Van Morrison – 07/29/1974 – San Francisco, CA

Morrison-The Orphanage - 29.07.1974 - F

The Orphanage
San Francisco, California
July 29th 1974

16. LISTEN TO THE LION (Alternate Version)
17. Complete Interview

Mono Soundboard Recording
This recording is from a Streaming Broadcast and Video Footage therefore would be considered Lossy
Capture, Mastering and Artwork, JTT

Morrison-The Orphanage - 29.07.1974 - R

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Jerry Does Van – A Compilation

jerry_does_van-single cover

Musical Gods
Jerry Does Van
A Compilation

1. And It Stoned Me (JGB, 4/17/93, Pauley Pavilion, Los Angeles)
2. He Ain’t Give You None (JGB, 8/16/76, The Keystone, Berkeley, CA)
3. Tupelo Honey (Garcia & Saunders, 1/15/72, Keystone Korner, San Francisco)
4. He Ain’t Give You None (Legion of Mary, 4/6/75, Orpheum Theatre, Boston – Late)
5. Crazy Love (JGB, 4/24/87, The Stone, San Francisco)
6. He Ain’t Give You None (JGB, 11/8/93, Hartford Civic Center)
7. Bright Side of the Road (JGB, 11/7/91, Capital Centre, Landover, MD)

For me, the pantheon is Van and Jerry.
What Van does with his voice, Jerry did with his fingers.
So it seemed only natural to marry the two.
Van never covered Jerry.
But Jerry covered Van.

He only covered five of his songs and much of that was in his later years.
Jerry’s versions seemed somewhat pedestrian at first. They were rather faithful to the originals, not terribly expansive as Jerry was known to be. But listen closer and they’re real Jerry. The artistry. The sense of fun. The passion.

The centerpiece of this set is He Ain’t Give You None. It’s the one song that Jerry covered in distinctly different phases, all of which were notable by the keyboards. There’s the r&b/jazz/funk stylings of the Garcia & Saunders/Legion of Mary years. The understated elegance of the Keith Godchaux years. The gospel of the Melvin Seals years, further enhanced by the additions of the exquisite Gloria Jones and Jackie LaBranch on backing vocals. It was the one song in this collection (and Vanatics will understand when I say this) that Jerry “workshopped.” So I’ve included a version from each phase.

I have a feeling Van fans that aren’t Jerry fans will be disappointed. There will be a tendency to compare the voices. That would be unfair. As Hunter once said, “I thought Jerry had a glorious voice, or maybe I had to to write the songs.” But he did have a glorious voice. What he lacked in range and technique, he made up for with passion and emotion, even in his later years when he croaked through many a show. When Jerry growled or strained, you knew it wasn’t artifice.

So take this for what it is. One musical god paying homage to another. Without comparisons.

Some History…

And It Stoned Me: The JGB performed this 96 times, the first time soon after Jerry returned to the stage following his 1986 coma until just a week before the last JGB show in 1995.

He Ain’t Give You None: Performed 51 times, including 16 times with Garcia & Saunders/Legion of Mary in 1974-75 and one performance in 1976 with Keith Godchaux. It was then brought back in 1991 and played consistently until, and including, the final JGB show on April 23, 1995.

Tupelo Honey: Performed just twice, once in January and once in February of 1972 with Garcia & Saunders.

Crazy Love: Performed 15 times, starting in October 1986, just after returning to the stage and last performed on Halloween 1987, the final night of his two-week Broadway run.

Bright Side of the Road: Performed five times, all in November 1991.

Technical matters…the beginning of Tupelo Honey had a nasty tape pause release screech which i have removed at the expense of the first second or two of the song. The fade in on Bright Side of the Road is on the master.

Track 1, 5-7: Jerry Garcia, guitar/lead vocal; John Kahn, bass; David Kemper, drums; Melvin Seals, keyboards; Gloria Jones and Jackie LaBranch, backing vocals.

Track 2: Jerry Garcia, guitar/lead vocal; John Kahn, bass; Ron Tutt, drums; Keith Godchaux, piano; Donna Jean Godchaux, backing vocal.

Track 3: Jerry Garcia, guitar/lead vocal; Merl Saunders, keyboard; John Kahn, bass; Bill Vitt, drums; Tom Fogerty, guitar.

Track 4: Jerry Garcia, guitar/lead vocal; Merl Saunders, keyboards; John Kahn, bass; Ron Tutt, drums; Martin Fierro, sax

Thanks to…
_ The tapers, without whom this is impossible.
_ SIRMick, for his talent recreating Michelangelo.
_ vanark, for handling the cover art details and lettering.
_ Vierstein91, who prodded me along by sending me a dozen Jerry shows (from Australia, no less), including one of the two performed versions of Tupelo Honey that I had found somewhat elusive.
_ Joe Hoyt, SIRMick and Mike Lembo from Sugarmegs, who provided me quite a few versions of songs I didn’t already have.
_ Art Siegel, he of the golden eye, who gave me permission to use one of his photos for the back cover. It was supposed to be of Van but this one was too unintentionally perfect to pass up.
_ Jerry, for the fingers, all nine of them.
_ Van, for the words (and the voice).

