Rush – 09/21/1984 – Toronto, Canada

Maple Leaf Gardens,
Toronto, Canada

1. The Spirit of Radio
2. The Enemy Within’
3. The Weapon
4. Witch Hunt
5. New World Man
6. Distant Early Warning
7. Red Sector A
8. Closer to the Heart
9. YYZ
10. The Temples of Syrinx
11. Tom Sawyer
12. Vital Signs
13. Finding My Way
14. In The Mood

SBD Fear > ? > FLAC

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Traffic – 11/23/1970 – New York, NY

The Anderson Theater
New York, NY
Nov 23, 1970

SBD – Opener for the Grateful Dead

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Garth Brooks – 11/xx/2007 – Kansas City, MO

Garth Brooks
Sprint Center
Kansas City, MO
November 2007


THE RIVER (Garth Solo)

Garth played 7 nights in Kansas City at the newly opened, “Sprint Center.”

I believe this show was taken from the 7th and final night of this mini-tour. Garth has a thing for the number 7. He came out of retirement to play 7 sold out nights in Kansas City. His wife, Trisha Yearwood, opened each night.

The engineers obviously wanted a sing-a-long feel for, “We Shall Be Free” and “The River.” The only problem is, the people that are closest to the microphones are chatting it up, and they don’t sing too well. It’s not distracting, but it’s something worth noting.

This isn’t the full show, it’s missing quite a few songs. The GAC network was lucky enough to get this footage, and I thought I’d share it with you guys. Garth gives a tearful message at the end of, “The Dance”, he tells the crowd, fighting back the tears, that if they wait for him, he’ll be back.

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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – 08/03/1999 – Minneapolis, MN

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
Target Center
Minneapolis, MN

01. Jamming Me
02. Running Down A Dream
03. Breakdown
04. Swingin’
05. Don’t Do Me Like That
06. Last Dance With Mary Jane
07. I Won’t Back Down
08. Listen To Her Heart
09. Diamond Head
10. Don’t Come Around Here No More
11. Walls Fall Down
12. Room At The Top
13. You Got Lucky
14. Free Girl Now
15. You Wreck Me
16. Free Fallin’
17. G.L.O.R.I.A.
18. American Girl

sound: A+

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Gregg Allman & Warren Haynes – 09/02/2006 – Morrison, CO

Gregg Allman & Warren Haynes
Red Rocks Amphitheater
Morrison, CO

01. Midnight Rider
02. Come And Go Blues
03. Old Before My Time
04. Come On Into My Kitchen
05. These Days
06. Soulshine
07. Melissa

Soundboard Recording

At Farm Aid 2007. Gregg Allman, in addition to playing with the Allman Brothers Band, did two solo numbers. He teamed up with Willie Nelson on Midnight Rider, and played with Dave Matthews and Warren Haynes on Melissa. Of course. Greg and Warren had worked together for years when Haynes was a member of the Allmans.

This soundboard recording foreshadows the Greg/Warren collaboration at Farm Aid, capturing the duo playing live together a year earlier.

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Allman Brothers Band – 09/01/1995 – Burgettstown, PA

Allman Brothers Band
Star Lake Amphitheatre
Burgettstown, PA

CD 1:
01. Tuning, Intro
02. Don’t Want You No More >
03. It’s Not My Cross To Bear >
04. Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More
05. Ramblin’ Man
06. Good Clean Fun
07. Sailin’ ‘Cross the Devil’s Sea
08. Same Thing
09. Soulshine
10. End Of The Line
11. Stormy Monday

CD 2:
01. Back Where It All Begins
02. Hoochie Coochie Man
03. No One To Run With
04. Jessica
05. crowd

06. Southbound >
07. One Way Out >
08. Whipping Post

Source: Soundboard DAT

Transfer: Panasonic SV-3700 > UA-5 > USB > WaveLab @ [16/48]


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Bob Marley & The Wailers – 04/10/1979 – Tokyo, Japan

Bob Marley & The Wailers
April 10, 1979
Nakano Sun Plaza Hall
Tokyo, Japan

d1t1 Rastaman Vibration
d1t2 Concrete Jungle
d1t3 I Shot The Sheriff
d1t4 No Woman No Cry
d1t5 Lively Up Yourself
d1t6 War / No More Trouble
d1t7 Running Away / Crazy Baldhead
d1t8 The Heathen
d2t1 Jamming
d2t2 Is This Love
d2t3 Get Up Stand Up
d2t4 Exodus
d2t5 Bob Marley Interview

