Bloodkin and Friends – 12/10/2016 – Athens, GA

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Photos by Craig Baird (Live and Listen) & Chris Cage 

To donate towards the Danny Hutchens Recovery Fund

Bloodkin & Friends
Georgia Theater
Athens GA

set 1

01 Greetings

Mark Wilmot and Adam Poulin

02 Five Fights A Pint
03 Black Moonlight

Bloodkin & Friends w/out Danny Hutchens

04 Intro
05 Jazz Funeral
06 Easter Eggs
07 Is That All There Is
08 Black Jacket
09 Loves Getting Older
10 Wet Trombone Blues
11 Sick Of It All
12 Place To Crash
13 Lifer
14 Raven Beauties
15 Success Yourself
16 My Name Is Alice
17 Canít Get High
18 Makes Sense To Me

set 2

01 Raffle/Announcements

Jerry Joseph

02 Think On These Things – solo acoustic
03 Giraffe- solo acoustic
04 War At The End of the World
05 Quarter Tank Of Gasoline
06 Banter/ Lineup Change

Bloodkin & Friends – w/out Danny Hutchens

07 Crosses By The Highway
08 Clinic Cynic
09 No Matter What
10 The Waker
11 It Was You
12 Canít Change The Past
13 Down
14 Sandbox
15 Most Beautiful Day
16 Way Too Loud
17 Banter/Tuning
18 I Had A Pony

W/ Danny Hutchens on vocals

19 Beneath The Streets of Nashville
20 End Of The Show

Danny departs

21 Henry Parsons Died
22 Happy

Bloodkin & Friends:
Danny Hutchens-vocals on Tracks 19 & 20
Eric Carter- guitar, vocals
William Tonks- guitar, lap steel, vocals
Mike Hurwitz- bass
Aaron Phillips- drums
Eric Martinez- guitar, vocals
Jerry Joseph- guitar, vocals
Sam Holt- guitar, vocals
Todd Nance- drums, vocals
Jon Mills- bass, vocals
John Neff- pedal steel
David Nickle- guitar, vocals
Besty Frank- vocals
David Barbe- guitar
Adam Poulin- violin
Daniel Eaton- guitar
Mark Wilmot- guitar, vocals
Josh Stack-guitar on Track 20

source: Schoeps mk4>nbob actives>audioroot femto pre> sd 744 24/48
fob DFC front balcony rail DIN
taped & seeded by Chris Cage

A Home Team Production

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BarTab 5 – 05/12/2015 – Athens, GA


Bar Tab 5
The Georgia Theatre
Athens, GA
May 12th, 2015

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The Honey Sliders

101.  Introductions
102.  She Got Away

103.  Combat High
104.  Alex Jones Please

Kevin Sweeney
Kathy Kirbo
Kelly Noonan
Creston Spiers

Col. Bruce Hampton

201.  Feeling Good All The Time
202. Ain’t Nothing You Can Do
203. There Was a Time
204. I’m So Glad

Col Bruce Hampton – vocals
Jacob Deaton guitar, vocals

Randall Bramblett and Friends

301. Used to Rule the World
302. House of Pain
303. Get in Get out

Randall Bramblett – sax, keys, vocals
John Keane – guitar, vocals
Todd Nance – drums
Sonny Ortiz – percussion
Jon Mills – bass

The Dyrty Byrds

401. Fix it up Man * (with Daniel Hutchens – vocals)
402. No Matter What (Michael Houser)
403. Southern Angels
404. Sandbox (Michael Houser)

Tori Pater – guitar, vocals
Sam Holt – guitar, vocals
Eric Martinez – guitar, vocals
Todd Nance – drums
Sunny Ortiz – percussion

Kathy Kirbo, Kelly Noonan, Creston Spiers, and Kevin Sweeney

501.  Disposable
502.  Chill
503.  Lucky Star

The Normaltown Flyers

603. Under My Thumb (Jagger/Richards)

Romper Stompers

701. How Many Books You Got?
702. Broccoli Wars
703. Snow Day

William Tonks – guitar, vocals
Daniel Hutchens – guitar, vocals
Jon Mills – bass
Todd Nance – drums, vocals
Sonny Ortiz – percussion

Bloodkin and Friends

801. Jazz Funeral
802. Lifer
803. End of the Show

Daniel Hutchens – guitar, vocals
Eric Carter – lead guitar, vocals
Jon Mills – bass
Todd Nance – drums

Patterson Hood with Claire Campbell

901. Pollyanna
902. Uncle Disney
903. After the Damage
904. Back of a Bible
905. Angels and Fuselage

Barbara Cue

1001. Coach
1002. Little Floater
1003. Explode
1004. For One Thing
1005. Clinic Cynic
1006. Do You Read Me
1007. Enough ifds Enough
1008. Pictures of You

William Tonks – guitar, vocals
Todd Nance – drums

Recorded with Neumann KM184’s > Sound Devices 722 @ 48 kHZ/24 bit
Recorded by D. Fries

Col. Bruce (MK4+SBD) and The Honey Sliders (MK41+SBD) recorded by Jesse Mc
Location: balcony/dfc

-Artist credits not complete.


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