Kiss – 1977 – The Lost Alive II Album



Kiss – The Lost Alive II Album (1977)

One of the best Kiss bootlegs known to mankind! Professionally recorded, readily mixed and mastered. This material was obviously planned as the official Alive II release. The project was then cancelled and one year later the well-known studio-polished Alive II album was released.

Hearing the original recordings one can say, that most of the stuff on Alive II are overdubs layed down in the studio. Songs on this version are way rougher and more kick-ass versions than on the “commercialised” official version.

Rumors say that these live recordings were done at Tokyo’s Budokan Hall during the 1977 Tour. The studio songs (tracks 12-16) are alternative versions or different mixes of the songs on Alive II.

Tracklist: 1. Detroit Rock City, 2. Take Me, 3. Ladies Room, 4. Do You Love Me?, 5. Makin’ Love, 6. I Want You, 7. God of Thunder, 8. Cold Gin, 9. Beth, 10. Shout It Out Loud, 11. Rock And Roll All Nite, 12. Larger Than Live (Studio), 13. Rocket Ride (Studio), 14. All American Man (Studio), 15. Anyway You Want It (Studio), 16. Rockin’ In the USA (Studio).

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