Pink Talking Fu – 04/22/2017 – Live Oak, FL

Photo by Kerry Barbato

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Pink Talking Fu
(Members of Pink Talking Fish, Kung Fu, and Turkuaz celebrate the music Of David Bowie & Prince)
Wanee Music Festival
Mushroom Stage
Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park
Live Oak, FL

01. Big Mike Intro
02. Musicology
03. Fame >
04. 1999
05. Golden Years >
06. Take Me With You
07. Under Pressure*
08. Kiss*%+ >
09. Drums+
10. Young Americans*%+
11. I Wanna Be Your Lover*+
12. Let’s Dance#+
13. Let’s Go Crazy+
14. Space Oddity+
15. Sexy MF#+
16. Heroes
17. Purple Rain+%+
18. Encore Break/Big Mike Love
19. All The Young Dudes+
20. Big Mike Outro

* w/ Shira Elias on vocals
% w/ Sammi Garett on vocals
# w/ Greg Sanderson on sax and Chris Brouwers on trumpet
+ w/ Michelangelo Carubba on percussion

Big thanks Devin Ryan (dnuggs) for the alt source via Jon Hafner (T-90) for the encore. I thought they were done and had already started breaking down my rig

Source: AKG C480B/CK63 > Oade T+ Mod Edirol UA-5 > iRiver iHP-120/16Bit/48KHz
Alt Source for Encore: Milab VM-44 (Cardioid) > Shure FP24 > Sony PCM-M10 thanks to Devin Ryan
Recorded by Scott Douglas

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Mom’s Kitchen – 02/10/2017 – St Louis, MO

Mom’s Kitchen
Delmar Hall
St. Louis, MO

~ Set I ~

Holden Oversoul
C. Brown
Bayou Lena
It Ain’t No Use>
Climb To Safety
Ain’t Life Grand

~ Set II ~

Radio Child
Barstools and Dreamers
Expiration Day
Weak Brain, Narrow Mind
Stop Go>
Fire On the Mountain>
Space Wrangler>
Porch Song>
Space Wrangler

~ Encore ~

Wish You Were Here *
You Can’t Always Get What You Want *

* w/Anna Collins – Vocals

Run Time: 2hrs 58mins

Taped by Otterman

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Hampton 70 – 05/01/2017 – Atlanta, GA

Col. Bruce Hampton 1947 – 2017

Photo by Josh Timmermans

Hampton 70
A Celebration Of Col. Bruce Hampton’s Life
The Fabulous Fox Theatre
Atlanta, Georgia


01 Announcement On Fox Theatre Institute By Hattie
Tyler Neal/Darren Stanley/Dante Harmon/Duane Trucks/Kevin Scott/Carter Herring

02 Jam/Introduction By Jon Waterhouse >

03 There Was A Time
Oliver Wood/Darick Campbell/Kevin Scott/Duane Trucks/Matt Slocum

04 Postcards From Hell
Oliver Wood/Darick Campbell/Kevin Scott/Duane Trucks/Matt Slocum/Susan Tedeschi/Tyler Neal

05 Sing About It
Oliver Wood/Darick Campbell/Kevin Scott/Duane Trucks/Matt Slocum/Susan Tedeschi/Tyler Neal/
Danny Wytanus/Joey Sommerville

06 Feelin’ Good

07 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Tinsley Ellis/Yonrico Scott/Denny Walley/Jake Peavy/Brandon “Taz” Niederauer/Duane Trucks

08 Oh Pretty Woman

09 Shake Your Hips

10 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Vince Herman/Drew Emmitt/Jeff Mosier/Jeff Sipe/John Popper/Duane Trucks/Kevin Scott

11 She Caught The Katy

12 Workin’ On A Building

13 Black Bottom

14 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Dave Schools/Todd Snider/Peter Buck/Duane Trucks

15 Play A Train Song
Dave Schools/Peter Buck/Duane Trucks/T Hardy Morris

16 Stupid Preoccupations
Dave Schools/Todd Snider/Peter Buck/Duane Trucks/T Hardy Morris/Tinsley Ellis

17 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Dave Schools/Chuck Leavell/Jon Fishman/Jeff Sipe/Peter Buck/Karl Denson