Source: SBD – Import Bootleg Title: ‘Japan’

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Led Zeppelin – 07/03/1980 – Mannheim, Germany



01 Train Kept A-Rollin’
02 Nobody’s Fault But Mine
03 Out On The Tiles(intro)Black Dog
04 In The Evening
05 The Rain Song
06 Hot Dog
07 All My Love
08 Trampled Underfoot
09 Since I’ve Been Loving You
10 Achilles Last Stand
11 White Summer/Black Mountain Side
12 Kashmir(CUT)
13 Stairway To Heaven
14 Communication Breakdown
15 Rock And Roll




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Stevie Wonder – 01/31/1974 – London, England

Stevie Wonder
at the Rainbow Theater
London, England
January 31, 1974

soundboard recording
bootleg release “Funkafied Rainbow”

88:18 minutes

01 Contusion 17:44
02 instrumental 2:32
03 Higher Ground 3:20
04 Mary Wants To Be A Superwoman
> To Know You Is To Love You 10:24
05 Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours 3:02
06 Visions 9:58
07 Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing 4:44
08 Living For The City 10:59
09 You Are The Sunshine Of My Life > Superstition
> (You’ve Been Better to Me Than) A Lot of My Dreams 25:31

“Big-Fro Discs” release (BF-001/2)

May 2016 reseed by zootype:
retracked with some repairs

Michael Sembello: guitar
Reginald McBride: bass
Ollie Brown: drums
Wonderland vocal group: backing vocals
Stevie Wonder: keyboards, vocals, harmonica

bootleg CD>unknown transfer>FLAC>2005 seed
a zootype reseed May 2016

Review by Head Heritage

For one of the greatest performers of the 20th Century, there’s very little live material afloat from Stevie Wonder, especially from his celebrated “golden age” in the 1970s. This man released a string of perfect albums in the 1970s (from “Music of My Mind” in 1972 to “Songs in the Key of Life” in 1976), yet never issued an official live recording during that period, which is a shame.

This is a bootleg of Stevie’s concert at the Rainbow in London, in 1974. Word was, back in the day, that this concert was going to be officially released, but later on Stevie changed his mind, saying the audio quality of the tapes wasn’t up to snuff. This is strange, because the bootleg is a soundboard recording, and has great sound. Everything comes in crystal clear.

If you take a look at this CD, the first thing that will strike you is the length of most of the songs. Seven minutes, eleven minutes, even eighteen minutes. You take a look at that 1974 date, take a look at Stevie’s large, multi-ethnic band (complete with electric guitar, keyboards, a great bassist), and you figure you’re in for some stoned-out mid-‘70s “hairy funk,” which was the style at the time. But, save for a few moments, that’s not the case. The majority of the running time on the longer tracks is given over to Stevie improvising while playing his clavinet alone; there are only a few moments of full-on funky jamming from the complete band. Which is a shame, especially for anyone who’s seen that great footage of Stevie on “Sesame Street” from 1972, playing “Superstition” live with his touring group; there they tear through the song and take names. (For anyone who wants to see this, search for it at

The concert opens with an eighteen-minute take of the rock/jazz instrumental “Contusion” (released two years later on the double LP “Songs in the Key of Life”), the house announcer introducing the star to the audience while Stevie’s band (aka Wonderlove) vamps through some solos. When I first saw the length of this track, I anticipated a workout of epic proportions, the band really getting into the groove. But instead, the whole affair is more of a twelve-minute warm-up. The bass will play for a few minutes, then the guitar, then some funky drums. Nothing locks together into “Contusion” itself until the final three minutes, and from there it sounds remarkably like the album version. So pretty good, but not the super-long fusion extravaganza I expected. However, warm-up or not, I can’t stress how funky it all is.

From there Stevie leads the band into some funky clavinet/drums jamming, with airy, wordless female vocals in the background. Two minutes in, Stevie cuts this off, telling the audience “We’ve gotta save that for later on in the show, we can’t do that now.” He then informs us that the first track we heard was “Contusion,” and then launches into “Higher Ground.” Again, this sounds much like the studio take, though Stevie has a different, more electronic (yet still funky) sound on his clavinet, which sounds similar to some of the keyboards on the Miles Davis fusion classic “On the Corner.” The band isn’t given much room to jam; it all sounds very much like the version on “Innervisions,” except the bass is a bit louder. However Stevie’s voice, I should mention, is strong throughout this song and the rest of the concert – he hits the same notes he hits in the studio takes.

