The Black Crowes – 10/15/2005 – Las Vegas, NV

The Black Crowes
The Joint
The Hard Rock Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

Set 1:

01. Cursed Diamond
02. Thick N’ Thin
03. Hotel Illness
04. Sister Luck
05. Another Roadside Tragedy
06. Cypress Tree
07. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
08. My Morning Song
01. Big In Vegas (1st time played)
02. Lay It All On Me
03. Fearless
04. Virtue And Vice

Set 2:
05. Song Of Love
06. Downtown Money Waster ->
07. Share The Ride ->
08. Mellow Down Easy
09. Cancel Everything
01. Cosmic Friend
02. Sometimes Salvation
03. Space Captain
04. Jealous Again ->
05. Twice As Hard

06.Deal (1st time played)

Line up:
Chris Robinson – vocals, harp, ac.guitar
Rich Robinson – guitar, vocals
Marc Ford – guitar, vocals
Steve Gorman – drums, percussion
Ed Hawrysch – keyboards
Sven Pipien – bass, vocals
Mona Lisa Young – backing vocals
Charity White – backing vocals

Chris played acoustic guitar on “Big In Vegas”
Rich played 12-string acoustic guitar on “Lay It All On Me”
Rich sang lead vocals on “Fearless”, Marc sang harmony -no Chris
Rich sang lead vocals, Marc played lap steel and Chris played electric guitar “Song Of Love”
Marc sang lead vocals, Rich played lap steel and Chris played electric guitar on “Cancel Everything”
Chris played acoustic guitar on “Deal”

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