18 When You Come Back Next Time You Gotta Stay

19 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Kevn Kinney/Karl Denson/Jon Fishman/Chuck Levell

20 Rip This Joint

21 Jon Waterhouse Introductions
Kevn Kinney/Karl Denson/Jon Fishman/Chuck Levell/Warren Haynes

22 Compared To What

23 Good Mornin’ Little Schoolgirl

24 Trouble Everyday

25 Jessica
John Bell/Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Duane Trucks/Derek Trucks/Jeff Sipe/Matt Slocum

26 Time Is Free

27 Trondossa
John Bell/Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Duane Trucks/Derek Trucks/Jeff Sipe/Matt Slocum/
Susan Tedeschi

28 Smokestack Lightnin’>
John Bell/Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Duane Trucks/Derek Trucks/Matt Slocum/
Susan Tedeschi/Danny Wytanus/Joey Sommerville

29 Don’t Cry No More
John Bell/Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Derek Trucks/Matt Slocum/Bruce Hampton/
Johnny Knapp/Kevin Scott/Susan Tedeschi/Danny Wytanus/Joey Sommerville

30 *Basically Frightened >
John Bell/Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Derek Trucks/Matt Slocum/Bruce Hampton/
Johnny Knapp/Kevin Scott/Susan Tedeschi/Emil Werstler/Jeff Mosier

31 Fixin’ To Die >
Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Derek Trucks/Matt Slocum/Bruce Hampton/Johnny Knapp/Kevin Scott/
Susan Tedeschi/Emil Werstler/Jeff Mosier/Danny Wytanus/Joey Sommerville/Karl Denson

32 Space Is The Place >
Dave Schools/Jimmy Herring/Duane Trucks/Derek Trucks/Matt Slocum/Bruce Hampton/Johnny Knapp/Kevin Scott/Susan Tedeschi/Emil Werstler/Jeff Mosier/Danny Wytanus/Joey Sommerville/Yonrico Scott/John Fishman

33 I’m So Glad

All The Musicians

34 Zambi >

35 Turn On Your Lovelight

36 Outro

* With Happy Birthday Bruce Hampton

Show Notes: Here is my stab at both the setlist and the musicians who participated. I may have some misspelled names. I may not have included every musician who may have played on certain songs, but hopefully, someone took some complete notes. I did try and keep track the best I could, but my mind may have been in other places, especially at the end of the show.

It is with great sorrow and a heavy heart, that I dedicate this recording and upload in memorium to a great friend of mine, Col. Bruce Hampton. After seeing him perform for almost 30 years, I will miss him immensely. He has meant SO MUCH to both myself and the Atlanta Music Community, and the entire National Music Community for that matter! He was one of a kind! You certainly went out in the right place among your family, fellow musicians, friends, and adoring fans.

RIP my dear friend Bruce. I Love You and will always cherish our friendship!

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’s> Lunatec V2> Benchmark AD2K> Sound Devices 722 (24/44)
FOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP Orchestra Center Section, Row K, Between Seats 107 And 108, 6′ High
Recorded By: Z-Man

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Pink Talking Fish – 04/22/2017 – Live Oak, FL

Check out the streams from all the performances at the 2017 Wanee Festival

Pink Talking Fish
Wanee Music Festival
Mushroom Stage
Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park
Live Oak, FL

01. Intro
02. Nothing But Flowers
03. Simple >
04. Money* >
05. Thank You For Sending Me An Angel**
06. Tennessee Jed/Ocelot Mashup
07. Fearless***
08. Halley’s Comet
09. Burning Down The House
10. Divided Sky >
11. Another Brick in the Wall >
12. Psycho Killer >
13. Another Brick in the Wall >
14. Divided Sky
15. Genius of Love#
16. Have a Cigar
17. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
18. Frankenstein

*w/Rob Somerville (Kung Fu) on Sax
**w/Runaway Jim Tease
***w/Bug Tease
#w/Sammi Garett & Shira Elias (Turkuaz) on Vocals