Next we have “Superwoman,” off the truly unsung “Music of My Mind” LP. Feedback gets in the way of the first few lines, but from there it’s just Stevie, a smooth guitar, bass, and drums. Two and a half minutes in, Stevie calls “Everyone play,” and the band opens up for the final minute. The track is much shorter than the studio take found on “Music of My Mind;” here Stevie only sticks to the first half of the song (“Superwoman”), and skips the second half (“Where Were You When I Needed You”).

After the more melodic “Superwoman,” things get funky again with “To Know You is to Love You,” a song Stevie penned and produced for his former wife Syreeta, and which appeared on her first album. Here it’s stretched out to a bit over seven minutes, and the full band gets to jam the groove; unlike “Contusion,” they’re all playing together. A good portion of the song is given over to the band jamming on the riff, with Stevie’s backup singers moaning “To know you is to love you,” while the man himself provides some wordless vocals overtop. Lots of moments like this on the concert, by the way; Stevie’s fond of his “aahs” and such. As the track builds and builds, the funk gets deeper and deeper, with all kinds of wah-wah action from the guitar and clavinet.

“Signed, Sealed and Delivered” is next, again sticking close to the studio version. Not much to say about this one; the song precedes Stevie’s self-produced, “golden” era, so it doesn’t allow for the funky expressionism he brings to the later tracks in the set. But hell, the song’s a classic, and one of the best things Motown has in its catalog. It just doesn’t fit here.

“Visions” follows, ten minutes long, with the first three minutes given over to Stevie expressing his feelings to the audience over soft, soft guitar, bass, keyboard, and the occasional cymbal tap. He tells the audience he loves them, then the song officially begins. Again, it is very close to what you’ll hear on “Innervisions.” The song ends at seven minutes in…or does it? Stevie, for some reason so happy with his audience, decides to improvise a whole new verse. The music stays the same, that soft, jazzy dreaminess familiar from the godlike “Innervisions” LP. The crowd screams its appreciation at the end, and the track closes out Disc 1.

Disc 2 opens with “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing,” another “Innervisions” classic. Something’s happened midway, because now everything seems much louder than before. Maybe this is the audio problem which kept Stevie from releasing the show officially – the first half wasn’t recorded as well as the second? The song as performed here isn’t as full as the studio version. It’s more of an intimate affair, Stevie on keys, with the band quietly jamming behind him. It’s also not nearly as ebullient and frantic as the studio version. That is, until it kicks into a higher gear two minutes in. The guitarist has this warm tone throughout the concert, and here it’s put to good use, with him providing jazzy little notes and riffs. Again, there’s a big difference between the album version and this live version. Which is a good thing; who wants to go to a concert and hear songs that sound the same as their studio counterparts?

And now we come to “Living for the City,” that epic classic from “Innervisions.” Eleven minutes here, but again not due to the super-jamming you might expect (or even a re-enactment of the infamous mid-song “arrest” on the LP version), but due to Stevie improvising solo. It starts off just like the studio version, save with the Wonderlove backup girls adding vocals at the end of each verse. Stevie’s keys are brighter here than on the studio version, nearly ear-piercing at times. Now, we all know how the LP version features a staged arrest and lock-up halfway through the song. Here, Stevie just stops the song four minutes in, breaks for a few seconds, and then comes back jamming the theme on his keys. He prods the band to keep up with him (drums and bass only, with guitar eventually joining in), then directs the audience to clap along. From there on it’s Dictator Stevie; in between his vocal improvisations (“I’m sick of/Living for the city”), he painstakingly attempts to get the backup singers (and the audience) to not only sing the phrase “Are you tired now,” but also WHEN to sing it. “No, no, don’t repeat it AFTER me, sing it WITH me!” Stevie yells on multiple occasions. One can almost see him shaking that sunglass’d face in frustration. Finally, the band joins in for a full-on groove for the final minute.

“You Are the Sunshine of My Life” follows, here even longer than the preceding track. Only three minutes on “Talking Book,” here “Sunshine” is stretched to an unwieldy twelve minutes. My favorite part: Stevie introduces a member of Wonderlove who co-sings the song with him; after she sings “You are the apple of my eye,” someone in the audience whistles at her. Instead of dropping out of the track for more improvisation, here the group jams away in a jazzy groove. This then breaks down for a minute or two of Stevie solo on harmonica. Then the band comes back in on that jazzy groove. Stevie calls for “a little more edge” on his mic, then jumps into some scat vocals over the beat. Finally he cuts loose with that harmonica, the band opening it up a bit. But this track, despite it’s running length, is a bit too subdued. And I have to mention that Stevie treats us to his imitation of Gomer Pyle, singing the lyrics, for the last minute or two.

