John Bell – 01/06/2001 – Orlando, FL


John Bell
House of Blues
Orlando, FL

0: Let’s Get The Show On The Road, Gradle, Sleepy Monkey, I’ve Got A Feeling, Indian Song, Blue Indian, Underground Umbrella*, Already Fried, Time Waits, Let’s Go Dancing, Chattahoochie Coochie Man**, Me And The Devil Blues**

E: When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God***, Space Wrangler > Long May You Live

* with Julius McKee on sousaphone
** with Buck Williams on harmonica
*** with Fredrick Sanders on keyboards, Kevin Harris on saxophone

[SMA Benefit; JB and Kevn Kinney; JB solo for ‘Let’s Get The Show On The Road’, ‘Gradle’, ‘Pass On’, ‘Time Waits’, ‘Space Wrangler’, and ‘Long May You Live’; Kevn Kinney solo for ‘Let’s Go Dancing’; The Dirty Dozen Brass Band also appeared; The Dirty Dozen Brass Band’s set featured JB on vocals for ‘It’s All Over Now’, ‘Christmas Katie’, ‘Use Me’, and ‘I Walk On Guilded Splinters’ and JB and Kevn on vocals on vocals for ‘Superstition’]

2. Gradle
3. Sleepy Monkey
4. I’ve Got a Feeling
5. Indian Song
6. Blue Indian
7. Underground Umbrella
8. Pass On
9. Body And Soul
10. Lets Go Dancing
11. Chattahhochie Coochieman
12. Me and The Devil
13. When Will I ever Learn To Live In God
14. Space Wrangler
15. Long May You Live

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