Primus – 12/31/2014 – Oakland, CA

Uber Drum Spectacular
Fox Theater
Oakland, CA

Set 1:

Les Claypool – Bass
Larry Lalonde – Guitar
Tim Alexander – Drums

01. Intro
02. Seas of Cheese
03. John the Fisherman
04. Toys Go Winding Down
05. Frizzle Fry
06. Over the Falls
07. Lee Van Cleef
08. Jilly’s on Smack
09. Tree Story
10. Del Davis Tree Farm
11. The Heckler

-“Cocaine Blues” tease before Lee Van Cleef

Set 2:

Les Claypool – Bass
Larry Lalonde – Guitar
Tim Alexander – Drums
Danny Carey – Drums

01. Those Damned Blue. Collar Tweekers
02. Last Salmon Man
03. Southbound Pachyderm
04. Too Many Puppies > Aenima > Aenima
05. Eleven
06. Band Intro
07. My Name Is Mud
08. Jerry Was a Racecar Driver
09. Star Spangled Banner – NYE Countdown
10. Hot For Teacher* (Van Halen cover)
11. Moby Dick (Led Zepplin cover)
12. Encore Break
13. American Life
14. Here Come The Bastards

*with Bob C. Cock on vocals

Source: CSB’s > Tascam DR07mkII Portable Stereo Digital Recorder @ 16bit48khz
Recorded, tracked, and uploaded by RockTheMullet

Recorded front and center, right on the barricade. You’re going to hear some…interesting…comments from my drunk friend who was next time me, particularly in Set 2. Sorry. Otherwise, I think it should be a pretty clear recording. It all sounded solid while I tracked it. Enjoy!

I don’t feel like doing a whole “write up,” but damn, what a great show. The 1st set was one of the best 1st sets I’ve seen them do and I finally got to see them do the Heckler live! It was amazing to see Tim and Danny drumming together. I don’t know how it will come across just through the recording, since you can’t see who is doing what parts, but seeing them go back and forth and play in unison was great. Tim had a huge smile on his face the whole night. Also, during Bastards, Tim got up from his drumset, went to Ler’s mic, and thanked everyone for the support “while he was down.” I’ve never seen/heard of Tim talking at a show, so that was a special moment. So thanks Tim!

Photos by Jay Blakesberg

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