A Skiddly Bop Production
May 12, 2007

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Van Morrison & The Chieftains – 05/08/1988 – Reading, England


Hexagon Theatre
Reading, Berkshire
May 8th 1988

First Set with The Van Morrison Band

01. Celtic Excavation
02. Vanlose Stairway
03. Queen Of The Slipstream
04. I Forgot That Love Existed
05. The Mystery
06. What Would I Do
07. In The Garden
08. Summertime In England
09. Rave On John Donne >
10. Did Ye Get Healed

Second Set with The Chieftains

01. Star Of The County Down
02. She Moved Through The Fair
03. Ta Mo Chleamhnas Deanta
04. Raglan Road
05. I’ll Tell Me Ma
06. Carrickfergus
07. Celtic Ray
08. My Lagan Love
09. Marie’s Wedding
10. Irish Heartbeat
11. Boffyflow And Spike
12. Goodnight Irene
13. Moondance

Arty McGlynn – guitar
Dave Early – drums
Clive Culbertson – bass
Ritchie Buckley – saxophone
Derek Bell – keyboards
June Boyce – backing vocals

Thanks to Rob Kedward for the Tapes
Lineage: Master Cassettes > 2 x TDK SA90s > Akai GX95 11 > Soundforge PRO 10c > FLAC Level 8
Mastered to Digital by JTT, November 2011

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Van Morrison – 12/17/1995 – Dublin, Ireland

van morrison from dublin up to sandy row 95 frnt[1]

Van Morrison
The Point Theatre
Dublin, Ireland
FM broadcast

CD 1:
01. Ain’t That Loving You Baby?
02. No Religion
03. Days Like This
04. Raincheck
05. That’s Life
06. Wonderful Remark
07. Saint Dominic’s Preview
08. Listen To The Lion
09. Slim Slow Slider
10. Vanlose Stairway > TransEuro Train
11. Irish Heartbeat
12. Ballerina
CD 2:
01. Tupelo Honey> Why Must I Always Explain?
02. Moondance
03. Whenever God Shines His Light
04. In The Garden / You Send Me
05. Star Of The County Down
06. Satisfied
07. Melancholia
08. I’m Not Feeling It Anymore
09. Madame George
10. Brown Eyed Girl
11. Have I Told You Lately

van morrison from dublin up to sandy row 95 back[1]

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Van Morrison – 11/02/1990 – Wolverhampton, England

Van Morrison
Wolverhampton, England
Civic Hall
November 2, 1990

Disc 1
01-I Will Be There
02-In The Days Before Rock ‘N’ Roll
03-She’s My Baby
04-Cleaning Windows
05-Tore Down A La Rimbaud
07-Jackie Wilson Said
08-It Fills You Up
09-Domino-Real Real Gone

01-It’s All In The Game
03-Youth Of 1,000 Summers
04-Dweller On The Threshold
05-Avalon Of The Heart
06-Full Force Gale
07-Northern Muse-Solid Ground
08-In The Garden
09-Have I Told You Lately
10-It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
11-Summertime In England
12-See Me Through
14-So Quiet In Here

Lineup: Ritchie Buckley-sax, Dave Early-drums, Georgie Fame-organ, Steve Gregory-sax,
Andy Fairweather-Low-guitar, Rod McVey – keyboards, Brian Odgers-bass


Ratings are based on
Audience-setlist-venue-backup band-taping job and
finally Van’s mood in increasing order of importance

Audience taping

Many thanks to the taper

Completely reworked from an unknown generation source
Normalized-deglitched and retracked


Artwork included-thanks to HB

A good show featuring a rare appearance of She’s My Baby
as well as the only show I have with a Domino-Real Real Gone
segue. Nice version of Caravan and again the only show
I have which ends with So Quiet In Here-a strange choice!!!

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Van Morrison – 4/04/1982 – Essen, Germany

Van Morrison
Essen, Germany
April 4, 1982 (Sunday) See notes on date

A Wolf Remaster (see notes below)

01. Go To The Place In Your Mind [lead vocals by John Allair]
02. Into The Mystic
03. Moondance
04. Wavelength
05. Full Force Gale
06. Bright Side Of The Road
07. It’s All In The Game >
You Know What They’re Writing About
08. She Gives Me Religion
09. Northern Muse (Solid Ground)
10. Vanlose Stairway
11. Help Me
12. Love To You [lead vocals by Bianca Thornton backing vocals Pee Wee Ellis]
13. Celtic Ray
14. Dweller On The Treshold
15. Satisfied
16. Cleaning Windows
17. Summertime In England [with Pee Wee Ellis helping on vocals] > Band Intros
18. Scandinavia ^