“Superstition” follows immediately thereafter, and I am so glad it’s here. Not only is this my all-time favorite Stevie Wonder song, it’s also just my favorite song ever. Stevie sticks to the funk here; no more of that soulful improvising over quiet backing. This is hard and heavy throughout its seven-minute running time. Even the guitar gets turned up to a tougher edge! It’s not as full-sounding as that “Sesame Street” performance mentioned above (mostly because Stevie had guys on sax and horn there; here he doesn’t), but it’s just as funky. Yes, the band hits on all cylinders here, and though I can’t say I like this version better than the studio take released on “Talking Book,” I have to say it rocks just as hard. But then it pulls a fast one, revving up the tempo four minutes in, into a hardcore-level pace. Stevie works the hell out of that clavinet, and the guitarist (I see him, waiting patiently throughout the show for the nod from Stevie) finally cuts loose. The band locks in on a bass-lead groove, with the guitarist shredding overtop. (But still, what I wouldn’t give to have him joined by Pete Cosey – he of “Agharta,” Miles Davis’ super-heavy guitarist around this time period.) And then, just when you think it’s all about to pound you into the dirt, the song gets even faster! Here the group officially takes over, the guitarist, bassist, and drummer just rocking the hell out of the tune. Without question, this track is the highlight of the concert. Eventually the group fades away, with Stevie’s keys floating up and taking over, leading us into the next (and final) track.

“Encore Jam” is how the CD labels this final song. “Encore Improvisation” would be just as good a title. It’s all Stevie improvisation, telling the audience how much he loves them, while the group provides quiet yet jazzy accompaniment. Stevie’s sure to let us know he did NOT write this song earlier; he’s making it all up as he sings. Sometimes this works out, sometimes it doesn’t; a few times Stevie has no choice but to make up words to finish the rhyme. It’s funny, at one point he sings to the crowd that if his future albums don’t please them, then that will only serve to make him try to do better! The track wraps up at six minutes, the crowd screaming, Stevie telling them he loves them, the guitarist throwing in one last, very Hendrix-ian solo (“Angel”-era Hendrix, that is), and it’s all over.

There are two Stevie Wonders: the soulful balladeer who gives us tracks like “You are the Sunshine of My Life,” “Love’s in Need of Love Today,” and “Isn’t She Lovely,” but sometimes gets a bit too saccharine for his own good. And there’s the bad-ass Stevie, who gives us the fuzzed-out funk of “Keep On Running,” “All Day Sucker,” and “Do Yourself a Favor” (one of the greatest tracks in the Wonder catalog, a hard-hitting funk monster which can be found on his 1971 LP “Where I’m Coming From”). I would’ve preferred more of the hard-hitting funk Stevie on this bootleg, and less of the soulful improvising Stevie, but that’s just me.

The fact is, this is a great concert, with great sound, and it should’ve been released officially. Definitely hunt it down if you are a Stevie fan (and let’s face it, what excuse would you have to NOT be a fan of golden age Stevie Wonder?).

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Johnny Cash – 10/02/1976 – Wheeling, WV

Johnny Cash
Jamboree USA
Capitol Music Hall
Wheeling, WV
October 2, 1976 (Late Show)

01. Help Me (Anita Carter)
02. Hold My Hand (Jan Howard)
03. Wabash Cannonball – Worried Man Blues (The Carter Family)
04. Ring Of Fire
05. Folsom Prison Blues
06. Pickin’ Time
07. Big River
08. There You Go
09. Sunday Morning Coming Down
10. One Piece At A Time
11. Give My Love To Rose
12. A Boy Named Sue
13. Ragged Old Flag
14. Comedy Act (June Carter Cash)
15. Yodel Song (June Carter Cash)
16. Jackson (with June Carter Cash)
17. I Still Miss Someone
18. Hey Porter
19. Wreck Of The Old 97
20. Casey Jones
21. Orange Blossom Special
22. I Walk The Line

Source: Soundboard

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Bob Marley & The Wailers – 10/28/1979 – New York, NY

