Reed’s ‘Big Boss Man’, ‘Substitute’ and ‘Pinball Wizard’. Despite a drunken heckler, the show was well-received and Pete was surprisingly confident.” (Dave Marsh, Before I Get Old – The Story of The Who, page 442). Pete Townshend’s first ever solo gig. Recorded at London’s “Roadhouse” Theater. Fascinating show captures Pete at the height of his songwriting prowess, and at one point he even plays a cassette tape to the audience to explain the concept of a demo to them. Although far from perfect, it’s a quite listenable audience recording. This is the complete performance sourced from a private collection, this recording is not only superior in sound quality to those found on commercially released bootlegs such as Wild Action but is also complete, featuring the complete performance of “North Country Girl”. An essential part of any core collection.

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The Who – 2/14/1970 – Leeds, UK

The Who
Live At Leeds

Disc 1
1. Heaven And Hell
2. I Can’t Explain
3. Fortune Teller
4. Tattoo
5. Young Man Blues
6. Substitute
7. Happy Jack
8. I’m A Boy/Intro to A Quick One
9. A Quick One While He’s Away
10. Overture
11. It’s a Boy
12. 1921
13. Amazing Journey
14. Sparks
15. Eyesight to The Blind
16. Christmas
17. The Acid Queen
18. Pinball Wizard
Disc 2
1. Do You Think It’s Alright?
2. Fiddle About
3. Tommy Can You Hear Me?
4. There’s A Doctor
5. Go To The Mirror!
6. Smash The Mirror
7. Miracle Cure
8. Sally Simpson
9. I’m Free
10. Tommy’s Holiday Camp
11. We’re Not Going To Take It
12. Summertime Blues
13. Shakin’ All Over/Spoonful
14. My Generation
15. Magic Bus
Bonus Track:
16. Time Is Passing

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