Source: AKG C480B/CK63 > Oade T+ Mod Edirol UA-5 > iRiver iHP-120 (16Bit/48KHz)
Recorded by Scott Douglas

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The Nth Power – 04/18/2015 – Live Oak, FL


Home at Last – The Nth Power Perform Steely Dan
Wanee Music Festival
Mushroom Stage
Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park
Live Oak, FL

01. Intro
02. Peg >
03. Black Cow
04. Kid Charlemagne
05. The Caves of Altamira
06. Home at Last >
07. Reelin in the Years
08. The Fez >
09. Do It Again >
10. Aja

Source: AKG C480B/CK63 > Oade T+ Mod Edirol UA-5 > iRiver iHP-120 (16Bit/48KHz)
Recorded by Scott Douglas

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Escape Vehicle – 11/19/2014 – Atlanta, GA


Escape Vehicle
Smith’s Olde Bar
Atlanta, Georgia

1st Set

01 Disco >
02 Pickin’ Up The Pieces
03 Southbound
04 Tennessee Jed
05 Cajun Moon
06 The Letter >
07 Knockin’ Around The Zoo
08 Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley
09 Use Me
10 Lawyers, Guns, And Money

2nd Set

01 Travelin’ Light >
02 Feelin’ Alright
03 Papa Legba
04 Ride Me High
05 West LA Fadeaway
06 Arlene >
07 Red Hot Mama >
08 Low Spark Of High-Heeled Boys
09 Postcard
10 Bowlegged Woman
11 Quinn The Eskimo

Kevin Moore – Guitar And Vocals
Ryan Marcus – Drums
Scott Lofranco – Guitar
Grant Duffy – Keyboards And Vocals
Malcom Fields – Bass

Source: Schoeps CCM4V’S(din)> Lunatec V2> Benchmark AD2K> Sound Devices 722 (24/48)
FOB/DFC/KFC/ZFC/AARP 12′ From Stage, 7′ High
Recorded By: Z-Man

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Joe Russo’s Almost Dead – 09/19/2014 – Chicago, IL


Joe Russo’s Almost Dead
Concord Music Hall
Chicago, IL
September 19th, 2014

set 1
t02 Friend of the Devil
t03 Cumberland Blues
t04 Viola Lee Blues
t05 Uncle John’s Band
t06 Truckin’
t07 The Other One

set 2
t08 At a Siding tease > Shakedown Street
t09 China Cat Sunflower
t10 The Eleven
t11 I Know You Rider
t12 The Wheel
t13 Terrapin Suite
t14 e: Lonesome Whisle Blues

Recorded and seeded by Jeff Frank 
AKG 481 > V3 > Marantz PMD661 (16/44.1)

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Remembering Mikey – 09/10/2014 – Tupelo, MS


Remembering Mikey
Blue Canoe,
Tupelo, MS


01. Take Out
02. Waker >
03. Can’t Change The Past
04. It Was You
05. Don’t Tell The Band
06. CTR Stage >
07. 90
08. Happy Child >
09. Burned Faceless
10. Happy >
11. No Matter What >
12. Solitude


01. Action Man
02. Disco
03. B of D
04. Travelin’ Man >
05. Vacation >
06. You Got Yours
07. Southern Angels
08. Airplane >
09. Pickin’ Up The Pieces
10. Bull Run
11. Sandbox
12. Pilgrims
13. Porch Song


01. You’ll Be Fine
Sam Holt – Lingering Lead Guitar
Adam Grace – Keys
Jeremy Ward – Drums
Ross Parker – Bass
Adam Stern – Guitar/ Steel

Source: Schoeps mk41(dina) > kc5 > cmc6 > v3 + Schoeps mk4(ortf) > kc5 > cmc6 > v3 > dr-680(24/48)
Location: fob/dfc
Taped & seeded by Jesse Mc


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Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration ft. Warren Haynes – 05/22/2014 – St Louis, MO

Photo by Todd Morgan

Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration
featuring Warren Haynes
and the St. Louis Symphony
Fabulous Fox Theatre
St. Louis, MO

