Gov’t Mule – 08/12/2017 – Scranton, PA

Photo by Brian Hineline

Gov’t Mule
Main Stage
Peach Music Festival
Montage Mountain
Scranton, Pennsylvania

01 PA Music
02 Traveling Tune >
03 Stone Cold Rage
04 Revolution Come, Revolution Go
05 *#Can’t You See
06 @^Soulshine >
07 @^Night Time Is The Right Time
08 ^Devil Likes It Slow (With Les Brers In A Minor Tease) See Note Below
09 ^Which Way Do We Run
10 ^+Hottentot
11 ^+Kind Of Bird
12 Traveling Tune
13 $%Cortez The Killer

* With Jack Pearson On Guitar
# With Marcus King On Guitar
@ With Chuck Leavell On Keyboards
^ With John Scofield On Guitar
+ With Mark Quinones On Percussion
$ With John Bell On Guitar And Vocals
% With Jimmy Herring On Guitar

I was not going to upload my source as there is an unexplained gap of about 5 minutes at the end of Devil Likes It Slow, and start of Which Way Do We Run. No idea what happened. There are other sources uploaded. But, someone asked if I could share my source, so here it is.

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’s>Lunatec V2>Benchmark AD2K> Sound Devices 722 (24/44)
FOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP Section 102, Row Q, Between Seats 7 & 8, 7′ High
Recorded By: Z-Man

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