Bob Marley & The Wailers
The Apollo Theater
New York, NY

[1] Positive Vibration [5:00]
[2] Wake Up & Live [6:11]
[3] The Heathen [5:08]
[4] One Drop [4:32]
[5] I Shot The Sheriff [4:39]
[6] Runnin Away > [3:59]
[7] Crazy Baldhead// [1:17]
[8] Zimbabwe [4:27]
[9] War > [3:24]
10] No More Trouble [1:47]
11] Exodus [7:40]

12] No Woman No Cry [6:49]
13] Jammin// [4:27]

Source: SBD > ? > CDRx > EAC > FLAC
Length: 59:27m

Bob Marley & The Wailers closing night at the Apollo, an amazing run of seven shows in four days. The whole night accompanied by a fantastic horn section, the band performs a unique show that’s one of their best. Several tremendous moments await. Undoubtedly, the Carly bassline and the fine horns, the rhythms will take you on good travels.

Some hiss and buzz, probably from a cassette generation. There’s also a bit of distortion due to the analog generational losses. 11 hits on Etree, 10 on Phishook, none lossless, only cd-da. This is a secure EAC extraction
with logs included. The source is indefinite, but is free of lossy compression or noise reduction. The buzz/hiss could potentially be remastered to a much lower volume, as there are two extended periods of only noise between songs,  nearly 10s without applause. Okay. Feel Bob’s spirit. Lord I thank you.

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Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons – 08/14/2003 – Telluride, CO

The stream for the Widespread Panic show immediately before this set is also available.

Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons
Telluride, CO
Sheridan Opera House

1. Airplane > Jam>
2. Brother Michael > Jam >
3. Ray of Heaven > She Drives Me Crazy > Ray
4. Chinese Balls
5. Pumpkin Time
6. Ten Killer Fairies
7. The Kind of Place
8. Bears that Dance, Bears That Donít^
9. Mountain Song^> Mountain Home^
10. Fishin*^@
11. Cop Shoot Cop>
12. North> Nicaragua> North*@

13. Postcards
14. Road to Damascus > Empire One > RTD > We’re Fine

Steve Drizos (Dexter Grove) played percussion the entire show
*w/Jay Pat on harmonica
^w/Charley Orlando on guitar (Dexter Grove)
@w/Hunter Williams on percussion

Source SBD >
Lineage ? > SHN > xACT > FLAC
Taped by Jim Bull? (Kirk Davis is credited with night 1 on LMA)

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Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons – 08/13/2003 – Telluride, CO

Widespread Panic Aftershow

Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons
Telluride, CO
Sheridan Opera House

01.Pure Life
02.Jump > Until The End Of The World > Jump
03.Hey Mancha
04.Fury >
05.Spanish Bombs
07.Lick the Tears *
08.My Little Tiger * > CTS rap * > MLT *
09.//Bright Young Thing #
10.Chrome Koran *#
11.Light is Like Water #
12.Encore: Happy Birthday > Savage Garden > Empire One > Let’s Talk about Sex > Empire One > Savage Garden

Steve Drizos (Dexter Grove) played percussion the entire show
* w/ Jay Pat on harmonica
# w/ Dave Schools on bass

Source SBD > Tascam DA-P1 > shn
Lineage shn > TLH > Flac
Taped by Kirk Davis
Transferred by Lobster

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Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons – 11/17/2001 – Charlotte, NC

The stream of the Widespread Panic set is also available

Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons
Independence Arena
Charlotte, NC

01. Pure Life
02. Bakersfield
03. North
04. Chrome Koran
05. The Kind of Place
06. Ching-a-Ling
07. The Fastest Horse in Town*
08. Road to Damascus*^ > Yeah, We’re Fine*^
* with Michael Houser
^ with Jojo Hermann

Source SBD (taper and lineage unknown)

Opened for Widespread Panic

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Mom’s Kitchen – 02/10/2017 – St Louis, MO

Mom’s Kitchen
Delmar Hall
St. Louis, MO

~ Set I ~

Holden Oversoul
C. Brown
Bayou Lena
It Ain’t No Use>
Climb To Safety
Ain’t Life Grand

~ Set II ~

Radio Child
Barstools and Dreamers
Expiration Day
Weak Brain, Narrow Mind
Stop Go>
Fire On the Mountain>
Space Wrangler>
Porch Song>
Space Wrangler

~ Encore ~

Wish You Were Here *
You Can’t Always Get What You Want *

* w/Anna Collins – Vocals

Run Time: 2hrs 58mins

Taped by Otterman

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Merle Haggard – 07/24/1999 – Aptos, CA