~ Set I ~

Dark Star>
Bird Song
Crazy Fingers>Band Interlude
Shakedown Street
Standing On The Moon
China Cat Sunflower> Orchestra Interlude
Band Interlude> Scarlet Begonias
Morning Dew

~ Set II ~

Mission In the Rain>
High Time
Russian Lullaby* Orchestra Interlude
Orchestra Interlude> Uncle John’s Band>
Band Interlude breakdown> West LA Fadeaway
Doin’ That Rag>
Drumz> Band Interlude
Blues For Allah>
Terrapin Station>
Terrapin Station

~ Encore ~

Attics Of My Life(Orchestra Interlude)>[Warren exits stage for encore]
Patchwork Quilt> Band Introductions
Ship Of Fools

* Rich Daniels Conductor – played Tiny Sax on Russian Lullaby

Source: Shure m81>Tascam DR-100mkII(24/96)
Conversion: Tascam DR-100mkII(24/96)>Audacity(16/44)>TLH(8)
Orchestra Section OR03 Row P Seat 117
FOB 50′ from Stage 10′ left of Center
Held a 2′ mic stand in hand at between 4′ to 6′(varied)

Notes on sound: The overall sound level in theater was low. I had to adjust, in the dark,
while holding equipment in hands, the overall gain input from Mid to High.
This occured at the 1 minute 31 second mark in Dark Star(5 seconds total)[slight repair was made]
After that it was smooth sailing!

*** PANIC STREAM —> Original format 24/96> TLH > CBR-192 > Zip Folder


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Dyrty Byrds & Friends Celebrate Michael Houser’s Birthday – 01/05/2013 – Denver, CO


Dyrty Byrds & Friends Celebrate Michael Houser’s Birthday

January 5, 2013
Cervantes’ Other Side
Denver, CO

~Set I~

01. A of D >
02. It Was You
03. No Matter What
04. Airplane >
05. You Got Yours
06. Galleon
07. Bull Run
08. She Drives Me Too Drink
09. Low Country
10. Ninety
11. The Take Out >
12. Porch Song

~Set II~

01. Burned Faceless >
02. Happy >
03. Gimme
04. The Waker >
05. Disco
06. Raise The Roof
07. This Part of Town
08. Pilgrims
09. Sandbox
10. B of D >
11. Vacation >
12. Ain’t Life Grand


13. Pickin’ Up The Pieces >
14. Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Michael Houser Birthday Tribute

Sam Holt – guitar/vocals
Eric Martinez – guitar/vocals
Tori Pater – acoustic guitar/mandolin/vocals
Spanky McCluer – bass/vocals
Andy Clapp – drums
Adam Stern – pedal steel guitar
Chris Field – fiddle
Cecil “P-Nut” Daniels – midi sax

Source: (FOB/4’ROC/XY)Beyerdynamic MC803 > Dmod UA-5 > R-09
Taped by: Taper Corey/KIND Recordings
Transferred by: Taper Corey/KIND Recordings

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Wrangler Space – 02/01/2012 – Nashville, TN

Wrangler Space
Nashville, TN

Widespread Panic Tribute Band

Set 1

Tall Boy
C. Brown
Space Wrangler
Henry Parsons Died
Me & The Devil
Solid Rock
Papa Legba

Set 2

Radio Child
Barstools and Dreamers
The Waker
Better Off
Sleeping Man
Little Kin
Papa Johnny Road

Robert Howell: Vocals, Guitar
A.J. Schaefer: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Bob Enkema: Bass, Vocals
John Wallum: Keyboards
Adam Abrashoff: Drums
Darin Masters: Percussion

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Wrangler Space – 4/29/2011 – Oxford, MS

Wrangler Space
(WSP Tribute Band)
Sigma Nu, Ole Miss,
Oxford, MS

1. Disco>
2. Tall Boy
3. Blue Indian
4. Give>
5. Holden Oversoul>
6. Cream Puff War
7. Pigeons
8. One Arm Steve>
9. Pleas
10. Love Tractor
11. Ain’t Life Grand>
12. Travelin’ Light>
13. Barstools & Dreamers (Cut due to a false fire alarm that brought on a short intermission)
14. Wondering>
15. Barstools & Dreamers>
16. Space Wrangler
17. Airplane>
18. Heroes>
19. Mr. Soul>
20. Chilly Water
21. Greta>
22. Fishwater

Sigma Nu Ole Miss “Woodstock” weekend.