^ – Van on piano

Band Members
Van Morrison – guitar, piano & vocals
Pee Wee Ellis – tenor saxaphone & backing vocals
Mark Isham – trumpet & synthesizer
John Allair – organ & lead and backing vocals
David Hayes – bass
Peter Van Hooke – drums
Tom Dollinger – drums
Chris Michie – lead & rhythm guitar
Pauline Lozano – backing vocals
Bianca Thornton – lead & backing vocals
Annie Stocking – backing vocals
Sean Fulsom (was not introduced in band intros) – pipes on “Northern Muse” and “Celtic Ray”

Date and Program Notes
Televised as a Rockpalast Special; The correct date for the Van Morrison show is Sunday April 4. The Rockpalast Night where this show was taken from started on April 3 around 11:00 pm with Rick James. Van played the second set and this was around 1:00 am on April 4. Therefore date of the actual show started on April 3 (in the late evening) and ended on April 4 (in the early morning). The broadcast date was the following evening April 4. Most of the Rockpalast shows are broadcast the date following the actual show. Hence the show was played over the 3rd and 4th of April 1982. It was broadcast live across Europe on April 4, 1982 that evening. This is why this show sometimes circulates as April 3 , 1982

Rolf Wolf’s Remaster Notes
My friend Manfred startet in the end of the last year to transfer some of his old analog rockpalast recordings on harddisc. He used for the transfer a professional Studer 807, Nakamichi HiCom II and a Terratec EWX 24/96 soundcard for A/D converting in very high 24bit quality. He burnded this ( very big ) 24bit WAV on a DVD-R and send it to me. So we had made all digital steps in 24bit and dithering only one time in 16bit.
My part was a ( small ) sound optimizing, fade ins/outs, to fixed trackmarker and dithering in 16bit/44.1KHz. Software of cource the good old WavLab and for dithering the Apogee UV22HR PlugIn.

This Van Morrison show were recorded from FM with a revox reel and a Revox tuner in April 1982. The sound quality is very good. This show is one of my favorite VM shows. Especially “summertime in england” is in my opinion the best version, I’ve ever hearded.
I had this show a few years ago remastered, but Manfred has now a much better anaglog equipment and so we have to try to make a better sound quality in 24bit.

This was recorded and remastered in the orignal 24 bit wav. When all was done it was at the end of the process (last step) that it was dithered to 16 bit and compressed to shn. so this will burn to cd with no problems if you want to.

These SHN files do not have all the loud pops on track 15 between the 1:00 minute thru 2:00 minute mark. They are present on all other Bootlegs

This show is also known to circulate in other Bootleg versions such as
“Live In Essen” by Golden Stars (GSCD-1105, released 1990) and
“Can You Feel The Silence” by Great Dane (GDR 8919)

Give Thanks to the taper and Rolf Wolf

Rockpalast Classics Vol. 4

Source: FM Broadcast on a Revox Tuner

Lineage: FM > Revox Tuner > Revox Reel Master

Transferr: Revox Reel Master > Studer 807 > Nakamichi HiCom II > Terratec EWX 24/96 Soundcard > 24 Bit Wav > DVD-R > Wavelab(remastered on 24 bit wav) > Apogee UV22HR PlugIn(dithered to 16 bit/44.1KHz) > SHN

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Van Morrison – 1971 – Pacific Studios

Van Morrison
Pacific Studios

Disc 1

Into The Mystic (8.2MB)
I’ve Been Working (8.7MB)
Friday’s Child (8.2MB)
Hound Dog (4.1MB)
Ballerina (12.4MB)
Tupelo Honey (8.8MB)
Wild Night (6.9MB)
Just Like A Woman (11.1MB)

Disc 2
Moonshine Whiskey (11.1MB)
Dead Or Alive (7.3MB)
You’re My Woman (8.4MB)
These Dreams (Of You) (4.8MB)
Domino (8.4MB)
Call Me Up In Dreamland (5.2MB)
Blue Monday (5.6MB)
Bring It On Home To Me (5.9MB)
Buona Sera (5.0MB)

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Van Morrison – 4/26/1970 – San Francisco, CA

Van Morrison
Fillmore West – San Francisco, California
April 26th, 1970

1. Moondance
2. Glad Tidings
3. Crazy Love
4. Come Running
5. The Way Young Lovers Do
6. Everyone
7. Brown Eyed Girl
8. And It Stoned Me
9. These Dreams Of You
10. Caravan
11. Cyprus Avenue
12. Into The Mystic


Van Morrison – Lead Vocals, rhythm guitar, sax
Collin Tilton – Tenor sax, flute
Jack Shroer – Alto/soprano sax
Jeff Labes – Piano, Organ
John Platanian – Lead guitar
Elias Shaar Dahaud – Drums
John Klingberg – Bass guitar

A perfect stereo soundboard recording. This is official release quality.
Van and the band are in great form,if you like VM – this is one not to miss.

Enjoy !!

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