Merle Haggard
Aptos Village Park – Fat Fry
Aptos, CA


silver wings
workin’ man blues
big city
twinkle lucky star
twinkle lucky star (reprise)
I think I’ll just stay here and drink
rainbow stew
ramblin’ fever
old fashioned love
bottle let me down
the way love goes
make-up and faded blue jeans
milk cow blues
mama tried
swingin’ doors
kern river
california blues
misery & gin
honky tonk night time man
okie from muskogee (false start)
okie from muskogee
“I’ve got to go empty a kidney” merle haggard

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Allman Brothers Band – 07/09/1970 – Stony Brook, NY

Allman Brothers Band
Stony Brook, NY
July 9, 1970

Dreams (13:03)
Midnight Rider (3:04)
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (15:59)
Whipping Post (10:37) >
Mountain Jam (28:46)

Recorded by Seth Dworken
Stony Brook Summer Orientation Pre-Concert

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Grateful Dead – 12/31/1981 – Oakland, CA

Grateful Dead
December 31, 1981
Oakland Auditorium
Oakland, CA

Joan Baez Solo Set:
d1t01 – Land Of A Thousand Dances
d1t02 – Do Right Woman
d1t03 – The Boxer
d1t04 – Tunisian New Year Song

Acoustic Set (w/ Joan Baez):
d1t05 – Me & Bobby McGee
d1t06 – Bye Bye Love
d1t07 – Lucifer’s Eyes
d1t08 – Children Of The 80’s
d1t09 – Banks Of The Ohio

Set 1:
d2t01 – Shakedown Street
d2t02 – Me And My Uncle >
d2t03 – Mexicali Blues
d2t04 – Cold Rain And Snow
d2t05 – C C Rider*
d2t06 – It Must Have Been The Roses** >
d2t07 – Beat It On Down The Line
d2t08 – Big Boss Man* >
d2t09 – New Minglewood Blues*
d2t10 – Don’t Ease Me In

Set 2:
d3t01 – Ken Kesey Banter/Midnight Countdown
d3t02 – Iko Iko
d3t03 – Playing In The Band >
d3t04 – Terrapin Station >
d3t05 – Playing In The Band >
d3t06 – Drums >
d4t01 – Space >
d4t02 – The Other One >
d4t03 – Not Fade Away >
d4t04 – Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad >
d4t05 – Morning Dew

Set 3:
d4t06 – Dark Star >
d4t07 – Bertha >
d4t08 – Good Lovin’

d4t09 – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue**
d4t10 – The Chinese Joke

— Thanks to Joani Walker and Paul Scotton for the tapes
— * with Matthew Kelly
— ** with Joan Baez

Recording Info:
SBD -> Cassette Master (Dolby B)

Transferred and Mastered By David Gans
Converted To FLAC By Charlie Miller

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Led Zeppelin – 06/07/1977 – New York, NY

Led Zeppelin
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

Magical Sound Boogie (Empress Valley)

01.The Song Remains The Same
02.The Rover Introduction / Sick Again
03.Nobody’s Fault But Mine
04.In My Time Of Dying
05.Since I’ve Been Loving You
06.No Quarter
07.Ten Years Gone
08.The Battle Of Evermore
09.Going To California
10.Black Country Woman
11.Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
12.White Summer / Black Mountain Side
14.Out On The Tiles / Moby Dick
15.Guitar Solo (Include Star Spangled Banner)
16.Achilles Last Stand
17.Stairway To Heaven
18.Whole Lotta Love
19.Rock And Roll

Source: SBD
Lineage: Silver CD

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Leonard Cohen – 04/18/1988 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Leonard Cohen
Music Theatre
Amsterdam, Holland

101 Dance Me To The End Of Love
102 Who By Fire
103 Ain’t No Cure For Love
104 The Law
105 Heart With No Companion
106 I’m Your Man
107 Coming Back To You
108 First We Take Manhattan
109 Chelsea Hotel #2
110 Tower Of Song
201 One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
202 Everybody Knows
203 There Is A War
204 Take This Waltz
205 Sisters Of Mercy
206 Bird On The Wire
207 Hallelujah
208 Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
209 I Can’t Forget
210 Suzanne
211 So Long, Marianne

Unknown source (soundboard or FM?)

This is one of my favourite Cohen live performances – recommended
Don’t miss out on this one, if you have an interest in Leonard Cohen
Strange that 2 of the best Cohen live concerts (if combining performance with quality) took place on April 18th (1988 and 1993)


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