Robert Howell: Vocals, Guitar
A.J. Schaefer: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Bob Enkema: Bass, Vocals
John Wallum: Keyboards
John Ross: Drums
Darin Masters: Percussion

Matrix recording of AUD/SBD sources

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Wrangler Space – 04/22/2011 – Nashville, TN

Wrangler Space
(Widespread Panic Tribute Band)
5 Spot
Nashville, TN

Set I

1. The Take-Out> Porch Song
2. Pickin’ Up The Pieces*
3. Blue Indian*>
4. Ain’t Life Grand*>
5. Mr. Soul*
6. One Arm Steve>
7. Give#
8. Holden Oversoul>
9. Cream Puff War

Set II

10. Imitation Leather Shoes>
11. Chilly Water>
12. Pleas>
13. Henry Parsons Died
14. Airplane#>
15. Heroes>
16. Drums>
17. Coconut
18. Wondering>
19. Papa’s Home>
20. Proving Ground


21. Burning Down The House*#>
22. Travelin’ Light*>
23. Barstools & Dreamers
24. Fishwater

*w/ Richard Stooksbury: Mandolin
# First Time Played

“5 Spot 8 Year Anniversary Party”

Robert Howell: Vocals, Guitar
A.J. Schaefer: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Bob Enkema: Bass, Vocals
John Wallum: Keyboards
John Ross: Drums
Darin Masters: Percussion

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Johnny Cash Tribute – 09/20/2013 – Austin, TX


Johnny Cash Tribute
Cingular Stage
Austin City Limits Festival
Sept 20, 2003

When the word came down that Rosanne Cash had canceled her ACL gig after her father died, word quickly spread that the slot would be filled by a tribute to the great man. Yesterday afternoon, word proved true.

Hosted by Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel, Austin country’s toastmaster general, the set opened with the award-winning video to Johnny Cash’s remarkable cover of Nine Inch Nails’ “Hurt,” projected onto the Cingular stage screen. The images of days gone by, juxtaposed with footage of Cash as he looked last year, were all the more powerful for their massive size.

Things didn’t let up when the live music started. Benson and up-and-coming belter Tift Merritt glided through a strong version of “I Still Miss Someone” that set the tribute’s casual vibe. Then Merritt announced she would pay tribute to Cash by “honoring his daughter” with a lovely cover of Rosanne’s “Seven Year Ache.”

The ringleaders of the recent Southern rock revival showed up to pay tribute as well. At the start of his band’s set, Drive-By Truckers’ frontman Patterson Hood talked about envisioning June Carter Cash and Johnny sitting down to have dinner in heaven. Then guitarist Jason Isbell provided his own version of celestial music: a moving version of “I Walk The Line” that was marked by his plaintive vocals. Guitarist Mike Cooley followed with a deft reading of “Give My Love to Rose” and then Memphis’ North Mississippi Allstars played acoustic versions of “Home of the Blues” and “Big River.”

Dallas’ Old 97’s all but stole the show with “Let the Train Blow the Whistle” a song they covered on an early 7″, and “Ring of Fire,” which brought everyone back on stage for the tribute’s most heartfelt moment.

“ACL” producer Terry Lickona introduced the final part of the tribute — Johnny Cash’s 1987 appearance on “Austin City Limits” shown on the stage’s monitor — by decrying “the plastic pop that passes for country” these days. About five minutes after the screening started, it began to pour. Which was somehow totally appropriate. — Joe Gross


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Wrangler Space – 10/08/2011 – Nashville, TN

Wrangler Space
12 South Concert Series
Sevier Park
Nashville, TN

01. Disco
02. Climb To Safety
03. Airplane
04. Sleeping Man
05. Space Wrangler
06. Papa Johnny Road
07. Mr Soul
08. Don’t Wanna Lose You
09. Pigeons
10. Cream Puff War
11. Counting Train Cars
12. Love Tractor

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